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N/A Reports & Reviews (48122)

Victim Location 76051
Type of a scam Phishing

They called my cell phone and left a message that someone has filed a complaint against me. They also called my mother and a cousin in Arkansas i have not seen in 20 years (we have the same last name). I owe no one money and my credit report is great. They call during work hours, several times a day and harass me. i did not call back (it was a recorded message they left on my voice mail for me to call back)

Victim Location 83706
Type of a scam Utility

Our store Sxxxx Cxxxxx Boise received a call stating the power was going to be turned off this afternoon, due to non payment. The store manager than called me (Finance Manger @ SHIP) to report the information. She provided me with a phone number and reference number to the case. I dialed the number and the message greeting stated I called Idaho Power, it was literally an identical recording to the local number. I first spoke with an individual named "Kevin", whom told me we are behind 3 months on our bill and that it was scheduled for disconnect later today. I pulled up our bank account and the vendor information in Quickbooks and discovered that checks had been cashed and according to our last statement, there was no balance forward indicated. He proceeded to tell me that my information is incorrect and in order to keep our service we need to pay $998 today. I asked to speak with his supervisor. "Ryan Taylor" took over the call as the acting supervisor. He told me unless I wanted to drive to Twin Falls to drop off proof of payment, I was liable to make a payment today to keep our power on. We continued to argue over this matter. I was told the finance department did not take calls and that there was not another supervisor to speak with. I finally realized there was no way this was truthful, and told them I was going to hang up and call back Idaho Power's local number, they disconnected the call.

Victim Location 10016
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Stated a bill wasnt paid.

Victim Location 44035
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a text message about $1000 Amazon gift card. They asked me a whole bunch of questions and when I thought it was done, they sent me to a insurance company that I got 6 calls from and never completed the survey. The text number was 502-488-8930.

Victim Location 37334
Type of a scam Other

Call came to my son from a man that says he needed to collect $600 or my son would be picked up and go to jail. He was out on Bond until court date. He demanded it that night....couldn't wait. Scared my son to death. He was bonded out of Jail and Bonded . I spoke with jail and bondsmen and they said they had another one similar . When I spoke with the dude and asked him what was beside his office, he couldn't tell me. I knew the bondsmen and saw him at a lunch place where I eat daily . This guy couldn't tell me where or name. He had an accent, not from around here. I told him he was full of it and if I found out where he was calling from, I would have every law I could get come find him and tear him apart. He called me a few choice words and hung up.When the number was called back, it said unknown number. With all the technology we have in this world, I can't understand why so many are able to hack computers, phones, etc. He either got the information from the jail records or the bondsmen. That scares me, because SS, DL, Address, and Phone were on the records.I don't have the number on my phone any more. I must have deleted it.

Victim Location 95051
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Male asks "is this ?" I answer "Yes, who is calling?" and he hangs up.

Victim Location 78741
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Tech Support

The scammer called me multiple times through the months offering to to help me set my computer up due to purchase of a drive from HP computer company, I purchased a 200 piece for my computer and they maxed me the wrong item to my computer. My bank suspected scams going on with Visa card and changed my card, that’s when the calls came in. The individual kept harassing to help me when really he wanted my account info. I finally told him I don’t need his service and don’t want him to return my money. He called back an hour later and I finally informed I will report him to and file a report he than became unprofessional and stating he loved me and that he wants to marry me. He ask me if I knew his name to even report he stated online being persistent I finally hung up and now reporting him to the police and BBB.

Victim Location 91701
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Excessive calls from 786-209-3512, phone screen says call originated in Florida. The recorded message states to contact them immediately, failure to do so will result in seizure of: property, bank accounts, tax refunds, as well as possible arrest and prison time. This is scary for the people group targeted. My mom is 90 and receives calls from this number excessively. She has no debt or reason to be contacted by anyone. I have received calls too. Someone needs to STOP all of these calls and shut down these operations.

Victim Location 80919
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a voice mail message to my cell phone. The message stated "when you get this message kindly call us back on our hotline number 936-307 971. I repeat 936-307-971. [inaudible] disregard this notice and the return with [inaudible] [inaudible] with the legal proceedings against you [inaudible]"

Victim Location 80130
Type of a scam Rental

This person, continues trying to get me to send money, in Colorado. They say it is for a security deposit, and that they need to start processing paperwork, and for "keys". They told me that I must not be ready, when I told them I wouldn't be advancing them money. I am not willing to send them 400 dollars in advance, the night that they begin to message me. They said it is only $509 for rent (which is incredibly cheap for the house in the picture sent, and location that it is in). They continued to push hard to send them 400 dollars through text message. I don't know or believe , if the address given, or the picture sent, are actually the scammer's or not.

Victim Location 48167
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

They called our facility asking for payment, and now they are asking about returning a product. Used a *** delivery confirmation that was for a different product (notice the date of the bill is 6/6 and the delivery on the *** attachment was (7/26). everything else looks legit. So very dangerous.

Victim Location 20879
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I've been receiving several calls from a woman named Sarah R*** claiming that there have been changes to my student loans, and that I needed t o call her back promptly to make payments. She even left an reference number 50501 for me to reference when I call back. Originally thought it was legit, and called *** *** *** and they told me that I don't have any payments because I had an open Bankruptcy case under review. So, I called the number left on my phone and was eventually told that they are *** *** ** ***. I left a message with a phone operator, and called back later that day. When I gave my reference number, the operator asked if I would like to do an assessment to for payment options. If so, she would need additional information. I asked how she got my information, and she sad that she doesn't, and asked my info. I refused, and told her to use the reference number to get the information she needed. She did, and ask me to verify if I was the person from the reference number. I refused, because I felt it was obvious. I asked the operator to remove me from the list,and she refused to comply with my request and repeatedly asked me to verify my name. I eventually hang up on the operator, because I felt the conversation was going nowhere. This company is tactics to scare people into going into business whit them. It's false advertising.

Victim Location 85001
Total money lost $250
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a wig from Aniyah who goes by the handle @Classy_ways on ***. She never sent my wig to me and on multiple occasions she promised me a refund or a replacement of the wig. Nothing was ever sent and she had quit contacting me. I reached out to another company that did business with her, and they let me know that this was a common occurrence of hers.

Victim Location 04330
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This site is very suspicious and is definitely not secure.

Victim Location 45402
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Received a voicemail indicating my social security number has some suspicious activity and will be suspended if I did not call this number back 518-290-6002.

Victim Location 54615
Type of a scam Other

On 11/26/2018 I received three calls from my own phone number.

At 10:53 AM,12:37 and 1:21 PM. I did not answer.

Lower caller ID display V126142131000593 Top was my phone number.

Victim Location 21136
Type of a scam Charity

Requested money for pledge cards for children Christmas gifts......would not give me the foundations info or website

Victim Location 03242
Total money lost $67.58
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I encountered a website that was supposedly selling last-season Ray-Ban brand sunglasses at 90% off. It was during Black Friday, so my suspicion was lessened. I ordered three pair, but noticed there was no option to edit or cancel the order. I received a suspicious confirmation email after placing the order.

Victim Location 53132
Type of a scam Other

Recorded message, terrible computer (female) message that sounded extremely unprofessional. Said they've tried to call me twice recently about a lawsuit that has been filed in my name. Mentions the U.S. Government, but message was spotty and parts cut off! Called twice in a two hour period. 

Victim Location 92782
Total money lost $56.90
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company will send you your product but the product is not as described (completely see through work out leggings) and when you try to return the items and get your money back it is impossible to do so. They provide no order number, no one answers the phone or return your voicemails, no one replies to your emails and no return shipping address or shipping labels are provided. Total scam!

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