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Victim Location 20852
Total money lost $55,300
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Since June 08, 2017, Mike Dwayne Elliott sent emails and text messages by offering a private lender's loan for $1.5M for my company.

He always pretended as if he were a legitimate lender and can deliver the loan fund effective immediately after we have paid required upfront fees named in 100 different ways. Each time after we have competed payment of such fee by wire transfer, WU money transfer, iTunes Gift Card, and other means such as cash deposit to designated personal named bank account, he came back by saying there were additional costs and fees that the borrower of his loan program must comply. He made up so many fictitious stories and told so many fatal lies which at the end devastated our 15 years soundly managed company ruined.

To the end, he scammed from us over $55,300 money over 116 times fees collected mostly via iTunes Gift Cards, but as of January 28, 2019, no loan was delivered to us.

Victim Location 35630
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammer called claiming I was being sued and was going to be served with papers at my home or place of employment. Caller did not have my correct name and would not provide their company name or anything to valid they are a legit company. Caller has been blocked. Was able to trace call back to Carrollton, TX.

Victim Location 40215
Type of a scam Phishing

Email from individual:

Thank you for getting back to me,I am okay with the total estimate. I'm ready to proceed with this.I would need a little favor from your company.Because am just presently, recuperating from the diagnosis of lung Cancer and i still go to the hospital for check up. As stated that i'm out of town and i just recently bought this home and i would like the roof to be replace before i could relocate and move in with my family once completed. I am having problem balancing the former owner of the house. I only paid part of the payment and due to the fact that he doesn't have the facility to accept credit card for payment, then i decided that you would be able to help me out, I will really appreciate it if you could do a perfect job for me regarding the roof replacement. I will also like you to do me a favor due to my present condition for now. The initial owner of the house do not have access to credit card facility that is why i want you to handle everything for me, I'm putting my trust in you as a Good Christian and I know also that you're very sincere and trustworthy person.I will give you my card to charge for sum of $9,000 and you will deduct the sum of $4,000 deposit of your service and wire the remaining $5,000 to the former owner of the property who sold the house to me as this is the balance payment for the purchase of my home. Once the former owner have the $5,000 he will make the keys available to you. Balance of the work would be paid once you have the job completed.

Thank you and hope to read back from you soon

Text or call: 9408590130


Victim Location 27320
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

The guy called saying he was with medicare asked for my number, saying medicare had approved back and knee braces. Like an [censored] I gave it. Called medicare and of course they said they were NOT calling people. So I told following callers no, I am not interested but unfortunately I am being besieged with calls...sometimes they speak and I tell them not interested; sometimes they don't say anything. I feel like I am being harassed as I receive as many as ten calls a day from numbers I do not recognize. I have stopped answering and then have tried calling them back to get a name and all I get is either: number discontinued or a sound like a fax machine. Beware!!! If someone calls saying they are from medicare, HANG UP!!!

Victim Location 15216
Type of a scam Other

It sounded like a robocall. They stated that they were from the legal dept of SSA and there was a lawsuit against the consumer. They told him there was going to be a warrant put out for his arrest. They then stated a Social Security Deputy officer is waiting for your return call. They wanted a return call on 972.895.5015.

Victim Location 02038
Type of a scam Phishing

To be able to come , see , test and make a deal for it face to face , I need the report so I can pass it to my loan officer and make sure he will allow me to buy it .

I need the report because the loan company ask for it .please go to and get one . will not make sense for me to get one because I can`t re use it like you can , you will be able to give it to all you potential buyers , me on the other hand if will not be ok I will gave to look for a new vehicle and get a new report .

I know is only $24.99 but if I have to run 5 reports until I find an ok report where will I be ?

if the report will be ok you can consider it sold .

Thank You!

P.S if is about the money I will add the $25 to the final price

Victim Location 30189
Type of a scam Employment

Have my car wrapped to advertise a product and receive $500 a week. They sent me a check $2550.89 to deposit. I was to keep $500 and forward the rest to the car wrapping people.

Victim Location 27282
Type of a scam Utility

Consumer received phone call from someone pretending to be with Spectrum.

Victim Location 77651
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

These scammers continuously called my elderly parents say they order back braces and knee braces when I know they didn’t. I am there son and was here on one of the phone calls and specifically told the scammer do not call this number again. They continue and we have tried blocking the numbers and they just keep using different numbers. Then my parents called me and told me this package shows up at their door step without them ordering anything.

Victim Location 61001
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I got this message from my cousin that got a message supposedly from me on Facebook messenger. Here is the content.

“Hi Colleen this is Judy don't know if I've got the right number or not or if you can call me I'm calling about that messenger thing I got a message saying that you want to hundred and $50,000 blah blah and after I never reacted to it but um except to say well that's great anyway give me a call if you _?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ bye bye”

I have had several of these similar situations happen on my Facebook account. Because of this I have cancelled my Facebook account but cannot cancel messenger so people still keep getting these messages.

Victim Location 75701
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a call saying that I was being investigated for tax fraud and if I called the office I wouldn't be arrested.

Victim Location 75455
Type of a scam Credit Cards

"Amazon" called her to confirm her transaction of $299, and asked her to verify her card information. She hung up and called Amazon and they let her know this is a scam and to report it.

Victim Location 23838
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Sent me a check for $2950 to secret shop at walmart. Supposed to deposit into bank account and then purchase Gift Cards and take pictures and send to Shirley the Agent assigned to my Employment.

Victim Location 07728
Total money lost $60,000
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

My mother-in-law has been scammed by a man called Todd using the number 800 834 2592. He promised a Publishers Clearing House prize if she sent him money. He also has used the number 800 484 4322

Victim Location 37130
Total money lost $97
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I do not know this company.

They, fraudulently, charged my credit card $97 on Jan 13, 2018. The 888 number comes up as scam. The 833 number was answered. Talked to "Marybelle". Insisted she could not find the charge and hung up. No agreement was made with them. Nothing. Looks like they intend to charge $97 a month for 10 months. Want my money back.

Victim Location 44473
Type of a scam Other

Robo call- Hello this is Angela from the warranty department the reason I’m calling is to remind we sent you a final warranty notice in the mail letting you know that the warranty on your vehicle has expired and this is the final call for you to renew before we close the file so would you like to hear your options about getting back under coverage

Victim Location 11211
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a scam phone call fronting as the legal dept of the US Treasury. Wanted info---did not give.

Victim Location 35010
Total money lost $97
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I bought something online which cost $4.99 but $51 was taken fro my bank account. I chatted live online which was the only source of contact and they confirmed it was a mistake and said i will be refunded. After a week, $51 was taken from my account again and now the webiste doesnt exist. please help

Victim Location 33174
Type of a scam Phishing

I received this call asking if I was the person on the phone? I stated "yes" then they ended the call, I later remembered that this was a possible scam that I had read about a while ago.

Victim Location 85001
Total money lost $3,000
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

This is a fake company they have fake transportation website as well, please be careful to not deal or contact with them

they make fake shipping documents everything about them is fake in professional way.

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