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Victim Location 10461
Type of a scam Rental

I saw an advertisement for a one bedroom for working section at 1522 union port road #6g when I got there the door was open so I may view the apartment. I spoke with jerry he said I must bring him 1652 security deposit. After giving him the security deposit for the apartment I noticed the apartment was still listed I had my two adult daughter and my co worker inquire about the same apartment he told them to bring security deposit and brokers fee which was $ 3702.00. I had signed an agreement which statement that I could get my deposit back within 48 hours so I went and got my deposit. How many people money has he taken for this same apartment.

Victim Location 44111
Type of a scam Other AR 2/11/19

I got a robo call, I picked up the phone, and the robo call said that they would automatically update our security system unless we call back and unsubscribe. I hung the phone up. They said they were going to charge me $299.00.

Victim Location 48383
Type of a scam Other

I was called by this number:+15186334376 but I missed it. They left a recorded message which I only received the butt end of which stated if I did not contact the number that I could be facing legal consequences. So I called the number back and when the gentleman answered he asked me what can I do for you so I stated to him I don't know I got your message and I called you back and it said if I didn't I was facing legal consequences the gentleman abruptly hung up on me and called back again. I feel its another scam and want others to be aware and never ever give them a yes when asked if they can help you, tell them I don't know can you!

Victim Location 74055
Type of a scam Phishing

Received call from 918 205 6540 When I answered I got a " Hello, Mr. XXX?" I said "yes" the "person" hung up. I tried to call the number back twice, no answer only that my "call was very important to them"

Victim Location 07704
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Tried to say they were working closely with Medicare and benefit would be lost if I didn’t act, but would need to give them my card information. I didn’t last long enough for them to try to get money.

Victim Location 75951
Total money lost $1,250
Type of a scam Employment

Work at home opportunity scam. Invest money for him to set up webmall shopping site, then when customers visit site you will get a percentage of product that is ordered. David G*** called from Phoenix, AZ Phone # 602-761-9062 (no longer in service) or beware of

877-219-8367. Money order picked up by Mike [censored] at Post Office. Fake receipt and postal return receipt attached. Please Do Not talk to this company. Hang up. I lost $1250

Victim Location 50701
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

The website list valuable items at really low prices. When the customer buys them, they are never actually sent out. Some customers never recieve their money back. I believe it is to gather customers PayPal information.

Victim Location 80215
Type of a scam Identity Theft

My Facebook account has been hacked. I closed the hacked account but am unable to access my real account.

Victim Location 55117
Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Within the first 20min of talking to them, they'll ask for your social security and your student FAFSA account. They'll log in and do something then tell you that you have been approve for student loan forgiveness program. You'll feel excited and want to know more. Then they ask you to give them your bank account to do a payment that same first day of talking to them. Then they will email you in couple days to get more information from you. Once they get all your personal information like drivers license, social security and bank account, it's hard to contact them. After 30 days, I called the department of education to check up on my student loan forgiveness program application and they tell me they don't have anything of me in their records. I then called my loaner (the ones who loaned me money during college) if they received my payments and notice that my loan is being transferred into student loan forgiveness program. They know nothing about where my payments have gone to. We both did a 3 way call to the department of education to clear things up and both parties said the same thing, I've been tricked because they don't have anything on their end about my application. We then did a 4 way call to education financial and have to success. They didn't answer. We called 5 times. Now I'm stuck with a monthly payment going to these scammers until I can resolve the issue. When you try to call them, 25% if time you'll get lucky and they'll answer but give you fake information. They'll transfer you to someone else but that other person won't pick up. The phone will just continue to ring. There website is also fake. The phone numbers don't work.

Victim Location 03053
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Keep getting a calls wanting to update my Medicare but I don’t have Medicare.

Type of a scam Phishing

Thanks for being our valuable customer give us your opinion and get #100 worth *** gift voucher:


Victim Location 80621
Type of a scam Government Grant

My friend messaged me and told me about this HIG grant and sent me a video of someone else he told. Told me it was trust worthy and to text a number. So I did and gave my basic info, like my address, name birthday and then they want a photo of my ID. Then they gave me claim numbers and asked for my Facebook password. When I asked my friend to tell me something about growing up he couldn't.

Victim Location 93309
Type of a scam Other

Person said you could get tv internet and phone service for 2years for 69.99 a month but will have to pay with an amazon gift card for 4months .JUST TO LET YOU KNOW IT IS A SCAM DON’T DO ITUOU WOULD GET A 100.00 GIFT CARD

Victim Location 08865
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Someone has been calling my elderly mother about a neck brace and other medical equipment. Yesterday, she gave out personal information; her social security number, her Medicare number etc. I have a camera to monitor her and by dumb luck, I witnessed her doing this on a random check in. I contacted the FTC, registered her on the do not call list, and contacted Medicare to report it.

Victim Location 70375
Type of a scam Utility

Scammer stated that my electric bill was pass due and that my electricity was going to be disconnected in about an hour. There was a private crew hired by Entergy that would be doing the disconnect. I told him my electric bill was paid automatically electronically each month. He then proceeded to say that Entergy had changed the company that they were using for there auto payments and that I was not being credited with the new company. He would start an investigation to see if the payments were still being sent to the old company. The investigation would take about 2-3 days to complete and then the money would be refunded to me directly since I had paid Entergy. He also insisted that I should have received a notice from Entergy about October or November stating that I needed to update my information to this new company. He told me that I needed to go the the main Entergy office to pay this bill and that I needed cash. I asked him why couldn't I pay with a debt card or a check. He said because a debt card takes 4 hours to process and that my electricity was being disconnected in an hour. I didn't have time for a debit card payment to be processed. So, I asked where was the nearest payment center to me. He said the Family Dollar or CVS would have money pak cards that I could use to make my payment and he gave me the addresses. He said I needed to go there, purchase a money pak card, he even spelled out money pak, for the amount of $497.00. He went on to say that I was not to mention this to the clerk since it was being sent to a corporation and there would be an additional $40.00 fee. He asked me for my cell number so that he could contact me to see where I was in the process. I then asked him for my account number to put on the payment and he said I didn't need one that all I had to do was buy the money pak, call him at 1-800-372-4024 ext. 107 and give him the numbers on the back of the card.

Victim Location 60661
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This was a *** Over-payment scam. I was trying to sell some old counter tops this individual sent me a check for $1450 over asking price and was asking that I pay the mover in cash. The individual could never confirm who was picking up, or when and refused to coordinate a pick up before I had the check despite me having a deadline to move the items out of my place. Warning signs:

1. Different names - different for person who sent, signer on check, company check was coming from. all with different addresses.

- Look out for name Fred D*** and James Abbott

2. No details - would never plainly say how much was being paid to me, how much to the move etc. They wanted to keep it vague.

Don't get tricked by this!

Victim Location 24503
Total money lost $1,085
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I reserved this vacation travel offer in April 2018, with assurance that it was good for 3 years. I had talked to the marketing manager, verified details by phone, was sent travel options via email. Now I am trying to book a trip and the phone is not answered. There is a message in Spanish that the phone number is no longer working. I emailed 10 days ago and received a message that I would hear from "costumer service" soon and have emailed several times since. This is probably a bot. I cannot find anything else in internet searches about "Happy Green Vacations affiliated with V Travel" except the original website. I am afraid that I have been scammed. Please research.

Victim Location 85215
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was selling my truck on *** when I got an email from someone stating:

"What's your email? I have my dad planning to email you. Have you been the very first owner?"

So I sent my email and someone named Robert emailed me stating he would like to arrange a time to come meet to look at it. Then asked if there are any major problems with the truck and he hopes everything works out for us to make a deal soon. I responded everything wrong with it is disclosed int he *** post.

Then he responds:

"I'm interested and ready to come , see , test and make a deal for it .

I need something rather soon , but i would like to make sure you/vehicle and all is ok and legit .

For that i need a vehicle Title report ,don`t send an old one or get something you find , get me the report from ***  is what my loan officer asked for and needs .

I'd just feel safer about getting a vehicle with an official report because I've had friends and family get shafted before."

I responded I can't spend $30 every time someone wants a history report from a specific source.

Then he responds:

"To be able to come , see , test and make a deal for it face to face , i need the report so i can pass it to my loan officer and make sure he will allow me to buy it .

I need the report because the loan company ask for it .please go to ***  and get one . will not make sense for me to get one because i can`t re use it like you can , you will be able to give it to all you potential buyers , me on the other hand if will not be ok i will gave to look for a new vehicle and get a new report .

I know is only $24 but if i have to run 5 reports until i find an ok report where will i be ?

If the report will be ok you can consider it sold.


P.S if is about the money i will add the $24 to the final price"

At first I figure it's legit but when I start researching the website he recommended, warnings about scams started popping up saying do not trust people wanting you to go to a specific site for a title check.

So I asked him: "Where are you located, what bank are you going through and why do they require I use that specific site?"

He responds: "From the *** *** they give me the link"

I asked if he is a scammer and I have't received a response.

Apparently these scammers send you to a specific site, they may even be legit title history website but if you pay for the report at their recommended site, they get an affiliate commission from the website every time they send someone their way. After they get their commission, they are no longer interested in the vehicle. Some of the sites could be bogus and gathering your personal information and credit card info when you pay for the title report. Never go to a site someone recommends, a safe *** report should suffice for any potential vehicle buyer.

Victim Location 33607
Total money lost $70,000
Type of a scam Romance

*** *** is a 27-year-old gay white male, residing in New York City, with a demonstrated pattern of targeting individuals to manipulate and take advantage of through social media and dating apps (such as Scruff, Grindr, Recon, et al.). In this particular scheme, *** *** engaged under the false guise of establishing a genuine connection and interpersonal relationship dynamic with the principal victim, while specifically seeking to manipulate the victim's emotions, sentiments and sense of empathy, in order to procure and obtain significant sums of money, for the scammer's profit and pleasure.

The predatory and exploitative scheme appears to be an intentional scheme to defraud the victim, not only because the context of there being a genuine relationship was entirely false, an artifice with the sole motive and intent of extracting money, but also because *** *** specifically sought to misrepresent himself, making false statements about his supposed financial difficulties, portraying himself very much as a kind of “lost boy” in need of rescue, and claiming to be suffering emotional turmoil, depression and despair. It should be noted that the culprit in this con job was actually a successful securities professional, working for *** ***, a leading Wall Street investment bank, and already commanding a six-figure compensation package. At the same time, it would be further be revealed, at a later juncture, that *** *** had enjoyed sufficient cash flow during the time period in which this scam was being actively perpetrated, as evidenced by his personal expenses, lavish lifestyle and extensive travels; thus, the context of needing to use the victim as a means to survive, or otherwise being bailed out from a variety of contrived and engineered crises, was entirely a sham and false front.

*** *** initially connected with the principal victim through one of the aforementioned dating apps, but the dialogue would remain fairly sporadic and intermittent for approximately two months. It wasn't until the holiday season in 2016, that *** *** would begin transitioning into what experts refer to as the “grooming phase,” whereby the scammer begins raising crisis situations and portraying dire circumstances as a means-to-an-end in what is known as a “confidence trick,” which serves as the basis for the plot for soliciting and procuring substantial amounts of money from the victim. *** *** claimed to be “lonely, depressed and wanting a boyfriend,” while also portraying himself as misunderstood by others in his life, further claiming that there was no one around him who genuinely cared about him. *** *** would also intimate a very personal issue from his childhood, further mentioning his history of contracting sexually transmitted infections as an adult. Each revelation would serve to twist the snares ever deeper into the victim, again with the sole goal of portraying himself in need of financial provision, assistance and rescue, along with the false claims of struggling and lacking in a financial sense.

The predatory scheme would be actively perpetrated by *** *** over the course of approximately fifteen (15) months, with heavy communication by text message each and every business day. It should be noted that the culprit spent the majority of the time communicating with the principal victim while at work, in the office and on-the-clock. *** *** began the transitioning to financially scamming the principal victim by claiming that he did not have enough money to fly home to see his family for Christmas, and once the victim's sympathies were fully exploited, in an incredibly abusive manner, the scammer's hooks would be in the principal victim for the following year-and-a-half. *** *** once said to the principal victim, “you would do anything for me, it's dangerous for you, hahaha, pay my student loans,” and what was initially presumed to be a form of arrogant, albeit condescending form of humor, was actually part and parcel of the culprit's primary intentions. By claiming that he lacked the financial resources to be able to manage his own student debt burden, and revealing that he had not made one payment toward his federal student loans, despite earning six-figures on Wall Street, *** ***, through a cleverly-concocted, cunning and consistently reinforced modality of manipulation and exploitation, was successful in gaining the desired financial provision from the principal victim. In the end, over $50,000 of the scammer's student loans and higher education costs were paid for by the victim, as the victim was led to believe that they were the only thing standing between *** *** and destruction, ruin and despair, which was all part of the premise that the scammer intended his victim to think.

Furthermore, *** *** was also successful in scamming his principal victim for the provision of premium travel expenses; beyond the initial plane ticket which was purchased by the principal victim under the auspices of getting the scammer home to see his family for the holidays, the requests and demands for further travel provisions did not cease during the ensuing months which followed. *** ***  also claimed the need to have all of his flights booked in first class, either directly or through paid upgrades. On one instance, *** *** also indicated that he needed the principal victim to arrange hotel accommodations in Los Angeles, right on the heels of getting the victim to purchase a first class plane ticket for that same trip, with the claim that if the victim did not get him a hotel room, the scammer would be pressured into having sex with whomever he happened to be visiting in Los Angeles. Not-so-ironically, *** *** had a specific hotel already in mind, a premium property on the Sunset Strip, which again shows premeditation as the scammer wasn't merely seeking some form of assistance in finding a hotel, but rather, getting the victim to pay top-dollar for the scammer's benefit, so that the scammer could enjoy premium luxury experiences. Well over $10,000 would be paid just for the scammer's travels during the time period in which the predatory scheme was actively being perpetrated. Simultaneously, *** *** was continuing to portray grave consequences regarding his student loan debt, warning of the prospect of wage garnishment, collections, civil action and other negative damages, all under the false claim that the scammer lacked sufficient means to manage his own student debt and make the minimum monthly payments on his loans.

With respect to the figures that the scammer provided, *** *** exaggerated and artificially inflated the monthly minimum payment amounts by approximately triple the actual amounts, as a means to extract greater sums of money from his victim. At the same time, each and every time that *** *** supposedly maxed-out his personal credit card(s), he would seek additional financial provision from his principal victim, and several thousands of dollars would be paid by said victim to resolve the crisis, each time that the scammer desired such relief. During the time period in which this predatory scheme was actively being perpetrated, the scammer never met his principal victim in-person, and it is reasonably assumed that the scammer never had any desire or intention to, despite the false utterances of love and affection that were being routinely expressed by *** ***; even the notion of a genuine and close friendship turned out to be completely under false pretense, as the scammer would eventually cease all communication and disappear altogether once the scammer no longer believed that the parasitic dynamic would be continue to be lucrative or otherwise satisfy his greedy and nefarious desires. It is also known that during the time that *** *** was perpetrated this scheme and swindling the principal victim, he attempted to initiate a similar dynamic with another individual, quickly seeking to have this certain other individual begin providing *** *** with first class plane tickets, and under that scheme, the culprit was using sex and the prospect of starting an intimate relationship with said other individual, along the lines of a “romance scam” as the artifice to begin taken full advantage of that individual, as well.

The scam perpetrated against the principal victim would eventually come to an end when *** *** tried to solicit another $28,000 from the victim, claiming that he would not be able to finish paying one of his remaining student loans, and further indicating that his Wall Street bonus was not enough. It should also be noted that one of the ways that *** *** was able to keep his principal victim on the proverbial “hamster wheel” was through soliciting emotional support and counsel on a very frequent basis (all day, every day during the grooming phrase of the scam), but regardless of the continued provision of said emotional support, when *** *** was not satisfied or otherwise reassured that another $28,000 would be forthcoming, all communication was severed, without notice or warning, and the scammer did not initiate any further communication with the principal victim thereafter. It would take the victim a substantial amount of time before realizing that the entire dynamic was little more than a con job, and that all of the scammer's expressions utilized to give the impression of some form of authentic connection or genuine relationship dynamic constituted nothing more than an end-justifies-the-means series of tactics to fleece and leech off someone who was not seen as much else but a complete stranger and supposed sucker, purposely yanked off the Internet to satisfy this vile and heinous device as perpetrated by *** *** over a substantial period of time.

It should be mentioned that these forms of relationship scams feasibly constitute criminal offenses, and when perpetrated by electronic communication (text, email, chat apps) fall under federal jurisdiction, and could be tantamount to wire fraud. Furthermore, since the culprit perpetrated this scam against the principal victim, and in full consideration of New York State law, ill-gotten gains from the confidence trick, in excess of $1,000, could be tantamount to felony larceny in said jurisdiction. Since there is already evidence of a pattern of this kind of criminal behavior, not to mention the fact that the culprit appeared to be highly experienced with a myriad of manipulative tactics, the ease in which he made false statements and misrepresented himself, and the defensive postures that resulted in the scammer attempting to “gaslight” his victim whenever questioned, there is reason to believe that *** *** is very experienced in manipulating and using others to enhance his lifestyle in some way. This information is being made public so that unsuspecting victims might be forewarned and not similarly fall into the same trap when interacting with the culprit, as well as to give those who have already been victimized or swindled by this culprit whatever peace of mind there may be in knowing that they are not alone. Individuals with information on *** *** are encouraged to share their statements, and any corresponding evidence, with law enforcement. Those residing in New York City are advised to contact the NYPD by dialing 311, and those residing elsewhere should share their stories with local law enforcement as well as the NYPD or the New York State Attorney General's Office, Criminal Enforcement and Financial Crimes Bureau at (212) 416-8750. It should also be noted that the FBI does actively solicit information about individuals who perpetrated romance and/or relationship scams and confidence tricks, especially when such result in financial losses to victims, and both reports and tips can be provided by filing a statement through the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) or local FBI field office.

While it may go without saying, a best practices policy to have is never sending money or taking on the bills and expenses of a party whom you have never met, no matter how convincing their story or how genuine they may attempt to portray themselves. The likelihood that such is an attempt to mercilessly scam you is inordinately high. If one were inclined to provide some sort of financial assistance, it would be wise to contact an attorney and draw up contractual terms for the provision as a loan, which could thus be enforced through the courts without having to pursue a fraud investigation. These kinds of scams are on the rise, especially in the digital age, and they don't always originate from some foreign location or with the perpetrator operating under a pseudonym; as clearly, successful, white-collar professionals could just as easily execute intentional swindles, designed to rob you of your resources, for their profit and pleasure. The financial losses are but one aspect of the destructive element of these types of scams, and it cannot be overstated that the emotional pain and suffering that victims are unfairly and criminally subjected to, though harder to quantify in dollar amounts, are just as injurious. Do not feel shame, regret or embarrassment, and know that you do not have to suffer in silence, as that is what these con artists are counting on, so that they can not only get away with their evil deeds, but also continue to prey upon others. Remember that the law exists to protect you and uphold the rights of innocent victims.

Victim Location 78015
Type of a scam Phishing

He just said my name in a question way

And all I said was “ya”

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