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Victim Location 91310
Type of a scam Employment

Offered a work from home position with *** by a gentleman named Taylor Charles who said he was from Denver, CO whom posted an ad in our military facebook group offering work from home positions with pay of $30.75 per hour for up to 45 hours per week. They begin by asking your name, age, sex and address then proceed with a series of online "interview" questions regarding background and previous employment. He says they are only hiring 16 individuals for their San Bernardino location that will be opening soon. Once he determines you're eligible with the "Admin Desk" he comes back and asks how you'd like to receive your pay weekly, bi-weekly by check or direct deposit. He then asks where you bank. He states you will be receiving a new Mac-book Air and W-2 to complete and return. Didn't get any farther because I started to feel uncomfortable and called *** Corporation the gal that answered said this is an on-going scam they are fully aware of. Unfortunately I am afraid I shared too much. Luckily not my banking info that's where they lost me.

Victim Location 20746
Type of a scam Employment

Using National Park Foundation as their company. Offered employment/ company paid laptop. Was asked to send $50 gift card. After I said I’m not sending money, no further contact. I was contacted by 3 separate people. [email protected]

[email protected] Lindsay Newland ph: +1 (929) 266-3821

Victim Location 46203
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I got an email offering me a secret shopper job. They sent me a $990.00 money order which I put in my account and was told I could keep $300.00 for myself. I was then told I would be shopping how money is handled and that I needed to go buy 2 $100 iTunes cards which I did. I read them the numbers and was told I would be getting instructions on what to do next. In the meantime, my bank notified me the money order was no good. I also got a check from them for $2,300 delivered priority mail. They keep texting me but I'm not going to reply since I now know it's a scam.

Total money lost $3,000
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Wanted a website made for my dads business, and ITResources was one of the web pages I found that made good sites, Their customer support is incredibly bad, and what I got for my money was something cheaply made and definitely not worth my money, I was basically scammed and made to pay upfront as they wouldn't start working otherwise.

Type of a scam Other

I'm selling a car on craigslist. And received the following email from a potential buyer, "Alberto" from email addess [email protected] -

"I appreciate your answer, you have a really good vehicle! I am planning to get a personal loan to cover the price and I will not try to negotiate it. I will come to test it and close the deal with you in the same day with cash in hands. in order to get the money faster than usual, my loan officer is asking for the vehicle history report from . I know that this a secure website and the report can not be modified. Let me know if you can get it."

Looks as a scam to me. I didn't answer.

Victim Location 03076
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Receive daily phone calls from unknown number, I finally answered, the person said he was from Medicare, doing an update on my records...I went along with him , and unfortunately I did give my information to him, he had an extreme hard time understanding me, and I became quite frustrated, needing to repeat my self over and over, finally I said , I’m not sure what we’re doing here, he said oh, be patient, it’s my duty to give you a brace for knee, hand, shoulder, or back , free of charge, was extremely persistent, wouldn’t stop, told him numerous times I did not need a brace, finally I hung up...very concerning that I did give my information to him, anything that I can do?

Type of a scam Romance

I was messaged by a man on *** named Louis. Wanted to start as friends then to romance via texts. He starts with an iPhone, says he lost it then we chat on a different phone number (he says it’s his work phone but it’s a scam number through free tone). Said he works as an HSE manager in the oil and gas industry. We were going to “meet” them all of a sudden he has a trip to Brazil he needs to go in as he’s reactivating an abandoned oil rig. He says he’s widowed, no kids. Lives in the West End of Vancouver. He’s very convincing, tells you he wants to marry you. He then says his divers found diamonds and wants me to pay for the “diplomat” to fly them and delivered to my doorstep. It was then I caught on. I found a website called social cat fish. Searched his photo and it is someone else in the states, an army ranger. This scammer goes by the name of Curitila0001. Louis Fernando does not exist. He is on several dating sites.

Victim Location 11206
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They call telling you have a past due balance for a credit card which you don't have from 2009. Never been on your credit report. Saying they are going to serve you with papers for not being willing to pay.

Victim Location 82501
Type of a scam Rental

I went on this site to view "rentals" that seemed too good to be true- 3 bedroom houses that had been newly remodeled for under $600. The addresses were included so I Google mapped the addresses. They are in fact the correct house, but Trulia listings pop up that these "rentals" were in fact houses that use to be for sale and are now sold. I called the number and it repeatedly sent me to different phone lines, as I could hear the ringtone switching pitches with pauses. I sadly emailed them about a listing before scrolling further and seeing something wasn't right. Hopefully, they can't hack my email is all I worry!

Type of a scam Government Grant

a friend of mine contacted me thru FB and I asked her a few questions to see if she answered correctly and she did .. she told me about this Government Grant and that she received loads of money and gave me the name and number of a gentleman to contact to see if I qualify .. I unfortunately sent him my driver's license ID and a bit about me then I started to feel uneasy ..I would have to pay money to get money = i.e. pay $5K to get $200K based on a Government Grant

Victim Location 40291
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received an email asking about my motorcycle and asked if I had a history report on my VIN. I told him no and he said it would be of my best interest to get a history report for my motorcycle and he would be interested if I did. He gave me a link to go to that he uses on the internet "http:/***.*** and they can provide it for $19. I want to the link and it was a link called *** and they took Paypal so I used my Paypal account to make the payment. It provided a report and a link that I could post on my bike and people could see it. I then received another text from someone in Baltimore asking for another report and then I realized it must be a scam. I tried to reach the guy back and of course he would not resend an email. I looked at the *** and *** on line and apparently these are scams.

Victim Location 44044
Type of a scam Phishing

I rec'd a voicemail stating that I need to call back the number above immediately, that they were investigating my social security number and that if I didn't contact them, I would lose benefits. But I don't even get benefits. When I called, the guy sounded foreign but said they were in the Texas office of Social Security and that I needed to give them my number. When I didn't, they got real aggressive telling me I had to or they'd cancel my number, but couldn't explain how they could cancel it if I needed to give them it.

Victim Location 94509
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was selling Glass Beads on a Online / Local Website, she ( Alexis Barker ) ( [email protected] ) contacted me and told me to email her, I thought no big deal, maybe she wanted our messaging private.. So I emailed her and I said:

Hello Alexis,Yes I do still have the glass beads, when can you come by to take a look at them? Alexis Said: Hello, How are you doing? Also thanks for the respond, Please am

sorry for getting back to you late, I've been working really long

weeks at work. So I wont be able to meet with you but am okay with it

as shown on the advert.I'll proceed in issuing a check to you and when you receive the

payment and it clears, I'll arrange for a local pick up as soon as

you receive check, cashed it and have your money in hand, I promise

you everything will go smoothly as I would like to have it before the

my wedding anniversary which comes in 3 weeks.So get back to me with below details asap so that your payment will be issue out earlier tomorrow morning...

Name to be on Check:,Full Address: City: State: Zip:,Phone Number:Last Asking Price:

And as soon as this is provided, the payment will be mailed out to

your location earlier tomorrow morning and I will let you know as soon at it done...

I SAID: Alexis, I will do this but if anything goes wrong, I will turn you in, and you will get in trouble.So please don’t pull nothing illegal..I’m not trying to threaten you, just stating the please I hope this goes smoothly..What do you want to buy? Then I will calculate the total cost..ALEXIS SAID :Yes; everything will goes smoothly, Am interested in you Glass Beads,Will be looking back to your info, so that your payment will be issue to your location as soon as possible. I SAID: The total is $ 150.00, that’s for my time and the beads. I hope that total works, for you...Here is my name and address: I SAID GAVE HER MY NAME AND ADDRESS. I SAID: REMEMBERBER If ANYTHING IS NOT RIGHT I WILL TURN YOU IN..ALEXIS SAID: Hello.. How are you doing? Thanks for the information, Please I'll need your honest and trust to end up this transaction. I will like to know if i can trust you with my money, since the payment will been mailed out to your location.Please I want you to remove the item from sales list i will get back to you with the tracking # so that you will know when to expect it. I include the mover funds along with your payment cos they need to pick some valuable item for me in your area. So when you receive the check get your item fee and the rest goes to

the mover guy so that it will be delivered directly to my house.Let me read from you asap. I SAID: Please Alexis don't steal from me, or make me cash a payment that is not good..BECAUSE I WILL TURN YOU IN. SO PLEASE DON'T RIP ME OFF..

IT WILL BE YOUR LOSS... NOT MINE..ALEXIS SAID: That's funny through. I'll never get involved in illegal activities, I've been building my carrier since I was child. I can'g ruin it at this state of my Life. SHE SAID: Hello. How are you doing today? I just want to give you an update about the payment. Its already being mailed out to you.

Here is the USPs Tracking Number { ***}. It should

be delivered to you very soon. Please there is possibility that you'll

receive two payment, Just shred one and deposit the other one. USPs

called me that they lost the package that I should re-mail another one

not knowing its not lost. Please kindly keep your eyes on it and get

back to me once you got it so that I can be sure its on the right

hand. I'll be expecting your message.ALEXIS SAID: Hello. Lani Kochevar;

How are you doing? Please I have confirmed that the payment has

been delivered to you today with the USPs Tracking No.#

{***} the check made out to you was $1350 for confirmation. AS I have inform you earlier that the shipping fund was included on the payment issue to you, the overpayment is meant to cover the cost of shipping the item to me alongside my other properties which the shipper has to picked up for me including Tax and

Insurance. Please I make the check payable to you due to the trust I have in you,

Here is what you just have to do now. No need to send the item, the

shipper will come for the pick up at your place. Just have the check

Deposited into your account OR THROUGH YOUR PHONE APPLICATION, deduct

the money for the item and Extra $70 for your Patient and Stress that

am going to cause you during this transaction and withdraw the

shipping fund Immediately. Then Visit any Money Gram Outlet Store near

to you at your location and have the money sent to the shipping agent

Via Money Gram Transfer {Money in minutes} so that the shipper can

come for the pick up ASAp. Here is the Shipping agent information you are to send the Shipping Fund to: NAME: TIMMERMAN BILL ADDRESS: 7686 PRAIRIE VIEW DRIVE,CITY:FISHERS STATE:INDIANA (IN) ZIP CODE: 46038

Please once you have the money sent to the shipper you are to get back

to me with the below information as its printed on the Money Gram

Receipt so that I can forward it to the shipper for immediate pick up

ASAP: * Your preferred Pick up Location, Time and Date: * Sender's Name: * Address:

* Money Gram Control Number [ MTCN ]: * Amount sent after charges: Please Hope I can trust you with the overpayment? I will be waiting for the transfer details as soon as you got it sent so that I can forward it to the shipping agent for quick pick up. I will really want you to complete this transaction today so that the pick up will take

place as soon as possible. Also I'll be traveling on family trip soon

and I will be glad if we can complete this Transaction earlier before

I travel. Your Honesty and transparency will highly be

appreciated.Thank youRegard I SAID: I won’t be depositing it in my bank, I will take it to a check cashing facility to make sure it’s a good money order..WARNING : if it’s not, you will be in big trouble. And if all is good, we can proceed. Thank You and have a AWESOME DAY..( IM MAKING A VERY LONG STORY, SOMEWHAT SHORT )

I SAID: I took it to one check cashing place corporate called it in, and they said they have cashed a check from REGIONS BANK in the past but there info. didn’t match the info. on the cashier check I had. Then the worker used his security device to check security features and he said it looked ok but not 100% sure. he said to take it to. Another check cashing . So I did. And that check cashing place said it looked kinda plain, she also said it was weird that the bank didn’t have the bank address on the Cashier Check. So she called her corporate office. And they FINALLY CONFIRMED THAT IT WAS A FAKE.. I WAS SO MAD AT THAT LADY. Because I kept telling her, Please don’t do this to me. Don’t send me no ILLEGAL PAYMENT.




Victim Location 46113
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received 2 voicemails from someone saying my computer had a security alert on it and that it was a serious matter and I needed to call them back. The messages said if I didn't call them back there would be a warrant issued for my arrest and that my internet would be shut down.

Victim Location 78619
Type of a scam Phishing

This just came to my phone text. I don't bank there or have credit card.




MSG: Your [VISA] has been suspended for security reason.

Victim Location 23111
Total money lost $2,537
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Bioscimax text me a url or something like that. After listening to the video how the company would set up a site for you to generate additional income for $37. I was curious, so I clicked the link which went to BioSciMax and filled out a form. Desiree from the company called and explained they could set up a web and click funnel with a minimum of 2500 customers but this would cost $2500. The $37 was for manually setting it up yourself. I said that is not what the video said, that is false advertising. She said she would check into that, but the starter kit is $97 dollars (which I have not received) and the balance is the investment in guaranteed customers to visit the site. I asked what else do I have to provide or do. She said nothing. Just check your stats regularly to see how many visitors and income generated. I asked about the refund of the $37 dollars and that I would have think about it. I also discussed the commission. She said I would still be backed by the money back guarantee and if I did it that week my account would active 4/12/2019. I asked so my investment of $2500 will be refunded if I am not satisfied. I said I would think about it. She said if I was interested Catherine will email payment instructions. A few days later Catherine emailed instructions to send an overnight cashiers check or money order to an address in California. I asked why I could not use a credit card she said it was like investing in a house, we want to be sure the investment is secure. I said let me think about it. I questioned it but gave them the benefit of the doubt and sent the payment since there was a 60 day money back guarantee. I asked when they would discuss the site details. Catherine said Frank will call with more info. Frank called but did not discuss the site. He started asking me about my personal financial information. I was uncomfortable since I did not know him or understand the need for this. He said he need this information to see if I qualified as a partner for their program. I said EXCUSE ME!!! I have already paid for your program. You ask those questions before you pay for the program. His voice began becoming irritated. I felt he was phishing. I was not comfortable with the questioning and did not understand the need. Our conversation ended with him saying he was going to have a BOD member call that afternoon. No one called. I called Desiree. She said she would check into it. A couple of days past. Desiree told me Frank said he tried to call but could not reach me. The was not voice mail or received call from Frank on my phone. I said Frank did not leave me any messages. A day or two later Frank called and left message, but missed me. I called Frank back, texted and left several messages but no response to-date. April 12th the go live date came and I did not hear from anyone from BioSciMax. I called texted and emailed Desiree and Catherine for 3 days with no response. On April 16, 2019 Catherine called me and I told her I had emailed her requesting a refund of my investment. She said she had been sick. She tried to convince me not to but I said no I want my refund. She said she would call me back that afternoon. I said I hope with the refund details. She said yes. Catherine did not call me back. Mark an executive with BioSciMax called me. He said I would not be able to get my refund back and my account had not been activated. He said my account would not be activated until they get the profile information they need on my personal financial info. I said this information is obtained before you pay for the product or service not after you have paid for it. I have not received what was purchased I want my refund. He also told me they send 100% of the commission check to me and I am expected to send their percentage back to them. That commission process is another red flag. I want my $2,537.00 back.

Victim Location 61523
Type of a scam Other

I do not have nor have ever had a student loan. "Linda" called and left a voice message that I should call back about restructuring payment of my student loan. To make it seem credible, she left a reference # of 020211.

Victim Location 48317
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This person said he had cash and wanted to by my Motorcycle. He said he looked at another bike and it was junk. I'm selling a 2016 HD Road glide Ultra with 2800 miles. When I refused to buy one he repeatedly asked that I buy a carfax and provided the website. He then said I could email the report to him. He said as soon as he saw the report he had cash to purchase the bike. Not many people have 20K cash on hand, and if you do you would try to get the price lower.

Victim Location 71303
Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

As a BBB member, I would like to report this FAX Scam to you for research. The scammer who sent me this FAX doesn't even have current information. Suzanne Ford has not been at this location for more than 10 years.

Victim Location 33810
Total money lost $75
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered from this website a month ago i bought a discounted item thinking it would be a good purchase. They said i would get refunded but i never got my money back

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