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Victim Location 62230
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I called *** credit card department to find out why our corporate account was locked. They wanted to verify who I was, which I am grateful for. However, the means they used is unacceptable. *** sent me a link which asked me to make a video of myself and my drivers license. It then asked that I provide my SS#. I reported it to the FTC. They warned against such requests. Please be wary of ***

Victim Location 33954
Total money lost $30
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Bought a product, never received it after about three weeks, contacted the company from the website and got no response back.

Victim Location 95124
Type of a scam Phishing

Called to ask for personal information regarding my home and address.

Victim Location 92807
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I joined on site dating service ***. This man posed as an Israeli Jewish man..took 2 weeks till he asked me for $72,500. I couldn’t get rid of him. His accent was not an Israeli accent. I reported him to the site..I do t know what they did. I have to refrain from using any sites..I would caution every woman to refrain from these sites.

Victim Location 24401
Total money lost $54
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a dragon quilt from on 11/28/2018 and never received it. Contacted them to ask where my quilt was several times and was told it was on the way. Last time I spoke with them was February 3. Still have not received the quilt.

Victim Location 06084
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a phone call from 860-545-6999, on 4/17/2019. The person asked if I could hear them. I answered yes. They hung up. based on other information I have reviewed I am monitoring my accounts now.

Victim Location 95476
Total money lost $75
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Placed order to purchase very discounted kitchen appliance (about 50% off other prices). Seemed like a legit site, but now after 10 days and numerous attempts to contact them, my order still has not arrived and on their "track your order" page, my order still lists as "processing."

Victim Location 43050
Type of a scam Phishing

I'm 86 years old and I get so many calls it drives me crazy. The caller spoofed my phone number so that's what showed up on my phone. But this number showed at the top of my television screen V417-0851-230-0013.

Victim Location 06489
Total money lost $14.95
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a tent for $14.95 on April 8th, and have received nothing besides the "thank you for your order" email. The phone number has been disconnected and my emails go unanswered.

Victim Location 10017
Type of a scam Phishing

They called and texted me after I called *** Airlines. They tried to get all my banking and debit card information. I have no idea how they called me back since I called ***  Airlines direct. Once they started asking for personal information I hung up. If you google this phone number many fake websites come up.

Victim Location 11237
Total money lost $4,900
Type of a scam Employment

Peace folks

I am still new to freelancing & havent learned all the best business practices yet. I signed up to People per hour website for freelancers & met Patrick Mendes via email through the site. I thought the job was to be a virtual admin assistant but after the first assignment I began to question his authenticity. My uncle told me to cut all contact, contact the online banking & report it. so thats what i did. It sucks to be held liable because its really not your fault at the end of the day because what you thought was a job turned out to be a scam & when you look at it you were a victim of the scam just as much as the person who had their funds taken from the guilty party. That person is out 4900 which really means I am out 4900 & I am in a position where I was already on the verge of homelessness & may now very well be if they decide to hold me liable for it & I am expected to replace those funds.

Be careful of anyone that contacts you outside of any site that provided secure payment for work done. If you are in a position where you are feeling desperate, I am asking you to please take a moment to pause & ask yourself is it worth the risk? Is it really so bad to ask people for help if I am unsure? I wish I would have asked for help sooner. Good people every day, poor people, desperate people, looking to make some extra people, and more, at risk for scams like this. Its unfortunate that by it being in your name that you pay the price & so as a lesson, remember that...that even when innocent if its in your name, even when they know this happens all the time, it will still be you that will end up feeling the impact of someone else's intention.

Victim Location 18443
Type of a scam Online Purchase

We saw an ad on Facebook for very inexpensive car seats (the exact kind that we wanted to order). The site looked suspicious, however: there were misspelled words and no contact information. When I looked up the website on Google, it had only been in existence for 13 days. The website was

Victim Location 20814
Type of a scam Romance

Fell in love with me quickly. Originally from Columbia. Mom and dad passed away. Some cousins, not attached to, in Columbia. Only person living close is aunt with congestive heart failure. Corey Thornton is an engineer on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. His aunt emailed him, said she was out of medication.

He doesn't have any money on his card and won't be able to get any until done with this last contract with the government. Wanted me to send him $1089.00 to cover his aunt's medication till he got home. Told him I didn't have the cash. Offered to buy the meds myself and put them on my card. Said he needed to send her cash. Again offered to get her meds on my card, but I'd need her full name, medications list, and name/ phone number of pharmacy. That's the last I heard from him.

Victim Location 10003
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I received this today

Victim Location 02152
Type of a scam Phishing

This guy called me three times today and once a few days ago. The first time he called, he claimed he was with Yahoo and that my account was being breached as we spoke. I hung up on him.

Today he's called me 3 times. Twice I hung on him. The third time he called and kept asking me if I could hear him. I asked what he wanted, then again asked if I could hear him. I knew better than to answer yes - but in my frustration I said Yes, what do you want. He hung up.

Somebody needs to stop these people!

Victim Location 92808
Type of a scam Home Improvement

This business dropped by my elderly parents home and said they needed to do maintenance on their water heater. The tech told them their was ‘corrosion due to lack of maintenance’ and told them they needed a new tankless water heater (there’s was only 9 years old). The technician told them it would be $11,750! They had my parents sign the contract and received their credit card number. A new tankless water heater systems are not that much! These people just dropped by and took advantage of my parents and almost got away with it! I called and had them cancel the contract, which they did. If you look at all the reviews on YELP you will see multiple scenarios similar to my parents. Please do not use this company. My hope is that the *** will investigate this shady business!

Victim Location 10002
Type of a scam Tech Support

A friend of mine called 611 from his phone, which is T-Mobile, and the man from the customer service gave him this number, my friend thinking it was Facebook. He is not very tech savvy, but thank god I was here, and had him on speaker. We called 'Facebook' and they said that his account was being hacked and used on the darkweb. But for the small price of $199.44 for 1 year, $499.99 for 5 years. or $799.99 for lifetime protection from being compromised again. So I told him I would talk it over with my friend first, and then call him back. I then went on to call the 7th precinct here in NYC, and asked to speak to the cyber crimes department. They said it was a scam. So I was thinking Facebook was trying to scam us! Then I did a phone number reversal lookup, and there it was in black and white. A complete scam. So I let T-Mobile know how I thought what they were doing was completely out of line and that I was reporting them to the BBB. She tried to say I must've wrote the number down wrong. How funny is that?! The number I wrote down and called just HAPPENED to be a scam too? PLEASE!!!! So T-Mobile is doing funny business to unsuspecting consumers and i just want people to know.

Victim Location 83404
Type of a scam Government Grant

This phone number belongs to James Robb claims that you can get $20,000 government grant to do anything to do with whatever you want but you have to pay 2500 for delivery fees

Victim Location 63390
Type of a scam Phishing

These individuals call my cell phone several times a day. They are offering a car warranty, but will not give me the company's name. I have asked to be removed from their no call list and they continue to call anyway.

Victim Location 70454
Type of a scam Employment

On 4/18/19 I received a call on my house phone. Caller ID said Madisonville, LA 985-202-6357. I usually don't answer unknown telephone numbers but I had been applying online for nursing positions and one was for a business in Madisonville, LA. When I said hello, the caller identified herself as Chloe and stated that she had recently come across my online application. She then asked if I could hear her ok? When I said yes, she abruptly hung up. The weather was bad and I assumed we'd been disconnected. It wasn't until this morning that I realized it was probably one of those "Yes Scams". I called the number back and a recording said "Customer Service, press 1 for an agent and 2 to enter my phone number to their Do-Not-Call list". I hung up. I then went online to Experian Credit Services and put credit freezes on both my husband's and my Social Security numbers.

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