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Victim Location 77093
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a letter in the mail yesterday around 7pm EST 4-22-19. It had my name and address and right underneath it said "official document." And the postage that put Canada Post Postage Paid Letter Mailed. The number underneath 1051458. No return address on the envelope. The letter was from Platinum Lottery Inc. and it says US office PO box 4400 NY, NY 10022 and it's a United Kingdom Office 3772 Sir Newton Blvd London, England. The letter was dated April 10, 2019. It has a PIN number RG5HM4LGU, Marvin Lawrence told me when I called them not to share the pin number with anyone and keep the letter in a safe place. We're pleased to inform you you are one of the winner's in the second category International Market Survey Draw on February 26, 2019. And then it says we therefore acknowledge receiving the lottery office slip attached to your name with serial number Y9-E4-C2-06 drew the lucky winning numbers 0824317596. Therefore, you are entitled to the sum of $500,000 payable to you by certified check and will be delivered to you by our special courier company. Enclosed is a check in the amount of $7,955.75 which has been deducted from your winnings. The purpose of this check is to enable you to pay for the taxes, insurance, shipping and handling on your winnings. At the bottom it says Note: The balance of your prize winning $492.044.25. Tax amount $7,500. Your advised to call your claims agent Marvin Lawrence at 1-902-403-6818 to begin the claim process on your winnings. Thank you and Congratulations. Then another note: Do not act on this letter until you call and speak with your claims agent. Then it says Yours Truly, Manager William H. Harrison. At the bottom it says fill and detach coupon below: name address, phone number, password and signature. It has all different stores/companies at the bottom: Walmart, Family Dollar, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Rite Aid, Best Buy, Macy's etc. I called Mr. Lawrence he asked me for my pin number (after I gave him my name), then the check number on the check. Check 04358292 from JP Morgan Chase Bank. 044000037 Account number. It has 460575264 for amount $7,955.75. He said ok you need to go to your bank and deposit the check, and once you deposit the check you need to call me back and let me know. I let him know I couldn't go today. He said then well you can go tomorrow and call me back once you deposit the check. He said don't you remember you had filled out papers and stuff, and I told him I didn't remember. I asked why is the check put in USNA Class of 1974 8698 Twilight Tear Ln Cincinnati, OH 45249-1306. On here it says that the check is to pay for taxes, insurance and shipping on your winnings $7,500 I'm supposed to pay for taxes.

Victim Location 30281
Type of a scam Employment

Got an email about a job offer. I replied and got ask to contact Chelsea Anderson on google hangouts. After talking with this person, I noticed a lot of misspelled words and nonsense talk so I immediately became suspicious. She stated that I would be sent a check to purchase merchandise for the job and I knew to check BBB for any scams.....low and behold they are a scammer company. BEWARE of Ride they were offering $30 a hr for customer service work.....nobody gets paid that much for CSR.

Victim Location 60050
Type of a scam Employment

An email came in appearing to be from *** offering a secret shopper job. The link in the email for the "begin application" button was actually for a site: Once there, a form asked for first & last name, mailing address, and phone number. Very basic with an image to the left that resembled a *** stock photo. Once the form was "submitted" it redirected me to the actual *** job website.

Victim Location 24153
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call and the caller ID said US Bank. I don't bank with them so I let it go to voicemail. They left an automated message that said if I didn't return their call they would withdraw $299.00 from my account for a subscription. I don't subscribe to anything either.

Victim Location 95129
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Got a voicemail to my mobile phone re changes to my student loan that needed to be sorted immediately, they stated someone else's name. I recently immigrated to this country and only took out the phone contract 5 days ago, also I do not have a student loan, so called them back to say they had the wrong number. They left a number to call back on 888 299 9903, and a reference number 87-32 and an agent id 24357. When I challenged the person re the business name, and mentioned that they had called the wrong number they immediately ended the call.

The caller ID was +1 (218) 790-5247 from Moorhead MN. Calling this number took me straight to an answering service

Victim Location 71039
Type of a scam Phishing

Subscription I supposedly owed for. By a request to call 1-500-464-644(garbled #) to stop them from taking out $299. I assume that if I had called that number they would have asked for my bank account number. The call came from 330-654-1832 - which according to google is a landline belonging to *** *** of *** ***, **.

Victim Location 76306
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Home Improvement

On April 17th a man came by and knocked on my door and said that I owed him $200.00 for the new turbine and ventilation he put on my roof. I was unaware anyone was even on the premises, but assumed it was my roofing contractor that i hired a few months back. I gave the man a check and called my roofing company and they said it wasn't them. I called the bank and the check had already been cashed. My contractor then came out and said that the turbine and ventilation had only been painted. I have filed a police report but there is not much information to go on.

Victim Location 92869
Total money lost $50
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Charged my credit card $50 for a tour of their resort. I cancelled and now they are saying that in order to get my $50, I have to show up in person. I never received a service and would not have agreed to a charge to tour their facility. That is rediculous. No product or service was provided. I thought they needed my information to verify that I had a valid credit card.

Victim Location 77018
Type of a scam Credit Cards

They keep calling me 6 to 9 times a day for the last four days. They never left a message, just annoying on calling me every day several times a day.

Victim Location 92806
Total money lost $1,645
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan


The law of ethics requires that as a loan originator I should disclose any discrepancies to prospective clients. *** has put me in a difficult position as a loan originator who cannot answer simple question about the *** or the identity of its principal owners or business address of a company that hire me on April 1st, 2019 to represent them as a legal and ethical organization.

As a loan originator bound by law and ethics, I must notify and inform my entire list of prospects who have place trust in me and requested my assistance to secure their business financing. The fact that people operating as *** are unwilling to identify themselves or their shadowy organizations as a legitimate ethical or legal "Business Funding advisors"

Prospect will be noticed that *** is unwilling to identify themselves or their organizations demonstrates that in fact they are not a legitimate, ethical finance brokers. My prospect and clients have requested that I provide *** business references or even the identify of the company's members or principals owner's name and address of business.

Existing clients have already advised me that they are pursuing their own investigations to bring to the attention of appropriate authorities and the *** /*** shadowy business practices.

Click below to see an example of their business ethics at work.

***  The law of ethics requires that as a loan originator I disclose any discrepancies to prospective clients. *** has put me in a difficult position as a loan originator who cannot answer simple question about the *** *** about the identity of its principal owners or business address of the company that hire me to represent them as a legal and ethical organization.

*** shadowy business practices are jeopardizing business owner's interest and financial well being by misrepresenting their ability to fund business owners financing needs..

Victim Location 45039
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Employment

I applied online for a job on 4/20/19 and then I got a call after I applied, and they gave me 877-571-5891 and he told me that they would need to build a website for me and get me started. I paid $300 on a credit card over the phone. They called the position link posting and they Ebay, Amazon and Google. I spoke with both Bob Miller and Michael Thorp Account Executives on the same day. They said their name was Support at Online Media.

Victim Location 23860
Type of a scam Government Grant

Got a friend request from an aunt I have never communicated with. When I accepted "she" asked how I was, then asked if I knew about CHTF (Community Hugh Task Foundation). When I said no, she said she got a $150,000 grant from them, and urged me to apply RIGHT AWAY. When I expressed doubt "she" assured me it was real, and again urged me to contact RIGHT AWAY, and then a minute or two later asked if I had contacted them, When I said no, I wanted to make sure it wasn't a scam first, and asked he something only she would know. They stopped contacting me abruptly.


Victim Location 99212
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Today (4/22/19) I received a phone call informing me that they (no name) had tried to contact me by mail several times and now by phone about a new cancer test and that this was my final notice. If I didn't act on this they said Medicare may label me as ineligible for cancer coverage.

I am a 5 year cancer survivor.

I don't recall ever receiving anything like this by mail and this was all left on my voicemail as I didn't answer the phone. I'm quite sure it must be a scam to get ahold of medical insurance info, etc.

Victim Location 85364
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Person called demanding that I pay 2700 to be taken off the ***  list or I would be arrested, Also brought down to payments of 300 for total of 1350

Victim Location 64865
Total money lost $4,500
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Call and saying the will take care of your credit card debt all you have do give them some info and they send you check from Amazon. Never get the check from Amazon. They will then say lets us have your bank info and we will direct wire the money into your account. All long they make charges to your credit cards.

Victim Location 17315
Type of a scam Employment

This is the second time They've called within 2 weeks. They ask "are you still there?" And they asked twice. They were calling to help me find a job that I contacted for help in finding, I did not. I'm self employed.

Victim Location 25053
Total money lost $44
Type of a scam Online Purchase

yes I bought from this website and I just found out it was a scam and I don't know how I can get my money back it was for $44 but I wanted to report this cause If I knew it was a scam I wouldn't order from the website.

Victim Location 80538
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I received an email with one of my passwords at the title. The email states that I was watching porn and they got my personal information and a video of me watching the video. They want me to send the $1400 via Bitcoin to 1Bjmir9hpcq8GSUqXSyMu7WAKa6XCj4h6u this address.

Victim Location 62230
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I called *** credit card department to find out why our corporate account was locked. They wanted to verify who I was, which I am grateful for. However, the means they used is unacceptable. *** sent me a link which asked me to make a video of myself and my drivers license. It then asked that I provide my SS#. I reported it to the FTC. They warned against such requests. Please be wary of ***

Victim Location 33954
Total money lost $30
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Bought a product, never received it after about three weeks, contacted the company from the website and got no response back.

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