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Victim Location 38583
Type of a scam Phishing

Consumer received email that read:

Thu 5/2/2019 5:06 PM



is your passwords. Lets get directly to the point. Neither anyone has paid me to investigate you. You may not know me and you are probably wondering why you're getting this email?

in fact, i actually setup a software on the 18+ vids (pornography) web site and do you know what, you visited this website to experience fun (you know what i mean). While you were viewing video clips, your web browser initiated working as a Remote Desktop having a keylogger which provided me accessibility to your display and web camera. immediately after that, my software program collected all of your contacts from your Messenger, Facebook, and e-mailaccount. Next i created a double video. 1st part displays the video you were watching (you've got a good taste omg), and 2nd part displays the view of your cam, & it is you.

You have not one but two options. We will review these types of solutions in details:

First choice is to just ignore this e-mail. as a consequence, i am going to send your very own recorded material to each of your your personal contacts and then you can easily imagine regarding the disgrace yo u will see. or in case you are in an affair, exactly how it can affect?

Latter alternative will be to pay me $977. We are going to describe it as a donation. in this situation, i most certainly will right away delete your videotape. You can go on with your daily life like this never happened and you would never hear back again from me.

You will make the payment via Bi?tco?in (if you do not know this, search for 'how to buy b?itcoi?n' in Google search engine).

B?T?C? ad?dre?ss to send to: 1Er2dnGKhhZESaFPqTBp98cpWYS3Hqeuz8

if you have been thinking about going to the cop, well, this message can not be traced back to me. I have covered my moves. i am also not attempting to charge a fee a huge amount, i prefer to be paid for. e mail if i do not receive the ?bi?tco?in?, i will definately send out your video to all of your contacts including close relatives, co-workers, etc. However, if i do get paid, i will erase the recording immediately. If you need proof, reply Yup then i definitely will send out your video recording to your 8 friends. it's a nonnegotiable offer so do not waste mine time and yours by replying to this email.

Victim Location 93711
Type of a scam Other

I have received numerous calls from (510)***. They call over and over every day, but never leave a message. When you call the number back, it is a non working number. After the initial calls from this number, I receive a string of calls with the same area code and prefix as my number. I contacted the FTC and there is no information about this number. A Google search shows calls to others, but no other information. Anyone have an information?

Victim Location 92021
Total money lost $2,190
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

A man came to my home by the name of Jose *** to do a landscaping for our front yard we agreed to do the business with him we paid him for materials and half of his labor, he did half job and disappeared. Called him using the phone his receipt all fake including address

Victim Location 12828
Total money lost $39.99
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found a fraudulent charge on my debit card for $39.99. for ebooks and audiobooks, music and more. I did not sign up for this account.

Victim Location 92128
Type of a scam Other

I would just like to warn people not to trust this company. This company picked up the furniture from my 3 bedroom condo which included 2 bedroom sets, dining room, living room, piano, and outdoor furniture. I was told I would receive a check for 50% of what they received at auction. It has been 3 months and no check. I've spoken with Mike a few times, the first the items had not been to auction, next he was on vacation, last time he told me a check would be issued in a week, 2 weeks latter no check. I suggest this is not a reputable company.

Victim Location 83704
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Scammer tells us that $99 is going to be charged to our credit card before we even gave our account #. Would not take no for an answer, so hung up. Scammer called back twice more and left message. I will attempt to attach the call voice mail, but it again requires us to call their number or a $99 charge will be made to our credit card for some type of internet service.

Caller ID shows phone #855-565-166 but the recorded voice mail tells us to call back at 612-254-1908 for a refund or the card will be charged.

I have the recorded voice mail but don't know how to attach it to this email.

Victim Location 03275
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a text message from John Patrick claiming he was an agent from Federal Agency, National Compensation Association for State Government and the State of Compensation Insurance. He said my Social Security Number was chosen to receive a $5,000 grant. Empowerment Hearing Veterans Retired Disabled, Young Old and Workers. He wanted me to pay $450.00 to get the $5,000.

Victim Location 74020
Type of a scam Government Grant

Offering free tax grant money for a delivery fee

Victim Location 57702
Type of a scam Tax Collection

this caller left a voice mail that I should call them back or they would have me arrested, when I called them back they answered they were the irs

Victim Location 92345
Type of a scam Employment

I received a text that sent me to an a site for a mystery shopper job and after I filled out the form it asked me when I could start ?

Then I got the 2nd text saying that documents were being sent & that I was communicating with a debt collector. But no name or debt was given.

Victim Location 63301
Type of a scam Employment

They offer you a position with a contract and a w4 and then want access to your account to send you money to buy your equipment for the position

Victim Location 84123
Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop up can’t up saying call this number immediately because your computer is at risk.

Victim Location 15238
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Daily spam phone calls trying to get me to take out a loan

Victim Location 74106
Type of a scam Employment

They will act like you can earn up to $3000 a month + $30 for every package you pick up! I knew from when they said the packages come in other people names it was a scam! It’s not worth the time, never heard of a 30 probation in order to get paid ! Nope don’t do it!!!

Victim Location 70520
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have been called multiple times by an automated recording saying “hi there, i am calling to inform you, you are late on your student loans. If you need assistance with payments please press one.” Its a perky voice of a young woman. Also I dont have student loans....and its always a 347 number

Victim Location 46806
Total money lost $14.95
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered a ladder never got it and just like everyone else i paid for it. Tried to call but the number I have is no good glad I didn't order more i would like to know if any what can be done

Victim Location 24018
Type of a scam Phishing

I advertised an item on Craigslist.  Within hours, I was getting scam texts.

Victim Location 21206
Type of a scam Government Grant

Harassing calls about Government Grants

Victim Location 43214
Total money lost $112
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased over $100 of product from this company and they have claimed to ship it, but then they also claim they are going to ship it.

I have contacted via phone, email, social media, etc.

I was told to contact them in 24 hours if the tracking had not updated, then they deleted their Instagram or blocked me from it.

Victim Location 97086
Type of a scam Phishing


I am actively looking for a job so I am currently answering calls I would not normally answer (ie: unknown / unrecognized numbers). I received this call today and - unfortunately - answered "yeah, I can hear you".

I called the number back and was given the option of adding my number to their company DNC list, which I did, but then I searched the number and found the website listed above.

Please let me know what I need to do.

Thank you.

*** *** ***

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