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Victim Location 27499
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Consumer reported that someone from the IRS called from and

said that she owed money. She was instructed to call 509-588-7380. She did and talked with someone named Jacob with a foreign accent. He hung up on her when she asked for details.

Victim Location 71111
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Consumer received a phone call with a recorded message from number 253-470-0164. He was told that it was the IRS and he needed to call them back. When he called back there was no answer.

Victim Location 96844
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Consumer received a call from a purported IRS at 240-345-9091 threatening consumer to sue her if she does not return call right away. 

Victim Location 85274
Type of a scam Other

A man called our elderly mother in law and said that her grandson was at a gas station just got in a car accident and needed help. She really can't hear that well so she called us and we called 1800863-1938 asked for *** ***. When i spoke with him he gave me a name of Mercy L. *** at ** *. Boulevard, I didn't listen any further I hung up. He said our son was awaiting arraignment, hit someone from behind, was not wearing a seat belt, and had a fractured nose. He wanted us to call the above person and pay monies so we could get back a portion of monies upon our sons arraignment. Shame on this person because he could have given her a heart attack she was so upset.

Victim Location 99517
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Received a voice mail message from Amy Phillips on my cell phone. She was calling to alert me that I was the emergency contact for my former sister in law whom I have had no contact with for 20 years. The former sister in law is a jailbird. I was informed that a legal case was to be filed in the Anchorage Borough Court. There is no such entity in Anchorage! Amy's number is 907-202-5234. The number just rings & rings with no answer. The Anchorage Borough Court case no is 150896. A review of CourtView does not reflect any case filed against the former sister in law. I was directed to call 866-305-5640 to speak with someone in a legal dept. When the 866 number is called the a robo greeter thanks you for calling Atlantic. You are directed to leave a message. What I find most troubling is this scammer has my cell number & has checked public records for my home address. They even knew my married name. My former sister in law has no knowledge of my marriage or my address.

Victim Location 68198
Type of a scam Employment

Says..goto:http:// and includes the website name...Text is from "[email protected]".

Victim Location 56209
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Gordon Graves said he would give a loan for $5000 if i gave him $200 frist .

Can,t find any info on him or the comapny MD Private Trust in CA.

Looked up address and it a housing complex

i sent the loan contract to u

PS i also have about 20 emails that we exchanged

Victim Location 83756
Type of a scam Government Grant

A friend received a note that said she had a check for $200,000 from the Federal Government department of Workers compensation Appeals Board. I told her it sounds like a scam. She said she had cashed the check.

Victim Location 78472
Type of a scam Other

We received 4 phone calls back to back from 17001024713 on 10/3/15. The caller left messages, in a heavily accented voice, designed to scare you. It was difficult to understand every word, but the gist was that if we didn't do something about a refund (that was hard part to hear clearly) we would be locked out of our computer even if we bought a new one. He said we would lose everything. I contacted Channel 10, the non emergency police number, my internet provider, and you.

Victim Location 94537
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a phone call asking for my adult son who does not live with me. When I said he wasn't here I was told it way the IRS and he owed money and if it wasn't paid they would issue an arrest warrant.

Victim Location 98345
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I have responded to a craigslist add, they were looking for models for photo shoot for a new line of clothing. I received a cashiers check that was for way more than the amount that I supposed to receive. Photographer that was in charge of it contacted me and told me that company made a mistake and if I could just send him the difference, before that check got to me I said yes but when I saw the difference I asked him if they could just issue two separate checks but he didn't answer to my msg. I called him and he asked me to deposit the check and let me know that I did and it should clear the next day. I was really hoping that this is not a scam but to be sure I went to my bank and I talked with my banker. She was very nice and verified that that bank didn't even issue that check. Although it looked real and was printed on real cashiers check paper it ended up to be fake. I am really lucky that I decide to talk with my banker to avoid this scam.

Victim Location 21703
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received phone call stating we need to process a refund through windows online processing .. Need to turn computer on to do this . played along to get info .

Victim Location 85119
Type of a scam Government Grant

Person on phone said I was selected to receive $7500 in free grant money and no obligation to pay taxes or pay it back. The phone number was 202-000-010 . He said he was in Washington DC. He spoke very poor english.

Victim Location 85309
Type of a scam Tax Collection

2nd call in last 6 months from so -called ITS representative warning I would be arrested if I did not contact hem immediately for payment due.

Victim Location 49267
Type of a scam Other

I had a message on my answering machine to call the Lucas county Sheriff's office. I called them back thinking they probably had the wrong number, The man said he was a deputy instructed by the court that I had a warrant out because I did not show for jury duty. He had an answer to all my questions, citing codes etc. He called me back on my cell phone, telling me not to hang up or officers would be dispatched to bring me in. He said I had to put up a $989.17 bail which would be refunded when the court reviewed the case. I did not hang up but called the Sylvania, Oh police department and was told this was a scam and to hang up.

Victim Location 47617
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Recording stating they were the IRS and this was their final notice before filing a law suit against them.

Victim Location 01028
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Scammer called and said he was my grandson. He got arrested and I needed to call

a phone number to post his bail. The scammer called me Grandpa, my grand kids do

not call me Grandpa, so i knew it was a scam.

Victim Location 24360
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Caller said lawsuit is pending, IRS

Victim Location 70733
Type of a scam Tax Collection

10/02/2015 Have received 3 phone calls today from IRS stating I am being sued. Call 858-226-3758 and this is final notice.

Victim Location 71082
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Consumer received a letter and a check for $5,740.00 from Mercury Assurance Financial Services by mail. The letter instructed the consumer to call 416-823-8367 to "activate your check and complete your claims process." The consumer called and talked to Mr. Tommy Weaver, who said they were with the of Virgina. Consumer was instructed to deposit the check and would then use some of that money to pay the fees to collect the winnings. Consumer deposited the check in the bank but was suspicious so they spoke to a bank officer who told them to leave the money in their account and when the check came back it would be deducted from their account. Consumer provided a copy of the letter which is attached.

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