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Victim Location 83735
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called by a man claiming to be from Microsoft. He called me from 718-942-7224. He was trying to convince me to turn my computer on so that he could fix all of my issues from the 3 different viruses that were attacking my computer.

Victim Location 55426
Type of a scam Tech Support

We fell for this scam a year ago. This year they called again and said that they had been notified that there is a problem on our unit. The computer we have is an Apple and we have talked to Apple since last year and they said that it was a scam and we had fallen for it to the tune of $350.00.

So this time we have not returned the calls and they are very persistent with them.

Victim Location 47025
Type of a scam Tech Support

There was a guy that called my husband from a Washington DC number claiming to be a Microsoft technician saying our computer has been hacked and if we pay $120 dollars we could get hacker prevention protection. My husband had them call back today so I could talk to them cause I thought it was a scam after a battle back and forth about sending me information before I gave them our banking information I got sent to a supervisor. I told him that I never heard of Microsoft calling people to let them know that they have been hacked and he told me that Microsoft never does that. So I asked why did you guys tell my husband yesterday that you are from Microsoft and was a technician. He kept saying that they never said that so I told them to never call back and I was contacting the bbb to report them. My husband tried to call them back and the number had been disconnected.

Victim Location 96844
Type of a scam Credit Cards

(847) 426-9203

they called saying they are from chase bank and they knew my name and the exact amount. when customer service person asked for my mother's maiden name or password, i knew it was a scam

Victim Location 24505
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Fake IRS agent call

Victim Location 70343
Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email about a usps failed delivery attempt with an attachment

Victim Location 20175
Type of a scam Government Grant

I have been receiving calls from individuals claiming they are calling me from DC and are calling to inform me that I have been selected to receive a grant for about $10k from the federal government. I receive these calls from multiple phone numbers and receive them 5-10 times daily. Here are some of the phone numbers used: (561) 283-3474; (561) 227-9197; (971) 259-6390; (305) 713-1010; (567) 263-0009; (619) 568-2418; (907) 375-2930; (254) 212-3275; (254) 294-2130; (516) 259-6982; (786) 275-5986; (718) 354-1385; (702) 410-7513; (222) 222-2245; (786) 701-4001; (415) 363-9604; (218) 226-8617; (877) 231-9372; (866) 213-8564; (866) 266-0212; (877) 366-1121; (302) 765-5521; (866) 229-6633; (800) 524-3880; (866) 326-7937; (480) 289-2104; (513) 794-7000. PLEASE do something to stop these scam artists!

Victim Location 90888
Total money lost $650
Type of a scam Rental

I found a house for rent I contacted the person we were messaging for a few days I called to make sure this man owned the house which they verified he did. I passed by the house said I was interested he tol me he will expedite the key because he currently lives in California. He wanted deposit and rent upfront I said no I'll send deposit than you can send the key and if I'm still interested I'll send first month rent. I sent deposit through moneygram which I never used before and he said he'll expedite key, however he said he could not send key until he gets first month rent. So j asked for my money back he said ok by the weekend, I waited till Monday and nothing. I messaged back asking what's going on than he said ok on Monday, still nothing. He stopped responding. And I have not heard from him he did not send key or my money back which is $650.00

Victim Location 85233
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Recorded message that says the IRS is filing a lawsuit against us, give us this number to call: 509-252-0799. Call ID is from Spokane, Washington. (Note, did not call the number).

Victim Location 83731
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a response for a car I'm selling on Craigslist, via IM. Guy wanted to buy the car, sight unseen. Wanted me to access a URL from TINY.CC. Full URL was Checked and TINY.CC is a link sharing site. I think that if I had opened the link in my phone, he would have had access to everything, including banking transaction. Call came from (213) 267-3130, a number from the Los Angeles area. He gave me an E-Mail of [email protected] Told him I wasn't going to open the link and he severed contact. 

Victim Location 85014
Total money lost $298
Type of a scam Government Grant received a call from an individual who was contacted by a *** *** Department stating he qualified for a grant; however he had to pay $298 which he paid and later was called to say he needed to send in $610 via a MoneyGram.  The caller also used the term Federal Reserve Bank.

Victim Location 44255
Type of a scam Government Grant

They called from 315-285-4729 and stated they are working thru Money Gram and asking for a $230 deposit.... Please catch them and shut this scam down.....

Victim Location 47750
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Had a extremely thick, foreign accent. Told her to listen carefully, this affects her future and if she doesn't respond it will end in a Federal Government Investigation.

Victim Location 68198
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Have received three automated phone calls today alone from a number in St. Louis that claims to be the IRS. They say that it is a final notice and that they are filing a lawsuit against me if I don't call them back. I have the recording on my answering machine.

Victim Location 63016
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Left phone message on my answering machine that stated that the IRS was filing a law suit against me (no name mentioned only referred to as you) and then left instructions to call the following number 202-864-1311.

Total money lost $253.74
Type of a scam Other

I was contacted by this business informing me that our WHMIS training was not up to date, and that the staff at our location had to complete a new mandatory training program called WHMIS with GHS. I was told they work along side with the Ministry of Labour and WSIB and had to contact all businesses in Ontario to complete this training within a years time, or we could be fined for incomplete training. I ended up contacting the Ministry of Labour myself, when I received yet another call informing me we also had to update our Harassment policies. Once I spoke with the Ministry of Labour, they informed me that these were only sales calls and that there are no mandatory training policies or laws in place for Ontario. Well, I had already paid for this product back in July (WHMIS with GHS) and so I contacted *** and was treated VERY poorly by their collections department when I asked to have a refund on my card for the illegitimate charges. I was also hung up on as well. I am asking to have my credit card refunded in the amount I was charged. Thank you.

Victim Location 24179
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Fake IRS agent call

Victim Location 29250
Type of a scam Phishing

This company incessantly calls me about an auto loan that I never applied for. I have asked nicely on numerous occasions to take me off of the call list. One of the callers asked if I would marry him after I got firm in my tone asking to be removed from the call list. I asked to speak to a supervisor today and a woman came on the phone and basically spoke gibberish to me. I called the number back and said I had asked to speak to a supervisor and someone came on the phone acting ridiculous. The man on the phone said I could speak with him. I asked again to be taken off of the call list. He said he would. I asked if he were sure because I had already asked numerous times to no avail to be taken off of the list. He then told me if I called their number again they would call me back 15 times. I asked "Are you actually threatening me?" He said "Yes" and hung up. I have complained about this company before and they never respond. But whatever you do, DO NOT give them any information. No reputable company would operate in this manner.

Victim Location 35899
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Consumer received a recorded message from someone claiming to be from the IRS saying that they had a lawsuit against the consumer. Requested that the consumer call them back.

Victim Location 45692
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a check from American Maritime Officers Safety & Education Plan, Dania Beach, FL in the amount of $1,700. I called the bank that it was wrote on and give them the account number and it wasn't listed. The crazy thing about it is the Priority Mail envelope came from Kristen Davis from Sterling Height, MI and the check is from Dania Beach, FL.

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