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Victim Location 96733
Type of a scam Tax Collection

We've been receiving phone calls from someone saying they are the IRS. They are asking that we call a certain number & have available certain information like social security numbers, etc., available. This happened on 10/1/15 & 10/6/15.

Victim Location 83703
Type of a scam Tax Collection

The voice recording said "This is the IRS....You are being sued by the IRS please call 360-361-4623."

I didn't call the number. I recieved this call today 10/9/2015 at about 9:10 am.

Victim Location 40109
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Two messages left on our home voice mail. A foreign voice stated that we had an issue with the IRS and need to respond to this number right away to avoid prosecution. Two messages were left within an hour of each other. The voice said it was automated and you had to call back. The number was 7035963160

Victim Location 83215
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a scam call from 832-298-5017, claiming that they’re from the IRS. They say there is a pending fraud case against me and I need to pay now. Otherwise, there will be a warrant issued for my arrest.

Victim Location 76501
Total money lost $1,100
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

A few months ago I got a call that my nephew was being held in the Dominican Republic. He

stated the cab my nephew was in, stopped on the way from the airport to the hotel, and he had

ask them to call me for help. I was frantic!

I wired the money ($1,100) to a Valetin Mejia, Santiago, Dominican Republic, and that I was

speaking to Sgt. Richard Parker from the American Embassy. Phone # (514) 692-5676.

I couldn't get in touch with my nephew because supposedly he was being held.

I sent the money and a few days later I found out I had been scammed.

My nephew knew nothing about these people.

Victim Location 40165
Type of a scam Tech Support

I continue to receive calls from people with Indian accents claiming that they work for the Windows Technical Department and are calling to fix an issue with my computer. They begin by asking that I turn the computer on. The last time they called I asked for a call back number in case we were disconnected and they gave me 805-521-4886. When I asked that they repeat the number they hung up. They have called continuously for the last 3 days. One of the calls they asked me to press the windows button and r and hold them down. I obviously did not do this but this is what they're asking people to do.

Victim Location 84020
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

A man called claiming to represent Publisher's Clearinghouse saying that I had won $950,000 for September's drawing. He wanted to know if I was home so a certificate could be delivered to me that I would take to Walmart to send some sort of other certificate to them to receive the cash award....didn't actually get the story completely clear...but the checked and the phone number had other alerts attached to it. Evidently, many scammers hide behind the Publisher's Clearinghouse at this time of year. Hope no one falls for this!

Victim Location 24528
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Fake IRS agent call

Victim Location 84315
Type of a scam Government Grant

The person identified him/herself from the US Government located in Washington D.C. and I was selected to receive a Grant from the Government $9,300 and $6,500 because I pay my taxes every year. Now in order to qualify for the grant money, they asked a few questions: Was I a felon, had I received a traffic ticket in the last year and so on.

Victim Location 71360
Type of a scam Tech Support

I keep getting phone calls that show up on my caller ID as out of area. When I answer a man with a heavy accent tells me my computer keeps sending them information about viruses to my computer. He then wants me to sit at my computer so that he can help me fix the problem. I always hang up, but they call me everyday, sometimes twice a day.

Victim Location 02495
Total money lost $700
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I got trick into withdraw money from bank to wire money to *** *** who deposit fake check into my account. And want me to wire more money so my loan amount of 5000 will be in my account in45 minute,

Then I realize I got screwed,

Victim Location 90270
Type of a scam Tax Collection

These numbers have been calling my home leaving an automated voicemail stating that the IRS is going to file a law suit against us & that it is our final warning. I called the number back & a male answered with a middle eastern accent. I told him to stop calling & that I was not dumb enough to be fooled. To stop taking advantage of innocent people & I cursed at him. All he did was laugh & hang up. But, they have still called & left that automated msg. I want to report this. I get really upset when people try to take advantage of innocent people. This is a scam. Please help to get these people & to stop this from continuing to happen. Thank you!!

Victim Location 83706
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a scam call from 202-596-5090, claiming that they’re from the IRS. They say there is a pending fraud case against me and I need to pay now. Otherwise, I am going to be arrested.

Victim Location 92194
Type of a scam Tax Collection

210-787-4599, person called, said they were with IRS, said IRS was investigating me. I asked if person calling from Texas, they hung up.

Victim Location 46711
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Called automated message stated IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and that I needed to call 605-787-1190(South Dakota) immediately to resolve this issue. Called back and a foreign guy verified my name and old address. Then hung up on me while he was "locating my file". I called back, got another foreigner named Officer Michael Austin who then told me to *** off...twice, then hung up on me.

Victim Location 16750
Type of a scam Employment

I am seeking employment and on unemployment. I registered with several organizations but for housekeeping with I received an offer from a woman that said she could not talk, only text and email. She said they were relocating to my area and gave me the address of a home they bought in my town. She was going to send me a cashiers check for first weeks wages and $$$ to stock the home before they arrived here on 10/20. In the mean time I received a message from a different man with pretty much the same weird wording in his letter offering a job and will send a cashiers check. This made me suspicious and I called my friend the realtor that had the house listed that the first lady said they bought and she told me she has not sold this house. Now the light came on and these people are running some kind of scam.

Victim Location 83735
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called by a man claiming to be from Microsoft. He called me from 718-942-7224. He was trying to convince me to turn my computer on so that he could fix all of my issues from the 3 different viruses that were attacking my computer.

Victim Location 55426
Type of a scam Tech Support

We fell for this scam a year ago. This year they called again and said that they had been notified that there is a problem on our unit. The computer we have is an Apple and we have talked to Apple since last year and they said that it was a scam and we had fallen for it to the tune of $350.00.

So this time we have not returned the calls and they are very persistent with them.

Victim Location 47025
Type of a scam Tech Support

There was a guy that called my husband from a Washington DC number claiming to be a Microsoft technician saying our computer has been hacked and if we pay $120 dollars we could get hacker prevention protection. My husband had them call back today so I could talk to them cause I thought it was a scam after a battle back and forth about sending me information before I gave them our banking information I got sent to a supervisor. I told him that I never heard of Microsoft calling people to let them know that they have been hacked and he told me that Microsoft never does that. So I asked why did you guys tell my husband yesterday that you are from Microsoft and was a technician. He kept saying that they never said that so I told them to never call back and I was contacting the bbb to report them. My husband tried to call them back and the number had been disconnected.

Victim Location 96844
Type of a scam Credit Cards

(847) 426-9203

they called saying they are from chase bank and they knew my name and the exact amount. when customer service person asked for my mother's maiden name or password, i knew it was a scam

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