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Victim Location 75708
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a text message saying my card ending in some random 4 numbers was approved with a purchase.

Victim Location 75645
Type of a scam Investment

I received a call saying Trump is being attacked by the left side and the democrats are doing stuff. They want me to support Trump.

Victim Location 77301
Type of a scam Phishing

I could be wrong but it made me uneasy. So we JUST moved into the neighborhood and have received 3 package on hold notices in the mail. I called this number and it had an option for waiting on the line or press 1 for a call back while holding your place in line. I pressed one and hung up. I got a call back and I gave the guy who was really nice the package # and from that number he already knew my husband name and address. He said it was a welcome to the neighborhood package where they test your water for you, give you information about the local water and have a gift card. Anyways he asked when a good time for the delivery would be and I told him I was home all day so time didn’t matter. He asked when my husband would be home from work so we could find a delivery time that works for both of us. I told him what time he typically gets home and we picked a day and time that worked for both of us. Anyway, after the phone call I looked up the number and realized that it matched scams from years ago and different states. They end up stealing information from you. The part I’m most concerned about is they now know my name, where I live, that I’m home all day and what time my husband comes home.

Victim Location 75159
Type of a scam Phishing

They call all hours of the day and night from Sierra Leone. It rings one or two times. The phone number is altered each time.

Victim Location 77040
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Scam offering a miracle drug to my elderly grandmother (92) which has no website, company name, product name, or mailing address.

Victim Location 60185
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Government Grant

Was contacted on messenger by someone claiming to be a relative.

Telling me I need to apply for FGG grant. I was skeptical but they convince me to get 1000.00 in *** *** gift cards and send them to them. I wasn't going to say anything, because felt stupid. But I don't want anyone else to get hurt

Victim Location 24112
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Was left 2 voicemails saying I needed to call to avoid legal action. I called to find out what was going on. Man said he was with the Government & gave me an Id number to sound legitimate. He asked me for my name & birth date but I didn't want to give any information.

Victim Location 52402
Type of a scam Debt Collections

this number keeps calling at least 4 times a day. they also call under a different number so I know ita a scam. they never leave a message. If you answer there is a automated message saying to call 1 866 433 5938 and then they hang up. I googled this number and seems to be a scam also. thanks

Type of a scam Phishing

Want to know about addresses and credit card info.

Victim Location 80239
Total money lost $44.95
Type of a scam Online Purchase

si i purchased a item from them...they said only pay shipping and i always read their small letters...everything was fine...check out was ok no problem...took screen shots of final recipt and said only 4.95..thanks for the order...well got a email with 4.95 plus 40 for a ilfetime membership....what ridiculus..why am i paying that if their website dosent state that at all....and i call sorry for that but we cant do anything since you paid like you guys are liars and go around charging pepole with hidden fees...and they say theur website says theirs that fee...ummm nooo i went back to check and noooo nothing about hidden fees..liars....they steel money and they dont return it!!!!

Victim Location 60044
Type of a scam Other

Calls late at night from Sierra Leone. Ring only a few times in hopes of getting you to call back.

Victim Location 85379
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammers call at morning hours repeatedly and disconnect after one ring.

Victim Location 29710
Type of a scam Moving

I am in the middle of moving out of my apartment and selling furniture. I posted furniture to craigslist, and a buyer contacted me wanting to send me a check beforehand and then send movers to collect the furniture - all this without having any sort of preliminary inspection of the furniture beforehand. After initially agreeing to this, I looked up online and found out that these kind of scams are common, where a check deposits in a bank and later is found to be fraudulent. I have since cancelled the arrangement but the buyer showed every warning sign that I read about afterwards:

1) Wanting to purchase the furniture without inspecting beforehand

2) Sending movers to collect the furniture

3) Sending a check beforehand rather than being willing to pay upfront with cash

4) Wanting the craigslist ad taken down immediately upon making the deal

All communications were done over text message.

Victim Location 77065
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received this text below address to my name stating I owed on a payday loan and have 4 days to make a payment or I will be taken to court. I have never taken a payday loan out with this company or any company it is associated with. After reviewing the law firm Imperial Law in CA it is not a accredited business.

Attention (My name): We recently notified you by mail that a lawsuit has been filed against you regarding your severely past due account with Advance America. After a recent case management conference regarding this matter, we are extending you an option to settle your unpaid balance of $589.78, out-of-court for a onetime payment of $271.38. This payment will close (dismiss) the case against you and your account will be paid in full with a zero balance. This settlement payment must be made no later than Friday, May 10. The payment can be made by calling 888-669-7539, or can be paid online at File number 66197509

REPLY STOP if you are not the person referenced above.

Victim Location 78749
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I posted a used car for sell and I received a few text messages asking about it. Then they requested an HVF. I had never heard of that so I searched it online and found the scam information from BBB.

Victim Location 90046
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was served up an ad on social media for a supplement. The offer was a free 14 day trial if you pay for shipping of $4.95. I agreed to that but then got charged for two separate shippings which didn't seem worth the time to dispute. Then two separate supplements showed up together around May 3. Today, which is May 7th I got alerted to possible fraud activity on my card. This company has charged my card $180 for these two supplements. When I called and said I never agreed to this, the woman said it was in the "agreement". I told her I do not want the supplements and haven't even touched them so I will happily return the unopened bottles. She said that my 14 day trial was up so that was not an option. The 14 day trial started the day I ordered them and they showed up in the mail the 13th day of said trial. Then she said she could offer me a refund of 40%. I told her I am not paying for these supplements and her response was "good luck with that".

Victim Location 85310
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

*** *** *** sent my minor child a letter in the mail claiming they “received health care for an Injury or illness which an individual or corporation may be responsible for the payment of medical treatment. In order to comply with the *** eligibility requirements must answer the following questions and return this form within the next 15 days. Should you need assistance completing this form you may contact our office failure to respond could jeopardize your *** benefits.”

Victim Location 20706
Type of a scam Identity Theft

This is a telephone number that is spoofed as "Verizon Wireless" and it asks me the following: "Service representative please press two. Dear Verizon Wireless costumer your account has been suspended for verification. To reactivate your account. Please press one to speak with a customer service representative please press two." The person on the end of the telephone is not Verizon Wireless, it is someone looking to get your personal information including access to your phone and your SSN.

Victim Location 44124
Type of a scam Other

An automated "if you wish to not have $300 withdrawn from your account, please press 1" is heard, but upon calling the number back it is not a valid number and you are unable to speak to a live representative.

Victim Location 90630
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

They came to our business and made it confusing as to who they were. The manager thought they were from the Fire department and pressured to sign something she was unsure about. She did not want to authorize any service, but we are being billed for some kind of service that we have no idea about or wanted in the first place.

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