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Victim Location 78758
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a call from 2068981647. Heard an automatic message saying my SSN has been suffering from unsual activity or something like that and that it is being block and to chose several options. I ended the call at this point.

Victim Location 78758
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a call from 2068981647. Heard an automatic message saying my SSN has been suffering from unsual activity or something like that and that it is being block and to chose several options. I ended the call at this point.

Victim Location 93722
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a phishing email claiming to be from our company CEO. Message requests money to be loaded on a gift card.

Copy of message: I need some Google Play gift cards. Let me know if you can get them promptly so I'll advise on amount on each card.

Victim Location 24151
Type of a scam Employment

Caller suggests I had visited their employment website recently then asked if I could hear them. She then immediately hung up the phone.

They also give you the option to place your number on a “do not call list” but that is also part of the scam.

Total money lost $20,000
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

This was another puerto vallarta, vacation scam,, vallarta gardens, with false promesses, but this resort is a better scam out there in the tourism industry, they give yourr credit card information to fake real estate they create, they offer you good money for the unit, and then they tell you, you have to send 4000.00 dollars in american dollars, first, also they tell you ,the marketing company will pay you 1500.00 a week american dollars, but the marketing company they hired, doesnt exist, they never return emails,or answer their phone,,,,,,,, there are many articles about the vallarta gardens,the 8 may ,reddit wrote a very good article about the scammers ,their is a group of salemans that have been scamming the tourism of puerto vallarta,i dont go there anymore they distroyed , this beautiful mexican vacation paradise, ,,,,,,,,,,,i dont know if you can do anything about it, but i like to inform the world about these scammers,,,,..i know you can help me that way,,!,,,,,,,,thank you,lll

Victim Location 60631
Type of a scam Employment

Our firm posted a job for a position within our company through the job search engine, ***. Within days after posting our job to Indeed, our firm started to receive calls from applicants that had applied to the job posting. It turns out our job posting had been duplicated and was posted onto several other job search engines such as ***. These applicants received emails from the scammer instructing them to participate in a Google Hangouts interview. During these interviews, the scammer asked typical interview questions and on ocassion would offer the job to the applicant and ask them to send personal information to the scammer. They would also send the applicant a bank check to deposit "for supplies" therefore obtaining the applicant's bank information.

This is the second time we encountered this scam. We contacted *** to help us problem-solve this scenario several months ago when it first happened. When it happened a second time, we questioned how *** could let this happen again. What are they doing to prevent scams like these and what are they doing to protect applicants who are searching for their next job and companies who use this platform as a means to hire quality candidates?

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Calls repeatedly. Sometimes the number that pops up is from Turkey. When I answer and ask for their mailing address or any questions they refuse and get angry.

Victim Location 06492
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Was selling a mini excavator used by her late husband 2000 used eBay motors which I thought was a good company, but when they asked for an additional 1000 for insurance I questioned where they were located and the bbb has no such business in the state of Virginia

Victim Location 78759
Total money lost $149.95
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Product was on an 18 day trial which allowed 4 days shipping plus 14 days trial. Product was billed in full only 8 days after USPS tracking shows it was delivered, and only 15 days from receipt of $7,95 shipping and handling fee for free trial bottle of supplements. The 866-607-4207 customer service number is non-existent. Bank of America claims department says they have no recourse.

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Gentleman received a call from someone in North Carolina who stated there was some fraudulent legal matters in Texas involving him and requested his SIN which he reluctantly gave. The caller didn't state their business name or what legal matters the gentleman had in Texas. They then asked the man for his date of birth which he did not give them.

Victim Location 45102
Type of a scam Other

I was contacted by phone and email by someone that claimed to work for *** *** ***. They said they were interested in a licensing deal for my newly patented product and that they wanted me to speak with one of their licensing agents "Jeff Andrews". I did a bit of research on the company and couldn't find much information. So I thought I will go along with this temporarily just to find out more information. I agreed to the phone call with the licensing agent. He said that *** *** *** is in the business of manufacturing products and that they work with large retailers like *** and *** at a wholesale level. They sign large purchase orders with these retailers on a global level. He went on to say that they have been in business for 20 years but recently changed their name. At this point my skepticism radar is going off big time. He tells me that they have been looking at my product for a few months and are interested in helping me bring it to market. He then goes on to tell me that they are interested in making me an offer. He laid out 3 options. 1) I put down $7,000 for 15% in royalties. 2) I put down $4,000 for 7% in royalties. 3) $0 for 1% in royalties. I said I would like to see proof that they have had some success with the products they've signed. I need proof that this isn't a scam. I would take a redacted PO and several client references that I could speak with. I also mentioned that I have a Patent/Licensing attorney that would be reviewing their company and any paperwork required. He asked me if he could put me on hold. I said sure. He had me sit on hold for about 4 minutes. When he came back he said that he had a billionaire in his office that wanted to talk to him about a deal they were working on and that he needed to speak with him right away. At this point the alarms are going off in my head. This guy is not legitimate. I then asked him "Hey Jeff how long have you worked for Universal"? He said 20 years. I then asked him how do you get paid? Do you make commission on the sales? He said no " he gets bonuses". That in fact they are in a competition at *** to see how many bonuses they can get. I told him to go ahead send me over the contract for the 7K and 15% royalties. That I would speak with my attorney and would have them review it. In the interim I wanted to do some additional research on this company. On their facebook page, they have 18 likes, and a few reviews. I thought if they were that big of a deal they would have more brand exposure and more likes. When I look at the reviews and I also look the facebook profiles for the reviewers. None of the facebook profiles seemed legitimate. Okay so they are not listed on the BBB, no one has even heard of them, and the reviews on facebook seem fake. I told my attorney that I thought this was a scam. Shame on these people. I am a small business owner that has invested my life's savings in bringing a product to market and they think they can just come along and take my money. Hahahahahaha. Nice try.

Victim Location 01060
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Recieved a text about being selected to split 1,000,000 from the NY lottery winner, Robert Bailey, because he is giving it away. Included the text. All I know.

Victim Location 93635
Type of a scam Other

I’ve got one phone call from (888) 815-0708, I didn’t pick this call up because I was doing something. Later I got 4 voicemails saying the exact same thing, this happened to my dad a few days ago saying it was a scam, he had it on speaker so I heard some of the conversation with the same voice.

Victim Location 92691
Total money lost $418
Type of a scam Online Purchase

In May, 2019, I was looking for a three week car rental from LAX. I went on to website and found a car for the three weeks. I read the terms and conditions and checked it and agreed to a lower price based on the fact that my flight was already made. Upon giving my credit card information, I was given the next screen, which now said that I needed to provide liability insurance proof within the state of California, issued in my name, which was not a condition before rental. I called up the company as this was a bait and switch tactic. They said I needed to send an email to their company, which I did. I received a response saying that the liability requirement was listed in another place before booking--not true! And , of course rejecting my request to cancel my reservation. I took pictures of the terms and conditions, and there was no mention of the requirement of liability insurance. After several days of complaints with this company and not receiving any correct resolution to their bait and switch tactic, I will be going to the California Attorney General's office with a formal complaint. In addition, I will be filing in small claims court against them. DO NOT rent from!!!!!!

Victim Location 54311
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

on line running a cosmotgoly service scam from milwaukee to chicago dong hair make up nolicense scamming phow can she work for ***  in milwaukee and on hers scamming peopleeople off instagram .facebook scammers name is niiaja funches niaja nayka on facebook instagram muaniajanakya

Victim Location 02724
Type of a scam Tech Support

I asked to be put on the “do not call list” he said no and continued to be rude about a service scam

Type of a scam Phishing

Caller said my visa had been compromised and there were two charges on it...told me the first numbers on the visa and on my debit card...then wanted me to talk with someone else to report it after I got on to my computer...I stopped the call then as it seemed fishy and called visa...they said they hadn’t called.

Victim Location 54956
Total money lost $20
Type of a scam Other

This company called me recently after a funeral. They told me they could give me a better deal on cable/phone, then transferred me to ***  They said that they would call me back in 20 minutes. Which they did; I did give them my credit number which I have cancelled. They provided a call back number: 8456400021, ext. 8042.

Victim Location 29223
Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Said I had a refund of some kind. Gave number to call back May have been trying to get me to call or trying to get my information.

Type of a scam Other

I updated a GPS in 2018 via Agape Inc., which I believe now that company to be connected with this one. I argued with Agape that I was overcharged and they agreed to refund me the overcharge. After over a month of phone calls and promises to pay by various people, I gave up. On May 6, 2019, I got a call telling me they were going to refund the overcharge today. "Steve Rogers" had all of the relevant information. He insisted that they needed to connect remotely to access an online form with the Better Business Bureau. Ignoring my instincts that were screaming at me, I allowed the remote access. When he asked me to connect to my bank in order for the deposit to be made, I locked my credit card. I was using both my iPad and my computer. He wanted me to confirm the deposit. When my computer screen went black (which he said it would) and then came back, I saw that my iPad and computer had different deposit amounts (both more than what was owed). At that point, my brain took over, and I called him on the scam and locked my bank card as well. He told me I was stealing his money. I hung up and called the Bank. The Bank told me that he had attempted to transfer money from my credit card and savings to my chequing.

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