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N/A Reports & Reviews (48122)

Victim Location 54303
Type of a scam Other

It was a recorded message saying that my account had been suspended and that I needed to call the district attorney at 347-537-6250 right away.

Victim Location 83606
Type of a scam Phishing

Keeps calling over and over. Automated call. Claims to have seen our mortgage loan and says they have a better deal. When I call number back, it says all circuits are busy. Calling under two 208 area code numbers.

Didn't scam us as we knew it was most likely a scam. Keeps calling 4 or 5 times per day.

Victim Location 85014
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

BBB received a call from a young woman who received an email indicating she won a 2 million dollar lottery.  The email wanted her to set up a bank account so they could deposit money into it.  She was cautious and checked with police and they advised her to call BBB.

Victim Location 15236
Type of a scam Phishing


It is the pleasure of this Bank to inform you that your ATM Card Number has been approved and upgraded in our central computer system in your favor.Re-comfirm Your Name,Address, Cell Phone.

Warn Regards,

Mr Fidelix Uche

ATM Logistic Units

From: "Mr Fidelix Uche" <[email protected]>

Date: December 3, 2015 at 7:53:47 AM PST

To: ***

Subject: Your ATM Card Has been Upgraded

Reply-To: [email protected]

Victim Location 60453
Total money lost $10,000
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Theifs called cell phone said I owed back taxes due to negligence of filing "back" taxes. They are nothing but [censored].

Victim Location 02360
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Left automated message on our home phone stating that I was to be arrested by the IRS for not paying taxes, and to call the number below.

Victim Location 31523
Type of a scam Employment

I saw a admin position on craigslist and applied and sent them my resume, then I find that I have received several different emails that are all threads from different people, then I was asked to send the [person my name address and phone # , I did then I receive a check in the amount of $2779.00 HR Trucking in Baldwin MS, from Farmers Merchants Bank, stating that I am to deposit it and then money gram $1000.00 to a person Azusa CA

Victim Location 48867
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They call relatives saying they are representing a bill collector are extremely threatening but is a scam as I have never had a account with the company they represent

Victim Location 40361
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

trying to get me to send money or get a 7,000 dollar loan

Victim Location 61341
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

To Whom It May Concrn: I was contacted by a Man His name is Charles Vernon, he said he works for face book as a Project Manager. He told me that face book was doing a promo and I won 100.000 thousand dollars. He said I Had 2 choices of payment a debit card or check I told him if I had to pay any thing then this was a scam. I chose a check payment he said he couldn't do a check it would have to be a debit card .I told him it sounded like a scam he said the FBI knew about this and so did other security agencies , He said there was nothing to be scared about,Then he said Is that understood, I said yes. I also told him if I had to pay for any thing then it was a scam he said I would have to pay the processing /shipping fee.This fee was my responsibility. The fee was 200 dollars I told him I don't have that kind of money I live pay check to pay check.Then he ask me if I could come up with 150,00 I told him NO I told him to give it to some one else and Merry Christmas.He sent me pictures of the award paper and another pic of some one that won. I just had a bad feeling about this.I want to report this be for some one gets took for money that they may or may not have I have all information in my Phone if you need more information Please feel free to call me at 815 587 4826.This information is on my phone on Messenger. Thank you for your time. *** ***

Victim Location 94043
Type of a scam Scholarship

A person contacted my son via TEXT MESSAGE (with a women's picture) and stated he was selected for a scholarship in the amount of $90,000 but he had to send $500 to Richard Tidwell, Houston, 77004. They stated to make the payment up front through a Money Gram store. The reference # / winning code # is 990078567 / Batch 9056490602. The phone number the text was received from is 980-262-0176 (North Carolina number), but the money is stated to go to Tidwell, Houston. Please see the information listed below.

The text told my son not to tell anyone for security reasons! Please stop this person from trying to take advantage of people. Thank you!

Victim Location 32506
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received voicemail message to home phone that stated that the IRS would be filing a lawsuit against me.

Victim Location 76308
Total money lost $175
Type of a scam Tech Support

Ms Brillant was contacted from company stating her computer had a glitch, she allowed them to log in to her computer and it was immediately shut down, the y were paid 175 dollars from her. They called from a private number.

Victim Location 82901
Total money lost $5
Type of a scam Government Grant

i got a phone call from a *** *** recruiter they talked me into giving my credit card info saying there would be 4200 dollars in my account in 2 days and when i went to website couldnt find anything to help when i called help line everytime i asked a question the guy said why dont you just cancel membership he said it like 5 times i just wanted help

Victim Location 75701
Type of a scam Other

Saturday morning about 10:30

Phone rings, I answer to a recording that says; This call is in response to your inquiry about the TV advertisement on relieving back pain and is covered by your insurance. Press 1 for more information.

I pressed 1 and a man with a foreign accent answered saying Ms. *** are you having back pain? I responded asking what company is this? He hung up..

Victim Location 79605
Type of a scam Employment

I was a victim of a scam, I was searching online on craigslist for a part time job and came across something I thought was ok. Due to a fracture thumb, I am under a doctor's care so I am not able to have a full time job at the moment of time. I ran into a company called Red Line Energy, and I was talking to a person that was giving me the information on how everything works. I was told I was going to get a check through UPS for 2,350 or more and as soon as I receive it to contact the higher manager right away when I receive it. The higher manager name suppose to be Lucas. Well when I received it I got an text message saying you received the check already and I need you to deposit the check into your bank account and as soon as you do it, I need for you to withdraw it immediately. I was told once you withdraw take 400 out for yourself and send the remaining to the information that I will provide you through western union or money gram. Well, I started to feel suspicious about the check and started my own investigation on the company, the name of the company on the check, and on everything else. While I was in the process of my investigation I started to get harassed about the money right away. I started feeling threatened and unsafe. I replied that I was only going to send the money if I was able to verbally talk with the suspect instead of emailing and text messaging. So I got a private phone call from this person and the person was not trying to cooperate. The package was sent from Staten Island, NY, but it had a Carrollton address on the check. This person gave me 2 names and address that I was suppose to be sending the money to. The address didn't add up. So once I figured everything out this suspect started getting upset in a threating matter. Please do not be a victim or be victimize of craigslist scam. This job scam was about me advertising the Red Line Energy decals on my vehicle.

Victim Location 96813
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Received a call notifying me as the winner of $1.5 million and a Mercedes Benz in Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes. The call was originating from 876-476-5538. I was supposed to pay $1200 for insurance to FBIC, which is monitoring the prize. I was instructed to call 866-996-5997 to reach FBIC.

Victim Location 48843
Type of a scam Tax Collection

"It's Dennis Gray and I'm calling regarding an enforcement action. Executed by US treasury intending your status attention. Ignoring this will be in intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a client jewelry for a federal criminal fence. My number is 530-721-8096. I repeat 530-721-8096. I'd like to walk break with us and help us to help you. Thank you."

Victim Location 53531
Type of a scam Identity Theft

An email has gone out using various domains that indicated there was an invoice attached from our company. They did not use our domain name. We are getting flooded with callers asking why we have sent them an invoice. I assume the attachment to their email is actually a virus.

Victim Location 45459
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Scammer called me twice on my land line on Monday, 12/14/15, to call the IRS because I have a law suit against me. Phone no. They said to call is: 206-855-5337. My daughter also received this call twice the week before Thanksgiving. I did not return call.

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