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Victim Location 14224
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a call from 706-844-1784 saying they were from the treasury department and it is about my tax filed in 2011. His name was Dennis Gray. They went on to tell me that a warrant was issued for my arrest if I did not respond. The first call in made I asked for more information and the person hung up on me. I called back and someone named Paul Anderson answered and told me the same information. He asked me who filed my taxes that year but I did not tell him. I asked him if this was a scam and he replied --did I ask for money or an account number? I then asked him if I was sent out a notice and when and he slipped up and said in 2010. I was then told again that there is an arrest warrant out for me -- i asked him if the police were going to come to my home and he said yes and then hung up.

Victim Location 12477
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Fri. Feb. 5 approx. 11:22 AM I received a call on my home phone (registered NY and Fed. Do Not Call lists) from a Steve Martin claiming to represent the US Treasury Dept. and telling me that I needed to call him and that ignoring the request was a Federal criminal offense. His call-back number given was (972)-391-7144 which is a Texas number here in the US. He had a foreign accent. If he is calling from a US number why cannot that be tracked down and charges filed against him?

Victim Location 95762
Type of a scam Phishing

Email purports to be from Seagate. Fill out survey and be entered into drawing for $100 gift card.

Victim Location 12180
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received three voice mail messages on 2/5/16 from a person claiming to be David Gray from the U.S. Treasury. He said he was contacting me regarding an enforcement action by the US Treasury intending serious action and by ignoring this I will be forced to appear before a Magistrate or Grand Jury for a federal criminal offense. He advised me to cooperate with him and let him help me. Each message left a different phone number to call. The numbers he left were 206/777-8048 and 206/900-9216.

Victim Location 23662
Type of a scam Utility

They called my restaurant and said that my power was going to be shut off in 30 minutes by a technician if I did not go to a CVS pharmacy and do an instant money transfer by money gram so they could have the cash immediately. I hung up on them and called dominion and logged into my account and I was not in default or anything so i knew right away that it was a scam. They called back 3 more times within 10 minutes and I finally picked up and told them i was on the phone with dominion and was reporting them as fraud. They hung up on me and have not called back since. The number they called from was 1-844-277-9449 and you could tell that they were all foreign. He also kept repeating to me that he was telling the 100% truth and he was being 100% honest with me.

Victim Location 44234
Type of a scam Tax Collection

We received a message on our home answering machine today. The number on our caller ID showed 282-558-8090. The caller stated it was the IRS. Said I was being sued. I went to pick up the phone and they hung up. I did not call the phone number back. We did not think the IRS called people.

Victim Location 30046
Type of a scam Tech Support


Victim Location 46804
Type of a scam Other

Caller left voice mail claiming that IRS is filing a law suit against me

Victim Location 24578
Type of a scam Government Grant

The company called multiple times on a period of a few days. I did not answer at first because I dont know anyone in Washington D.C, When I did they identified themselves as some branch of the Government I had never heard of, but proceeded to tell me I had been picked to receive a grant from them for $9200.00. None of this made any sense to me and seemed to be to good to be true. So I proceeded to Google the numbers, and after reading many things about these numbers I came to the conclusion that it was a Scam, I decided to call the second number and see if they would ask me for the $200 like it said they would, and they did exactly that. This group of people need to be brought to justice and company shut down, they are low lifes feeding on people that could really use that money in life, as myself is currently homeless, jobless, and carless ... if this was true this would hae been the break ive been praying for. but not it was just a scam, trying to take 200 from me when I can barely afford to eat daily.. If it is possible, I would like to press charges and sue this company for emotional, and mental pain.. for the amount that they promised me from the start. Please HELP!!!! this is not right.

Victim Location 76310
Type of a scam Charity

Called collecting money for Veterens...when asked more questions they hung up.

Victim Location 30034
Type of a scam Employment

This scam was/is an offer of employment and/or an offer to interview that is attempting to "phish" for personal information and invite the target to provide an image of themselves via video chat. I believe this scam is being perpetrated on job portal.




Loader/Unloader/Telephone Operator job in Atlanta, GA


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Dear Applicant,


Your email has been reviewed and approved.

My name is Matthew Passaglia. I'm the Business Development Manager at PASSAG CONSULTING FIRM.


Brief Introduction of the Company:


Passag Firm Consultant is focused on hiring and developing people who want to be the best.

Passag Firm Consultant is located in five states throughout the Midwest; Passag Firm Consultant lend valuable expertise and provide advice and guidance in many specialized areas of business. Our Consulting Specialties span but not limited to medical, engineering, human resources, marketing and other professionals.


Passag Firm Consultant primary objective is “We help managements make the big decisions: on strategy, operations, mergers and acquisitions, technology and organization."


Companies engage our services to fulfill an area of expertise they may lack in their workforce.

Part of my business Development plan is the online employee scheme but I am currently away in Canada as a result of busy schedule, I will be back in Three Weeks. Hence, here are major things you should take note;




Administrative/Clerical duties, supervisions and monitoring. Scheduling programs, flights and keeping me up to date with them. Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence while I'm away. Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf. Assisting with payroll and monitoring some of my financial activities


Available Position:   Personal Assistant 

Type: Full/Part-Time

Hours: 15-30 Hours per week

Days:  3-5 days per week

Weekly Pay: $500 ( Will Increase depending on how efficient you are with your task )



• AD & D Insurance

• 401(k)

• Free Medicals



a)     I will set up a formal interview with you and give you a tour of the Organization and introduce you to specific individuals you will be working with.


b)   You will begin your office based position immediately I get back to the states.


c)   However i have a lot of pending assignments that need to be handled and i believe these tasks are simple tasks which you can carry out pending the time i get back.


d)   You will be receiving weekly pay checks upon completion of your weekly assignments.





Full Names:

Mailing Address :

Apartment # :

City, State, Zip Code :

Cell Phone Number:

Current Job:

Name Of Your Bank?

(Not Your Bank Details, Just Name Of The Bank You Bank With.)


Best Regards,

Matthew Passaglia

(754) 307-8407

Passag Firm Consultant.

Copyright 2016®


Victim Location 35640
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Person received a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS. The caller demanded money or the person would be arrested.

Victim Location 74051
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Received a call from 800.396.0130 claiming to be Publishers Clearing House. They said I won 2.5 million dollars and need to call Wells Fargo bank at 800.505.7210

When I called the actual Wells Fargo bank from a different number they had no idea who the 800.505.7210 number would be for because it is not at all connected to them. 

I called back the PCH number that originally called me and they asked me for my banking information and social security number. When I refused to give them that information they hung up on me.

Victim Location 46845
Type of a scam Tax Collection

this is the number they left for us to call as the IRS had a lawsuit against us. 206-899-8562. called and non-listed number. This was one of two. Knew it was a scam prior to seeing if it was a real number. Thank you.

Victim Location 11375
Type of a scam Romance

Suspect is using to lure individuals into sharing their credit card numbers. In this current case, the suspect used the name "Alison" and shared the phone number 631-998-9835 and requests SMS conversation. Moments after the converstaion started the suspect request that I filled my credit card information this site:

The site looks fraudulent as it has no SSL certificate and requests users to enter their credit card information for some kind of identity verification.

Victim Location 63390
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a call from what I thought was my credit card company askinf if I wanted a lower interest rate. They said if I was interested press 1 for an operator and I pressed 1. When the person came on she asked what I was calling about and I said you called me. I said said you called about lowering my rate and that is when she said to give her my credit card number. I said if your my credit card company don't you have that number I then said I didn't have my credit card that I was paying cash that day and it was when she said well don't you have any other credit cards that I thought I'm being scamed and hung up. when I tried calling back the number it was out of service.

Victim Location 13066
Type of a scam Tax Collection

On Friday, February 5, 2016 at about 5:50 pm a telephone message was received at our home phone from 347-418-0578. The caller id came up as "0". The caller identified himself as Steven Martin and stated that the call is in regard to an enforcement action by the US Treasury. If the message is ignored, it will be considered an intentional violation that can result in an appearance before a Magistrate Judge or subject of a grand jury investigation.

The male voice sounded as though he was talking into a "tin can" with an echo and the voice also sounded as though he was not familiar with how to pronounce the words "violation", "appearance" "Magistrate" or investigation.

Victim Location 84075
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received phone call claiming that it was IT technician. Wanted access to my computer and payment to clean it and get rid of the virus.

Victim Location 35466
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Fake Facebook people making profiles & joining sale, buy or swap groups using ENGLISH BULLDOG puppies, of all things, as bait. They only talk through private message. The one we fell for, after researching them, I saw they have 119 groups on Facebook just for this one scam. Ours is in Alabama on a campers for sale site. Others were on different private group for sale by owner sites across the nation and a few outside the US. They ask for information in a discreet way at first, like a normal dog screening. Then tell you they are unable to care for the puppies. They say they are far away from where you are but will ship them on a pet transport for $$$. Then they ask for your home address, mobile phone number and a few other things. Ours happened tonight. I have a lot more details including screenshots of the conversation and the account linked to these people, as well as others who were connected to them. I don't know what they would do next, but I'm pretty sure I gave them enough info to find us pretty quick if they wanted to. It is FRUSTRATING!!

Victim Location 47129
Total money lost $72
Type of a scam Online Purchase took credit card in November from on line site has bbb at bottom of their site so I thought safe site no shoes for my daughter for Christmas no telling how many more please help me and others out

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