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Victim Location 11356
Total money lost $55
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I contacted this scammer by phone for the purchase of a Calvin Klein wallet. I money gram'd $55 to Detroit Michigan (313) 939-7368. I've also seen other ads on Craigslist by this user offering COUNTERFEIT MONEY. Dont know his name, but the name he had me put the moneygram under was "Kevin Miller". dont know if it real or not, probaly not. He's robbed me and countless other people out of who knows how much $ AND he's spreading fake counterfeit bills into circulation..this bottom feeder needs to be stopped!!

Victim Location 24019
Type of a scam Tech Support

Someone called me and said they were with "Microsoft". They called from 800-920-8466.

Victim Location 35650
Type of a scam Other

someone called to say I owed the IRS money.

Victim Location 93010
Type of a scam Other

A guy calls on the phone and leaves a message that he's from the DEA and that my name "came up" in an "ongoing criminal investigation" and to call back. I did a phone number search and discovered this is a scammer who asks for money to "clear up" the accusations. The DEA has a page on their website that describes this scam. Don't return their call and don't talk to them on the phone. DEA says they don't make phone calls like that.

Victim Location 40060
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

i recieved 2 different documents saying i won 3,682,437.00. alls i have to do is send them 20.00 fulfillment processing fee made payable to VNA bank. There is a name William McCarrol acctng. Transmittal counter Funds Transfer Ref: Acctng no 17004891704. Another signature on the document is a written one Vincient T. Fleischer.

Victim Location 24018
Type of a scam Credit Cards

A company allegedly named Lower Interest Express just called me. I gave them my cc info.

Victim Location 02125
Type of a scam Tech Support

A man called from "Windows technical service" and asked if I was having problems with my computer. It didn't get much farther than that because I said I have a Mac.

Victim Location 73103
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Aalim Bellydance Academy received a suspicious email from [email protected] saying she was hearing impaired and asking if we accept check payments and asking for an estimate of lessons for her daughter. It is very similar to reports of scams I researched. Please see attached pdf for entire conversation. The last email is what I sent to the lady who forwarded the email to me to inform her of the outcome.

Victim Location 13850
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received 3 automated phone calls within 24 hours. The message stated that they were trying to collect taxes due, and I needed to immediately call the following number back or "a warrant would be issued for this physical address." 954-505-2978.

Victim Location 92057
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They said they are from a law firm but they dont have. Name and told me to call this # 8444264271 and when i called just vm and called again says mrs jones speaking. Voicemail was a threat that i have a case file against me and if i can call the plaintiff which the # above . I asked one of the officer at the police dept to listen to the vm and he said its a scam . I called court and nothing under my name . I have been scam before and now diff people. They are so scary and threatening

Victim Location 29707
Type of a scam Other

The scam came from I received several emails from someone posing as a single mother looking for someone to babysit their child and ended up being sent a fake check from a company that I never knew existed until yesterday.

Victim Location 96797
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a call from 302-304-3935 indicating that I was randomly selected by US government to receive a grant for being a good citizen. I was provided a code with the instruction to go to Walmart and call 206-204-5066 for further information. I declined the offer since I did not even apply for it.

Victim Location 76226
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Customer received a call from someone pretending to be with the IRS. caller stated that the person calling her was name Chris Johnson #10652147. she stated that the caller stated that she owed back taxes from 2008-2013 and if she didn't pay, the IRS would come to her house to arrest her. 

Victim Location 79603
Type of a scam Tech Support

I typed in a site that I usually visit versus clicking on the shortcut and was redirected to a different page and a popup message came up with an audio message with a woman's voice telling me my computer had locked because my computer had been hacked and that I needed call the 800 number on the screen to unlock my computer.

*ATTENTION Suddenlink Communications User: Your Computer has been blocked*

Computer System Alert! System has been infected due to an unexpected error!

Please Contact Computer Certified Technicians 1-855-463-1415 Immediately to unblock your computer.

Suspicious Activity Detected. Your Browser has been hacked or hijacked.


Private and Financial Data is at Risk:

- Your credit card details and banking information

- Your email passwords and other account

Victim Location 47112
Type of a scam Tech Support

Phone call from "out of area" but listed with 8-5552. Man's accent was probably from Far East, possible India. The standard scam about a problem with windows on my home computer. No, no problem on my home computer. I've received this call (sounds like same guy actually) couple other times. I give him a big lecture on lieing and scamming but he obviously doesn't care about that. I hope you catch him and whatever group he is associated with as some, as I understand it, have fallen for this scam and had their computers compromised.

I do NOT give him a chance to attempt to extort money or access my computer. I end it.

Victim Location 49240
Type of a scam Tax Collection

David Gray called threatening that I needed to call him back or else I would be arrested, brought before magistrate, for some sort of US Treasury debt. He said he wanted to help me avoid being in trouble. He did not have an accent. He called from 202-754-8253, but the number he wanted the return call to was 206-900-9216.

Victim Location 27587
Total money lost $240
Type of a scam Other

They offer free lighters, knives, and other survival gear. They only ask that you pay shipping and handling, once they have your credit card information they unknowingly sign you up for what they call a " Family Protection Plan" and they do this without your knowledge or permission. They never send you subscription notices, renewal notices, or monthly invoices for their charges and if you don't pay attention they will charge you until you do. Once they are caught they will argue with you, hang up on you, put you on hold, and make it a nightmare to get them to stop the charges. In my case they have continued to charge each month, even after they send me a cancellation email, and I have to go to the bank directly to turn them off from my account. They use the fears of Americans to prey on them and they mislead, even today, on what they will use your payment information for and how. Look on their website and you will see no mention of or confirmation of that you are signing up for more than just the "free lighter". My "free lighter" cost me about $200, buyer beware and do not give them payment information under any circumstances.

Victim Location 83702
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I have been a *** user for several years to complete my Federal and State taxes. I received an email that stated my account had been locked due to several attempts to access it. In order for me to reactivate it, I was directed to click on a link titled TurboTax Intuit.

The mail appeared real, except there was one misspelling in it and when I checked the details of where it came from, it was clearly not from ***. The address was: *** *** [email protected]

I was smart enough to not fall for this, but my fear is many users of the real site.. particularly some elderly folks I know... may have clicked on the link and subsquently put all their tax and personal information at risk.

Victim Location 49617
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Phone call from Dennis Gray implied an action had been taken against me by the treasury and that refusing to respond would be taken as a refusal to appear before a magistrate or court. Repeated his # twice for callback, which matched the caller ID: 954-204-0950

Victim Location 49423
Type of a scam Tax Collection

A David Gray from NY, NY representing the US Treasury left a voice message threatening an "enforcement action" to be brought against me if I did not respond by calling him at 347-273-8593. Failing to call would be a "serious violation" I did not return the call.

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