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Victim Location 96734
Total money lost $3,000
Type of a scam Home Improvement

My mother in law lives on a private lane of 4 homes. A man went to my mother in law said the neighbors wanted the lane repaved he needs only cash of 3000.00, so she gave him that, he went to another elderly neighbor said the same thing so they gave him another 3000.00, he collected another 3000.00 and a 1000.00 from the other 2 neighbors. Got a total of 10,000.00. Demolished the lane and didn't come back to finish. Claimed he needed more cash. So now this lane is torn up and all neighbors are having difficulty coming to an agreement of hiring a real contractor to fix it.

Victim Location 60404
Type of a scam Utility

Not a recent call but once I got a call about rebates from our electric utility Commonwealth Edison. The woman calling told me that they were working with Commonwealth Edison and I might be eligible for rebates on my electric bill. She said she needed my ComEd account number to see if I was eligible for any rebates. The stop sign immediately went up in my brain as I figured if they were working with ComEd they would have my account number. I have heard of electric suppliers using lots of tactics to switch electric suppliers on customers so I told her that I do not give out account numbers. She said nothing more and that ended the conversation.

Victim Location 91767
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a phone call on a google voice number i Have set up for business purposes that is linked to my cell phone. I did not take the phone call but let it go to voice mail. The voice mail was an automated response that said something to the effect that they were going to conduct an onsite audit for my business. Later when I called the number (from a different phone number) it went to an automated message saying my business was selected by audit to receive some incentive. I suspected this was a scam and hung up.

Victim Location 08107
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Received a letter in the mail claiming to be related to the Department of the Treasury. This letter tells me that I have been late on my student loan payments and that they can reduce my total amount due, if I call a toll free number. There is no other number than the one provided on the letter (see attached), and no return address. There is no watermark or signature. I am almost certain it's a scam, but wanted to make sure.

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a phone call from Tim Harris (1-613-454-1881) from Criminal Investigations Revenue Canada claiming that I owed revenue Canada $ 3,766. My case number being EA-3798-MB and that there was a warrant out for my arrest. I was also told that the RCMP would be at my door shortly, asked if I had a lawyer and that court costs could exceed $50,000.

I was also told that I was facing a six year jail sentence.

I have contacted the RCMP

This all happened this morning on February 24, 2016

Victim Location 24018
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Caller left message for stating he was from the Treasury dept. and owed back taxes. I was instructed to call 708-477-3304 to avoid going to jail.

Victim Location 99206
Type of a scam Debt Collections

You or your attorney of record need to call 646-755-3948. If they did not hear from me all the consequences would fall on me.

Victim Location 43560
Type of a scam Other

This phone scam occurred Tuesday, 3/23 mid afternoon. I also received a call from a "Microsoft" person @ 7:45 am on Monday, 3/22 but I said it was too early for phone calls, take me off your list & hung up.

Received a phone call from guy with heavy foreign accent identifying himself w/Microsoft. I was told my computer had been hacked in the last couple of days. He wanted me to log on to my PC & following his verbal directions to "fix" the hack.

I stated I wasn't comfortable with that & he was very difficult to understand. He repeated he was w/Microsoft, we had been hacked, don't blame Microsoft for any future computer problems & he could fix the hack if I would follow his directions.

I again said no. I asked for him to call later in the evening & talk to my husband. He wasn't willing to do that. I asked for a phone number so husband could call back in evening. He said no...

I got irritated & told him he was very difficult to understand & why I couldn't get a phone number to call back. He then called me an a%#*hole & he wanted to [censored]amp;# me & hung up.

Victim Location 17325
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Caller said that my doctor was sending me a topical rub for neuropathy or pain in my lower back and wanted my personal information in order to send it to me. When I asked the name of the doctor, she said, "ok, thank you" and hung up.

Victim Location 96707
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a call from 302-304-3935 indicating that I was randomly selected to receive a $7,500 federal grant. I asked how could I be selected for something I did not even apply, indicated I'm not interested, and hang up the phone. Since then, they are calling me back to harass me although I requested not to be called.

Victim Location 54956
Type of a scam Other

A Hearing impaired man emailed and asked about ballet classes for his daughter. Asked if we accepted credit cards. Would pay cash for some of the classes and then asked for our credit card merchant information. Also stated that he would pay me more so that I could pay the private transportation person to drive his daughter to and from class. Also, asked for my name address and phone number.

Victim Location 95035
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received a voicemail from the IRS saying I owe money. The voice was computerized and there was incorrect grammar. The phone number was 213-141-5163.

Victim Location 35611
Type of a scam Other

Ok. I often receive scam calls just never knew I needed to report them and to whom. My. Husband just received a message regarding his credit. 703-625-0327. Another scam.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

Victim Location 11209
Type of a scam Tech Support

Called om saturday and said it was brian and today was alex, a man with an indian accent saying he was from microsoft and there is an issue with my computer. When i said I don't have a microsoft computer, he hung up.

Victim Location 96817
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a call from a purported IRS agent at 323-843-4893. It was a message left in a voice mail, and sounded like a bot call. 

Victim Location 44094
Type of a scam Tech Support

I had a pop up on my computer for 24 7 Assist. Showed two phone numbers to call back 800-828-3102 and 855-712-7644. The pop up stated computer at risk. Pop up would not go away. I called the phone number. Told computer virus. I gave my credit card number for $449.99. It was charged by Mab Pay. I contacted my bank and cancelled my credit card. I don't trust my computer now.

Victim Location 55411
Type of a scam Tech Support

Our business received a call from a man named James. I could hear other callers in the background as he was talking. He insisted that he received an error message from my computer and that he is calling to walk me through tech support. He wanted me to get onto a website to help me fix it. I said that our company does tech support but I could take his number and have them call him back. He insisted multiple times that I fix it myself but finally gave me his phone number for a call back- (825) 780-4463

Victim Location 24179
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I was contacted by someone saying they were with the PCH. They said I had won 2.5 million dollars but I needed to send them $14.95. 

Victim Location 27205
Type of a scam Other

Consumer received a phone call from 206-866-5986 They claim that she won $9 million dollars she need to give them her debit account information.

Victim Location 24018
Type of a scam Tech Support

I have gotten several calls from someone from Microsoft saying I have a problem with my computer.  

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