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Victim Location 97330
Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a job posted on Craigslist in Corvallis OR was told the position was no longer available but they needed a personal assistant. Pay would be $400 for 8 hrs work, shopping and mailing etc, No name was given, today, March 21, 2016 I was Contacted again by someone at [email protected]; It started with 'your first assignment payment will be delivered through USPS courier service today, tracking number (9405501699320076647003) As soon as the payment ($1880) proceed with below: Take check to your deposit it in your account then take $1450 out and send by a moneygram to the supplier Deborah Foster at 190 Creswell st Waycross GA 31503 I saw similar warnings on the BBB but with little to no details

Victim Location 76309
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Threatenend to follow a lawsuit against me for taxes. Had heavy chineese accent

Victim Location 45686
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Said on recorded message that in order to stop having to go in front of a federal judge for crime to call 646-883-9018 to talk to a federal agent. Have not due to knowing our lifestyle, that it's impossible. Just thought you should be aware. Thanks

Victim Location 77450
Type of a scam Employment

Please see email

Chains below. This appears to be a scam. I had inquired quite a while back about secret shopper positions so I didn't think much about it. Then when I expressed concerns of legitimacy, they sent me the email below. I asked if they could sent credentials but only gave me fluff. I asked where to return the check but he has not responded. The address on the envelope which the check came to me is "Helene Huchital, 7704 Lexington Club Blvd, Apt B, Delray Beach, FL 33446-3956".

I also find it very suspicious that every email seems to come from a different email address every time they send something...

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

While they did not ask for money from me I find it suspicious that they are asking me to send over $1500 over seas to China. Not to mention asking me to obtain a cashiers check from my financial institution and then scan and email it to them. Just weird.

From: [email protected]

To: ---

Date: 3/17/16 @ 8:39AM

Dear ---

Our record indicate that payment for your first mystery shopping assignment has been mailed and delivered to you by express mail with the US postal service. In your interest you are advised to respond back immediately and confirm receipt of payment so that we do not need to pursue legal right which requires your compliance with the law.

Please acknowledged the receipt of this email and get back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.


Alan Maxwell

Hiring Manager,


This email is safe.

From [email protected]

Please be advised, you have nothing to be worried about, what you are doing is legit and 100% risk free the reason you are asked to do this is because you are required to send the funds to another Undercover Surveyor in another location (where a customer reported her funds missing) via Western Union so he can carry out another survey. You are to send the money as money in minutes and the receiver should be paid in US Dollars. Awaits transfer details and survey report

On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 1:16 AM


To be frank, I receive the package and this doesn't sound legit. Especially asking me to purchase a cashiers check and scan it to you.

What credentials can you provide to prove you are an actual accredited company to provide these services.


On Mar 13, 2016, at 4:57 PM, Alan Maxwell wrote:

IMPORTANT NOTE:- You need to acknowledge the receipt of this instruction as soon as you receive it.And

also send reports via email [email protected] as soon as you complete your first assignment. and


INSTRUCTIONS BELOW:- You are instructed to deposit the check ($1,745) at your BANK (it takes 24hrs for

the funds to be available for you) and then get back to us with the below information;

Date And Time Of Deposit:

Note: Those information above are for our record and it should be sent immediately.

Then, Proceed with Western Union Evaluation.The payment you received covers all expenditures including

evaluation, shopping, transport and your compensation (Per-Assignment Payment $250.00) for these

surveys. Send the balance to another Mystery shopper to carry out their own Assignment .We are currently

carrying out a research in your area to know what Western Union outlet around you are charging for Local and

International transactions. Also to know if they are among the Western Union outlets that are collecting bribes

before they can complete the transaction.


(1) How long it took you to get services

(2) Ambiance/Outlook of the Shop/Outlet

(3) Smartness of the attendant

(4) Customer service professionalism

(5) Reaction of personnel under pressure

(6) Information that you think would be helpful

(7) Your comments and impressions

(8) Location/Address of the Western Union store you evaluated


Money Received ..................$1,745

Per Assignment Salary ...........$250.00

Western Union Charges............$20.00

Money To be sent.................$1,465

As a secret shopper your job is to observe any thing useful going on in the outlet. Make sure you observe

everything you see in there because you would be asked some other questions when you return.



232-2 Tianhe Road,




1. Senders Name and Sender Address

2. 10 Digits Western Union MTCN TRACKING NUMBER

3. The amount transferred

Yours sincerely,

Alan Maxwell,

Head of HR Office,

Scanned for viruses.

Victim Location 40211
Type of a scam Employment

Red rain agrees to pay you for advertising with a car wrap that goes on your car. They give you a check and you keep some and then you forward the rest. A company will never ask you to do that.

Victim Location 35640
Total money lost $150
Type of a scam Employment

I was scammed and manipulated by an scam artist named "Rayshawn Kelley" from Cleveland, Ohio in believing I was to receive cash back.

Victim Location 78701
Type of a scam Charity

A college-aged man showed up at my door telling me that he lived in the building and he was involved in a program in which he would get people to buy magazines to send to troops/books to send to kids, and that if he got enough points he would get a grant for textbooks. He was very well-spoken and convinced me to write a check for $55, telling me that I would get a call later in the day and could cancel then if I chose to. He wrote down the name of the company and a website and gave me an ID number with which I could cancel, but then left with that information. I realized about five minutes later that he hadn't left me the info, at which point I realized it was probably a scam, but he was nowhere to be found. Needless to say I haven't received any call. I had a stop put on the check, but that was all I could do because I didn't have the information about the company.

Victim Location 12540
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Yesterday and today we received automated calls on our home phone from 512-337-8009 telling us that this is our final warning that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against us. To get more information on this file we are to call this number immediately. We did not answer and let answering machine pick up call.

Victim Location 94541
Type of a scam Tech Support

I receive this error message "Pop Up" on my computer when searching for the CalOpps website.


Comcast+Cable Customer, your system has detected possible Suspicious Activity. Please call the toll-free number below for a Microsoft-Certified technician to help you resolve the issue:


For your safety, please do not open internet browser to avoid data corruption to the registry of your operating system.

Please contact support at the toll-free Helpline 855-335-3408


Tollfree Helpline: 855-335-3408


I called the number initially, but found it suspicious that the individual first did not know I had a Macintosh computer instead of a PC, made no mention of a company when answering the phone, and sounded odd. I hung up, and received 3 consecutive calls from an unknown number. I did not answer. I then called Comcast's technical support number for assistance and was directed to report this incident to the FTC and the IC3.

Victim Location 32224
Type of a scam Employment

TILLSTAR Survey Inc.

PO Box 3945

San Diego, Ca 91121

Offered a position as Store Evaluator

Victim Location 47353
Type of a scam Government Grant

Victim Location 40014
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

"Full throttle energy" said they would pay $300 a week for me to do a car wrap as an for of advertisement for them. It said if I was interested to fill out information like my type of car, address, and email. I just received and email say they are sending me a check for almost $2000. They said I should take out $300 for me and send the rest to some place in China.

Victim Location 37360
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a phone call saying I was approved for a government grant of 9,000 dollars and I had a choice of direct deposit or western union. I don't know what to take of the phone call I could barely understand them and was given a number to call. 315-675-0323 they knew,my street,address and email and my full name

Victim Location 66061
Type of a scam Romance

Met on Match.Com. All contact was thru messaging. No phone contact. He claimed he was driller engineer currently working in Melbourne, Australia. Had homes in Italy, Greece and just bought a home in California. Fast tracked romancing to point where he was about to ask for money. Sent music with his poetic romantic emails. I sensed this request was coming as all the signs were there. Got nervous when I told him I traveled to Greece and Turkey, and that I was somewhat clairvoyant.

Victim Location 20769
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

To whom it may concern:

I received a very official appearing (government-esque) letter in the mail, describing a new student loan assistance program (SLAP)- photo below. I haven't received any other communication that I know of. It suggests a program that will reduce my debt by over 100k- too good to be true. Online there are various reports of people receiving similar mailings, so I will not be contacting the company as it seems like a scam. Thanks for your assistance in shutting these people down!!



Victim Location 67203
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Electronic message that IRS is starting a lawsuit against me and to call 800-311-5961 to resolve the matter. I did not call the number back since I know IRS does not contact people in this manner. A google search of the phone number showed others have received this same scam call. Since I did not call the number back there was no attempt to gain information or money.

Victim Location 89438
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Yesterday I received an email from [email protected] for a tip top delivery invoice number GJINV28342 for $345.00 asking for payment. Today I received a email MTI wireless edge from [email protected] invoice EBINV44570 for $439.90 Dear valued customer please find your sales from below if you need to remit payment please do so at your earliest convenience I have been told by a friend that these are coming from England and they are a scam.

Victim Location 61088
Type of a scam Tax Collection

This message is to inform you a lawsuit is being filled against you by the IRS call immediately to learn more information

Victim Location 35217
Total money lost $395
Type of a scam Government Grant

Person called and said I had been approved for a grant. I contacted the company about one. He told me I had been approved and it would take $395.00 to secure it. I complied. Later, a lady called and said I would receive the money in January. I did not, but there is a 90 day period in which they will attempt to recover your money. I was trying to obtain finances for roofing my house. I found that the money I sent went to Craigslist in California. I have no internet and do not buy from that site.

Victim Location 70570
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have received several voicemail calls from this number stating they are with the IRS and attempting to collect several thousands for old debt.

(903) 546-1077

Tom Bean, TX

Upon calling the number back, the person I stated that the IRS never calls anyone and I wanted my number removed from the list. After giving my phone number. This person stated "mam, you called us. This is the Internal Revenue Service, you owe back taxes and can lose everything you own. The total including fees that are owed is 6345.00."

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