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Victim Location 11221
Type of a scam Phishing

I answered a scam likely call because i was curious. It was one of those "Say yes if you can you hear me" scams. I didnt know at the time that saying yes could be so dangerous. Afterwords the calls started appearing more and more frequently. Now im forced to report all the scam likely numbers to the bbb in hopes that the situation gets resolved somehow.

Victim Location 02906
Type of a scam Phishing

Repeated phone calls, up to 3 per day, persistently for over 1 month

Victim Location 02906
Type of a scam Phishing

Repeated phone calls, up to 3 per day, persistently for over 1 month

Victim Location 85381
Total money lost $10
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Came up as a *** ad, celebrating an anniversary or something, so they were offering products for free with only the shipping as a fee.

Paid the shipping on a product. Never received the product. No phone number to call, no response to emails.

Victim Location 11769
Type of a scam Employment

I was recently contacted by "Jasmine Smith", a "Miller Lite Beer drink wrap advert." This person texted me after I commented on a Facebook ad. Right then I knew anyone texting about a job already seems shady, this person wouldn't call me when asked. So I contacted Miller Lite Company, they sent me an email back letting me know they do not conduct business that way, they would never text someone to hire them first of all, they even sent a long email of what to look out for and how to get a job through there company. So now I knew this company was fake. Whiling waiting for the real Miller lite company to email me I did exchange messages with this scammer. They asked me "1. The advert program is 3 months 2. Do you use your car everyday? 3. Send the picture of your vehicle. 4. Do you have a bank account to deposit the check?" and I answered them ( remember: this is all before I heard back from Miller Lite itself). Within days I received a check for $1,850.00 by then I knew it was a fake. They are now texting me asking why I have kept silent since I received the payment and that they "hope you have made deposited done at your bank and I can give you the next step to follow about the wrap". I then responded "I'm waiting for the check to clear". (No I didn't deposit it, I just knew once I said that they will most likely cut contact.)

I wanted to come forward because there are so many people falling for these scams, if I did what this person said I would not be able to pay the bank back. I'm a single mother with kids, I barley have anything in my account to begin with, which is why I was interested in putting an ad on my car for a few months just to earn summer money to do more things with my kids.

Victim Location 92105
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Got a call from them saying they are student loan forgiveness consultant and the got my email address and name to hack my fafsa account to get all my information without my permission. Then sent me an electronic signed contract with them which I didn't agree to sign. It's a scam, hacker, and identity theft.

Victim Location 85716
Type of a scam Other

Hi- your classified for Vegas is it stll for sale?

(Sale or trade for a daily driver truck. Price is firm. Cash only. )

Last weekend I looked at a similar bike in Tucson and it turned out to be a lemon

I will meet you in the next few days or even right now if you can grab a carfax report on the Vegas please


please forward it to me at [email protected]

(I'm at Black Crown Coffee on Speedway most evenings. You are welcome check out the bike and meet in person. If that works out, I'll grab a report and share it with you.)

Once I see its in decent shape i'll come out look at it

(Okay then I'll be in touch.)

the Vegas is exactly what i want - i hope this works out!

(Of course it is... It's a beautiful bike. But you sound a lot like... />

Victim Location 77041
Total money lost $30
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased “Ray-bans” off a fake RayBans website. Having never purchased before didn’t realize the website was a fake, saw the PayPal email address was a yahoo address, not a business address and immediately began investigating. Learned this is a common practice.

Victim Location 33619
Type of a scam Phishing

Fake vehicle report site check

Victim Location 74136
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

got a call from someone claiming to be a vacation specialist on a recorded line. they asked if i could hear them alright and without thinking i said yes; they instantly hung up the phone

Victim Location 92606
Total money lost $699
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was saving my money for a Samoyed puppy. And this person guy scammed me for $699 I didn’t do my research. I’m sad that was my savings.

Victim Location 34491
Type of a scam Other

I received a brite yellow Official looking postal card saying that i have an unclaimed gift card worth 100 dollars gives a release code and a pho e # to claim Saying i have a 100 dollar gift card in m Saying i have a 100 dollar gift card in my name for wal mart target and few other places that the card can be used at y name for wal mart target and few other places that the card can be used a the reward. Aftr calling it the lady goes threw everything about the card where,what stores,exc comes down to in ored for you to get the gift card sent in the mail you must first give them a 1 time shipping an processing fee.

Victim Location 97302
Type of a scam Phishing

Started getting calls aearly in the mornings and late at night, but was unable to answer them because I was never near my phone. Each time I got a 30 prerecorded voice recording several minutes after each call, telling me to call them back before starting with legal proceedings. I have never been to Pennsylvania, and have not committed any crimes within an extended time period. Have yet to call them back, because I have relatives who have had to deal with these types of scams in the past.

Victim Location 33609
Type of a scam Phishing

Robot calling from the Dept of Social Security that they are suspending by account and to call for more info. Did not call back to find out.

Victim Location 85382
Total money lost $1,200
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I got scammed as well of this binary options trading. It’s my fault I fall into this trap, I was desperate that time because some people hurt you without doing wrong to them.

The Person listed above name Elizabeth *** got me into this Binary Options Trading, she will be my account manager for the trading. How it works is like she will do all the trading, she will send me the wallet address thru WhatsApp, from there I will go to a bitcoin ATM. To do the deposit initially I started at $100, then later increase to boost the trading $150, after that to see the trading she create an account for me and even create a password and username on this website

So the money she took from me increase, as I self-deposit to her bitcoin account below.

3PahZMCq6eJwADQ3XK2iqbUuKcJBb9um3s –

The problem is I trusted her and that’s the lesson I’ve learned. They always say that “trust me” and they are transparent… this is BS. Total money lost was about $1200, the money I work for my mistake to trust this person. Hoping someday they will be punished.

They even create a fake bank, this one I check and not registered. The bank was in offshore. Sorry, I delete my name for confidentiality. Now beyond this to able to withdraw and transfer to your account you need to Pay the bank for the Code which is $500, I told how is that they are a bank if they are not fake, they can just less the $500 in the account. You can see the $25,000 as she mentions always you can get your profit after this. Just need to pay the bank for the Code… it’s really crazy and I’m so frustrated that time

Victim Location 83655
Type of a scam Debt Collections

"Melissa Flores" called stated that I am in arrears on a bill, I am not so I hung up

Victim Location 97520
Total money lost $16.99
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Offered free sports clothing for 24 hrs plus shipping. Never got anything past the confirmation email

Victim Location 83655
Type of a scam Debt Collections

"Melissa Flores" called stated that I am in arrears on a bill, I am not so I hung up

Victim Location 07070
Total money lost $20
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammer was responding to an add for a motorcycle I had posted on Craiglist. Said he was interested but his dad, a mechanic, insisted on a report before coming to see the bike. Said was the preferred vin checker for motorcycles. Once I completed the purchase and sent the report, the "buyer" was never heard from again.

Victim Location 65802
Type of a scam Phishing

Received text message with link to unsafe website.

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