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Victim Location 49004
Type of a scam Tech Support

At 8:05 am caller asked for Mrs. "" and proceeded to tell me he was calling about my Windows Laptop computer. When told he had the wrong number and not to call my residence again he asked my name. When I refused to give it to him and told him again to "do not call" he told me he would put my number on a do not call list for $200. I asked his name but he refused to give it to me. I hung the phone up immediately.

Victim Location 10027
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Call saying they are going to reduce my rate on credit cards. I don't have any credit cards.

I asked to be removed from caller list. Caller was belligerent, told me he was going to call my phone as much as he wanted and there was nothing I could do about it.

Victim Location 32401
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief


Dear Applicant,

Your email is surely appreciated. We reviewed your response and we have gathered that you are well qualified for the current position of our client.

Required skills are: some oral and written communication skills and the talent to carry out general administrative duties like answering calls, taking messages, sending and receiving emails, the ordering and maintenance of supply quantities, copy work, filing and inputting data. More details will be given during the phone interview.

General Pay: You can make up to $22 per hour after your initial training.

While you are running errands, you will also have access to company's finances. It is required for all employees to have a credit report from the past 14-21 business days. We are obligated to do it as the company had some bad experiences with previous employees.

If the score is low, you will get a chance to explain, because it is not the most important thing here. We are trying to complete the schedule for interviews so please get the report as soon as possible for your application to be finished. For zero expense, please use this service: to review and monetized it !

It is best if we can compare results from the same source only and they are also most accurate.

You are not required to send me the entire results! Please reply only with your current main result number, then save the report and have it ready for the phone interview. Also let me know your availability time to set up the interview. My availability would be work days from 7 to 10 in the morning or 2 to 5 PM.

We need to find someone for this position as soon as possible.

Thank you

Your Hiring Manage

Victim Location 83501
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Received a call from Kenneth Scott, he stated he worked for He asked for my boyfriend by name. He stated he was investigating a sweepstakes scam. My boyfriend then got on the phone. Kenneth stated we won two million dollars, but we had to pay $485 to get the prize. He stated to take the money out of the prize. Kenneth stated that they could not do that as it was for a document. No further info was provided. We advised we had his number and would call back if we changed our minds and hung up.

Victim Location 83706
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Received a call from a number starting with 376, didn't get the rest of the number, claiming that he was going to showing up at my house with winnings and a car requesting $399 payment to receive everything. He stated his name was Bob Durn. I asked who he was and where he was calling from. He told me his name and that he was from Publishers Clearing House. I asked where he got this information from, he claimed he had all my information and it was from the Michigan Lottery. I told him I didn't live in Michigan and hung up on him. 

Victim Location 16028
Type of a scam Other

I am getting multiple phone calls a day from this number. They never leave a message. They have even went as far to call my husbands and my minor son's cell phone as well. Also, never leaving a message. I only talked to them once and they told me this was a payday loan back from 2006 that I never took out and they told me that it needed paid because I defaulted on it or they would have me arrested. I knew they were not telling the truth. They have proceed to call my elderly parents and even got my dad's cell number. My mom called me and was almost in tears because they told her that I was going to be arrested as well if I did not take care of this. When I asked them to send me information regarding the debt they told me they could not do that they wanted the payment first by giving them my credit card or checking information along with my social security number. Nothing was given to them and I hung up the phone. But they continue to call and harass my family and my parents. Several times a day. We have all stopped picking up there phone calls.

Victim Location 55447
Type of a scam Credit Cards

text message from someone pretending to be *** Bank saying "Your attention is needed. Please ring (312)?281-7873)"

Obviously *** is misspelled and there's a ? in the phone number. Lots of signs of red flags.

Victim Location 83704
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Received a call from a gentlemen stating that I had one a sweepstakes through Walmart and Walgreens and that we had been selected to win $250,000.00. He asked to verify the last four of my social. I refused to provide it. He provided me with a phone number (7023471269) for the claims department, check number and a password. He would not tell me what the name of the company was or what his name was. He also stated he was certified. I asked to do what and he said "these checks." I then call the phone number provided. The gentleman who answered stated this is the claims department. I asked who he worked for. He would not tell me. He just repeated this is the claims department. I then stated before I do anything, I will need contact the BBB. He then started using profanity and I hung up.

Victim Location 24271
Type of a scam Employment

I went on line and had googled work from home jobs. I received an email from a company claiming to be Leidos Company. They called and interviewed me. They asked for my banking information; however, I did not give them that info. I just gave them my name & address. I called the real "Leidos" company and told them what happened and forwarded them the emails I received.

Victim Location 96825
Type of a scam Tech Support

Having trouble accessing Tumblr, I looked up one of those "Is it down now?" sites and found a comment offering what purported to be Tumblr's tech support phone number. 855-770-7790 Calling that got me an instant response from a man with an Indian accent and lots of conversation in the background.

He wasn't Tumblr tech support, though; he was a standard-issue "Windows technical support" scammer who tried to install malware on my computer. I hung up, uninstalled the file readers he had installed (with cries of "Oh my God! See that HTTPS extension?!"), ran Malwarebytes, and changed my Tumblr password. No harm done, so far as I can tell. Two morals: (1) tech support scams don't just call you, they trick you into calling them; and (2) if tech support answers without first making you wait on hold for half an hour, it probably isn't tech support.

Victim Location 90047
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Michael Cagle emailed me a request for Target Brand Assessors. He said the company will send me a cashiers check for $2985.00 & that I can keep $200 & shop in the store with the rest of the money. The check was sent Fedex overnight. I called the bank to verify the funds instead of depositing the check and of course it was a fake. The "assessor" also texted me with my address when I asked where he sent the check to. He texted back my address which I didn't provide.

Victim Location 83615
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a text that had a account number and pin number. Then it had a picture of a credit card!!!

Then another text that said "Ty it's btw"

It freaked me out. I texted back " you have the wrong person. I'm deleting this. Good thing I'm honest."

Then I deleted the entire conversation.

I just wanted to get it off my phone ASAP. I called my bank to see if they knew what it might be!! They referred me to this site.

Victim Location 15618
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Important notice 2016 client negotiation department will settle 14K on her 28K credit card debt consumer does not have credit cards, phone # 800-316-1575

Victim Location 45248
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This may be another fraudulent job request. We have received 4 of them already and this will make number 5. The way the contact information comes through, family relocating, very busy man can't take a phone call. They will send a check in the mail and it will be fake and they will ask for me to cash it and then deposit some into an account they give me after the check has been cashed.

On Thursday, October 20, 2016 9:06 AM, cruz miguel <[email protected]> wrote:

Good day

My name is miguel, I came across your Painting company on the website. I am in need of your service in my New Rented Apartment in  Cincinnati, OH. Kindly get  back to me if you are Available for the job, so i can give you more details about the Painting and the house and you can provide me with your estimate.


On Friday, October 21, 2016 7:05 PM, cruz miguel <[email protected]> wrote:

Thanks for getting back to me.I am very busy man, I hardly take phone calls but you can always text my cell phone and i can reply you as i got the chance too, here is my cell phone number (858) 218-6043 .here is More about the Job and how Urgently i wanted it to be done. I'm relocating with my family from Massachusetts to Cincinnati, OH I just got the Apartment in Cincinnati, OH. and i will like it to be ready before my arriver Next month, that's the main reason why i contact you for the painting and i want the Job to be as soon as possible.

The house is a 1 - 3 beds 1 - 2 baths 530 - 1,050 sq ft 10857 Sharondale Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45241 .Something i don't like about the Apartment is just the interior Painting in which i will like to change all the interior Painting of the house. You can Visit the house if you care too but i Don't think its Necessary because all you need is just the Painting of all the House as i already told you the  numbers of Rooms and spaces in the house.I hope you deliver a good job 

I want you to know that i have already placed  an Order for the Paints you are to use  for the Painting which will be delivered to house address as soon as the Payment have being made.Take all your tools with you when you are going to start the painting because All Paints will be ready for you at the address. Give me your Estimate and the your Price so i can Proceed with the payment and i will like to know if you accept a check as a means of payment.

Thank you and hoping to hear from you soon.

Victim Location 10001
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

They duplicated one reliable travel agency's website and email with very little difference only: (real one is And then they tried to obtain our credit card information using the email [email protected] (instead of [email protected])

Victim Location 01569
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Free 2 Roundtree airfares to most major airports in the continental US. As a bonus receive a 3 day 2 night hotel stay.

Victim Location 78666
Type of a scam Tech Support

The website has a fake warning from "the IT department" and uses popups and downloads to prevent you from closing the page. It provides a phone number which likely leads to a scam department which steals information.

Victim Location 94109
Type of a scam Government Grant

This guy who uses the name Paul Barnett from the Dept. of Health and human Services, Seattle, WA was really trying hard to get all my information. He had my banking info plus address, phone number, everything. when he got to the bottom line of his speech, he asked me to get some Registration voucher from Walgreen's. That's when i knew it was a scam. Walgreen's don't give out vouchers for no verification to collect money. When i asked him to delete my information, he got angry and aggressive. threatening me. BTW, listening to all the background noise was definitely not in this country. plus he had some kind of Arab or Indian dialect. After i hung up with him, i started doing a little digging of my own. entering the address in google, the yellow pages, and online address and phone number check. came up completely empty. google mapped the address and it was some building that was not the dept of health. i never gave a dime, but this person has my information and i don't know what to do.


*** *** *** ***

Victim Location 01752
Total money lost $809.98
Type of a scam Tech Support

They kept calling the house and saying that my computer was all wacked out. I have a desktop and a laptop they were both brand new. But I did buy Microsoft 2013 package from my work and that is when I noticed the calls started. After I paid 350.00 for there package service the calls have stopped. I paid by Credit card Capital One on 07/01/15, it has been bothering me ever since. I really don't know there state, but I always spoke to an India decent person. I also but in a report for Techgenie247 so I was out of a total of 809.98.

Victim Location 93535
Type of a scam Employment

A job for "Virtual Office Administrative Assistant" on the job website Mediabistro was posted. The poster poses as the company Alphabet Inc.. In the scam they email contact you to email your assigned interview manager, they gave me this email address to contact, [email protected] . Once I emailed this person I was given a time for a phone interview the next day. The next day minutes before the phone interview was supposed to take place, I was sent another Email stating that the interviewer was busy with several interviews and needed to perform the interview through Google Hangout. The interview included typical questions and they did not ask for a social security number or bank account information. Days later I was sent a new email stating I was hired and that my necessary paperwork was being prepared for me to fill out and send back through email. I haven't received the paperwork yet but at this point I have realized it is a scam because the lack of a specific phone number, no official logo in emails, no direct voice contact, and no followup interview.

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