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Victim Location 24014
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got several calls this morning from someone saying they needed to fix our computer, we don't even have one.  I told him to stop calling me and hung up.

Victim Location 21921
Total money lost $1,600
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

On October 21, 2016, I received a text message for a short term loan in response to my online application for a loan. I received a call from Arik Ensuer stating they will give me a loan of $3000. Then he started asking for money via ITUNEs cards. He wanted $500, $300, $150 on and on: for FDIC fees, bank, penalties for poor credit. I spent approximately $1,600. I did not receive any money.

Victim Location 96813
Type of a scam Phishing

808-339-3097 keeps calling about Solar panels or child support. Tried to call them back and the number says it's disconnected.

Victim Location 27519
Total money lost $39.95
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Adore me some how got a hold of my debt card info and charged me as monthly membership and I havent even used the site

Victim Location 46237
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I recieved a call on my cell from #0000000000. It was a computer voice alerting me to a recently blocked transaction from out of state on my "Regions Bank Card"... In order to reactivate "my bank card" I needed to continue. I don't bank with Regions... so I pressed the button to continue. It connected me to another computerized voice messaging system that asked for my 16 digit bank card number to verify... I typed in 16 random numbers, then the exp date and the 3 digit security code on the back of the card along with my billing zip code (again I entered random numbers) as was required to move on in the process. Once all the numbers were entered, the message verified that my "card" was once again activated and disconnected me. Obviously, this was an attempt to steal access to my nonexistent bank card.

Victim Location 06010
Type of a scam Phishing

This number calls me twice a day about my car's warranty being about to expire and how i need to purchase more. other people have complained about this scam and i am so tired of being called at the worst of times

Victim Location 15236
Type of a scam Government Grant

From: "Rv Graham Douglas" <[email protected]>

Date: October 27, 2016 at 10:44:55 AM EDT

To: ***

Subject: YOUR MAIL'''''REPLY

Reply-To: [email protected]

Dear Winner,

Be notify that you have been chosen by The Board of Trustees of the Christian Aid (NGO UK) as one of the final recipients of a Cash Grant/Donation, Your Email was selected Based on an internet random selection exercise, you are therefore confirmed one of The lucky recipients and your are entitled to GBP (£2,500,000.00)quote your Qualification numbers in you return mail (N-222-6747, E-900-56) Your sincerely Rev. D.Graham9

Victim Location 24133
Total money lost $3
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Went online to renew car registration info, clicked on wrong DMV site.  Gave them ss# ad debit card number.

Victim Location 11746
Type of a scam Tax Collection

A supposed "IRS Officer" called numerous times to my phone and my job. She was very rude and aggressive over the phone. She threatened me saying she will send a warrant for my arrest if I don't pay them money. I discussed the matter with one of my co-workers who used to work for H&R Block, she informed me that the IRS would never contact me by phone asking to collect dept and that whoever was calling was probably a scammer.

Victim Location 11231
Type of a scam Debt Collections

A caller named Harry claimed to be from the Federal Trade Commission. He knew we banked with TD Bank, and that if we did not pay him money for reasons he never explained, he would send the police to our house. He spoke with a very heavy accent, to the point we could barely understand what he was saying.

Victim Location 12208
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am currently looking to purchase a vehicle via craigs list. I came across a 2003 Toyota Camry for $1250. I contacted the seller via email and got the VIN number for the vehicle as well as what the next steps would be. I was instructed to pay Top Star $500 at which they would send me the car at the sellers expense. At this time I would be allowed to keep the car for 21 days. If i decided to keep it I would be prompted to pay the remainding $750.

I was excited and was about to do it when several things struck me as off. The website seems to be cut and pasted. It repeats a whole section on the same page. Its Guarentee page seems to be taken from Golden Key Express, the name is actually in the writing.

The Invoice I was sent had several names on it. When i told the seller I was uncomfortable with both the company and method of payment and requested something more secure I was told to 'trust his/her word' that it was safe and legit. But still prompted to pay via Western Union which is none trackable.

Victim Location 85007
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

This message and others like it coming to my e-mail inbox leaves me at risk if I do not check my e-mail daily and even so that someone may attempt something on my life to get this prize if they are able to hack into my account or otherwise. I would prefer they not send winning notices here and address them to legal people prior to sending them or whatever is more appropriate. This was not addressed to me and others that have been in my box have been the same. Problem.



Mrs Rachael Adams

Reply | ?

Sat 11/05/2016 1:44 PM

To: Recipients ([email protected])


This message was identified as spam. We'll delete it after 10 days. It's not spam

You have been selected for a prize of a brand new 2015/2016 Model BMW 7 Series Car and a Check of US$1.5 Million from the international balloting programs held in USA although it is not limited to only U.S residents or citizens. Contact the claims agent with code BMW:2541256004/25 and your delivery details to claim your prize. Name: Mr. George Osborne Email: [email protected] Congratulations !!!! "

Thank you if able to assist. 11-05-2016; 16:18:00 MST

Victim Location 02472
Type of a scam Tech Support

Identified themselves as tech support team for my computer. This is false since I work for and get support from BestBuy (Geek Squad). I hung up and said I would report to

Victim Location 54455
Total money lost $827
Type of a scam Tech Support

They hack your computer and plant a virus and ask for money

Victim Location 45231
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

This all started on October 20, 2016, I got a call from Anderson White 718-577-1646 (Queens, NY) on my voicemail he asked me to return his call, he said it was very important, I didn't return his call that day, it was the following day that I returned his call, and he told me that he was the representative from the Publisher's Clearing House, and he saw how I was paying my bills on time, and wanted me to help me out, and he asked me if I had any credit cards with balances on them, and I did give him the name of the four credit cards that I had balances on, and then he asked me if I had a checking account, and I told him yes, and he asked me if I had a savings account, and I told him no, I don't have a savings account, and he wanted to know what the name of my bank was, and he wanted to know, he asked me if I had any money in my checking account, I told him no, that I didn't have any money in the checking account. So, then he asked me what was my checking account number, I told him my checking account number, he said he was going to deposit money in my account so that he could pay off my credit cards. And I was thinking he was going to deposit money in coming from some funds, he didn't explain how he was going to deposit money in my account, he just said work with me, trust me, you can trust me I am telling you the truth, and he kept trying to convince me that it was legal. Then he turned me over to another guy John Nelson at 876-391-1722 (he gave me his number, showed as Kingston Jamaica and couldn't get in touch, he called me and gave me another number to call him on, 404-994-1471) that was supposedly with the US Treasury Dept. And they called me back several times, and after they got my bank account number, the first time he called back, and he asked if I saw that they deposited money into your account. I went online to see, I only had like $23 left in my account, I saw where they deposited $200 (from my Cash Advance Line) and $400 (from Visa card, Kroger Visa Card). Then he asked me if I seen the deposits, I said yes, and it didn't dawn on me until I went into the account to see, and I said well, that's my money. He told me to go to the bank, and told me to go take $600 out of the bank and call he back, so I went but I didn't take out $600, I took out $400, I misunderstood him I thought he said $400, but he wanted me to take out $600 and call him back after I did that. I came home after I got the $400, and he said I told you $600, and I said I didn't understand I thought you meant $400. Then, he had already checked out all my cards, I had GE Visa Card, he said you have $1500 cash on your GE Visa Card, and I want you to go the bank, and take out $1500 (cash advance) and I said, $1500, and he said yes, $1500, after that I got real nervous now what is the next step, the next step is where is nearest Western Union to you, and I told him not that far it's in the Kroger's down the street. He said go and send that $1900 to me Western Union, and then after you do that call me back, and that's when I didn't go any further and backed out. I went to bank and had checking account closed out, and I called my credit card companies, and let them know possible fraud on my accounts. They still call me, when that happened they called me and I didn't answer, and then Anderson White sent me a couple texts from 718-577-1646, asking where are you? I never responded after that. 

Victim Location 15017
Type of a scam Utility

"Charlie" left me a message regarding me being eligible for a rate reduction on my Electric Bill. He wanted me to call back with a copy of my electric bill in hand so that he could apply the lower rate for me over the phone. No company name given. "Charlie" called from phone # 610-601-4311 & asked me to call phone # 484-661-4775.  I did NOT call.

Victim Location 71251
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call from a Washington, D.C. Number stating that I qualified for a free grant of $7,600 and to call a different number to confirm it. I knew it was a scam but I called anyway. The lady asked for my grant ID number and then asked for $200. I informed her to take my name off their list and that I would never pay them for anything. She hung up. This wasn't the first time they've called.

Victim Location 71292
Type of a scam Government Grant

Ask you to buy iTunes card of 250 to register your federal grant ID to receive 9000 in grant money at Western Union money gram our bank account

Victim Location 19114
Total money lost $700
Type of a scam Government Grant

These people r telling others that u can get grant money for a fee. They scammed me out of $700

Victim Location 99216
Type of a scam Tax Collection

"Before we turn this in we want you to call this number. If you don't call this number you are probably going to have to go to court. They made it sound like we were in real trouble." This is the second call we have gotten, but I hung up the first time.

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