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Victim Location 60629
Type of a scam Tech Support

robocall from this number 800-558-9204 identifying themselves as Microsoft and telling me my Microsoft Office license key is expired. "This is an emergency." call 800-558-9204 to renew.

Victim Location 46052
Type of a scam Other

Received a phone call on my cell phone at 1:01 p.m. today. I did not answer call because it said "Unknown Number." Caller left a message; I have saved it. He said "My name is Frank with (undistinguishable) and you have a $149 refund. Call me back regarding it. Here is my number 650-924-9900 Station 103." I did not call the number back because I knew it was a SCAM and decided it was best to report it. I do not want others to be hurt by these [censored] who are calling and hurting people. I called my local police station; they gave me the phone number of the Attorney General (Indianapolis, IN) and I reported it to them then they gave me the FTC's number (Federal Trade Commission's #) and I have reported it to them also. Reference #***. It was suggested that I needed to report it to you also at the BBB.

Victim Location 19154
Type of a scam Employment

I attended *** *** from 2011 -2016 I have a Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. I was told from the *** team that I qualified for a scholarship that was the amount of 4500 a year but yet every time I received my tuition bill they online include $750.00 of it to my bill. When I told them about this problem they told me that it will be added next semester but even then I never received it. Also the *** team said that they guarantee 92 percent of the graduating class will have jobs within six months. I apply to 10 applications a day an I haven't received a job yet an it's been almost 8 months. I'm applying to entry level jobs for a technician an they tell me I don't qualify with the degree I have. I also was told I would receive my degree in the mail with in 10 to 12 weeks and it's been 5 months over that time period. When I called *** to tell them I received my degree they asked for all my information over again so they can send me it. I would not recommend this school to anyone I believe they are a money hungry organization that doesn't care about there students or there students futures

Victim Location 35802
Type of a scam Tech Support

Robot call with a low-quality robot female voice. "This is an emergency call to let you know that the license key to your Microsoft Windows has expired. All Microsoft services has been stopped on your computer ... To renew your license key call 1-800-558-9204." Repeats once then disconnects. The Caller ID displayed the same number as the message.

MP3 audio file of the message is attached.

Victim Location 44130
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a post card in today's mail. It does not give a specific company name. No return address. That was my first clue. It just seemed it was not right. All information on one side of the post card. Good at Walmart/Target and many more in your name. Unclaimed reward on my account. $100 savings. Claim number 037565529. Call now to claim the reward reserved in my name. Phone number 877-205-3674. I did not call the phone number. Deadline to claim is Sunday February 5. States it will be my only notice.

Victim Location 96744
Type of a scam Credit Cards

he has an accent he said this is card services because I pay more on my card and pay on time they have a lower interest rate for me that is 5% then ask for my name birth date expiration date on my card then the Balance on my credit card and my credit card number that's when I said no I'm calling the banks and hanged up he attempted to call back 2 more time reject call also the area code for one of the numbers 319 shows Iowa

Victim Location 89121
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Back in February 2016 I placed an order from this company. My order was never shipped out and when I asked to cancel my order I was told it was too far into the processing period to cancel it. Then I emailed whoever I was speaking to, to ask for an update on my order and the woman said it was her birthday and couldn't reply. I received a refund 3 months later but not from her but through my bank.

Victim Location 85015
Total money lost $90
Type of a scam Rental

Received a text message in reference to apartments ranging from 345 to 545 for two bedrooms. I go to the address he sent me, He required an application fee of $45 dollars per adult which there was 2 of us, he said I would here something back on Tuesday , but I heard back from him on Monday that I was approved. Then he texts me and tell me to show proof I have $1680. I said for what? I haven't even seen the rental property, he replies you cant see the property until we see the money. So I asked him for my $90. back and he said he doesn't think they will give me my money back.

Victim Location 53058
Total money lost $10,000
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I got an email from a man "Mark Johnson" offering to sell me gold and silver bars and coins. He asked me to wire transfer $10,000 which I did. I received nothing.

Victim Location 24210
Total money lost $310
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchase AKC reg tea cup terrior.

Victim Location 98074
Type of a scam Tech Support

Got a popup with a voice message saying my laptop was frozen due to spyware and I must call 844-241-3997 so the technician can help rid the laptop of the spyware. He did not identify himself or the company for which he was working. He wanted me to allow him to get remote access to my computer. I continued to question his validity and when I indicated my thought that this was a scam, he hung up on me. When I tried to get rid of the message, it wouldn't go away until I shut down my laptop. When I restarted it, the laptop was fine.

Victim Location 24153
Total money lost $250
Type of a scam Government Grant

Caller said won a $9000 government grant and needed to pay $500 for "taxes".   Sent 1/2 via I tune card and was to wire the other 1/2 via Western Union.

Victim Location 76301
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I have received 6 calls from a man the says he is with the Internal Revenue Service and I am going to be trouble if I don't pay now they will be at my house in 45 minutes to arrest me 

Victim Location 27889
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Scammer called from Belmont, NC tel:909-413-2419 claiming to be our grandson Luke Divine. He claimed to have been a wreck and been injured. He was not our grandson and my wife hung up.

Victim Location 56058
Type of a scam Phishing

Our AP Clerk received an e-mail from the District's Superintendent requesting an urgent wire transfer. The AP Clerk replied saying they would have to go to the business manager to make that transfer. The scammer replied with the Account information and amount of the wire transfer.

Email showed "Superintendents Name"

Email address: [email protected]

Information for Wire:

Beneficiary Name: *** ***

Account Number: ***

Routing Number: ***

Bank Name: *** *** Beneficiary Address: *** *** St, Saint Paul, MN 55105

Amount: $36,245

Victim Location 96744
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Received a call from Charles Kalung supposedly of PCH in Pearl City at 876-558-1510. He called at 7:30pm at night and 3:15am in the morning. Although he said he was calling from Pearl City, and that my name was pulled as the winner of PCH, he had absolutely no idea who I was or where I was, and I did not share that information with him. 

Victim Location 75038
Type of a scam Phishing

I got a VM from a person claiming to be Micheal Hoffman a process server. He was calling for someone else that had the last name of a person I divorced over 15 years ago. He initially stated it was to serve some type of citation and gave the reference #147895. I figured it was either a debt collection but I know several people named Stacy and/are Stacia and some have the last name so I figured he just had the wrong number or someone used me at one of those predatory lending companies. So returned the call to clarify that he had the wrong number. He was verbally combative immediately another sign it was a scam. I told him to just remove me from the list. He then began to verbally berate me. He then began to hurl racial slurs He stated " I know your emotionally unstable because you are black." We got into a yelling match to which he then called me a "Psycho Bitch" and several other derogatory names. If they can not intimidate you the next tactic to provoke and harass you. I attempted to call back to speak to a supervisor, I was either sent to VM, had the same guy or someone sounding very similar pretend they didn't know what I was calling about, and I even got a recording stating I had reached the former phone number of Micheal Hoffman. But when I called from a different phone he picked up. This place needs to be shut down. I want him fired and this company closed. No one should be subject to racial hatred and verbal abuse for returning a phone call. This type of harassment to someone who doesn't even have any dealings with this company is uncalled for and completely inappropriate. I am overwhelmed with these types of calls and they need to be stopped. I can only imagine what would have been said if I had not stood up for myself. I refuse to be intimidated to answer my phone. I refuse to be the victim of these scammers. If he needed information I would have at least attempted to help. He obviously did not even have the right person.

Victim Location 66441
Type of a scam Government Grant

was called and the person knew my name. His phone # that showed on my phone was 2024832494 and he said his names was Bruce Jones. He had a strong accent, maybe Indian or middle eastern. He said I had been selected/won a Gov. grant for 9200.00 (that did not have to be paid back) due to me having paid my taxes and did not have a criminal background. Bruce told me to call 202-810-5546 and give that person my "money Confirmation # ID Code of GG1110 within 5 to 10 minutes. The man that answered this call was, again, Indian or Middle Eastern. I did not catch his name. He told me to go to Dollar General, Family Dollar, Walgreens and purchase a $200.00 card to register under the Federal Reserve Bank. Then go to Walmart to get my money. I stated this sounded like a fraud and hung up and called my local police.

Victim Location 21229
Type of a scam Phishing

A telephone call was received from this number. They left a voicemail message saying that legal documents needed to be signed and my mother-in-law had to get an attorney. They also said that they tried to come to my mother-in-law's house several times for her to sign the documents, but she was not home. I looked the number up online and many other people received a call from this number with the same requests.

Victim Location 75789
Type of a scam Government Grant

Caller said consumer was eligible for a government grant, had $ coming. Asking whether the consumer wanted it by check or Western Union. He also gave her code #D00027626 to use when she called the above #. "IF she didn't use the $, his supervisor would get it!"

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