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Victim Location 41059
Type of a scam Tech Support

Voice message was left stating that I am due a refund since the company that provides support for my computer has been forced to close. According to the message, I need to call (833)265-5158 in order to get my refund.

Victim Location 01462
Type of a scam Employment

This person is advertising for a caregiver for his mother in her early 80's with dementia. The position is full-time (but not live-in) at her residence.

Everything sounds OK, but then his ad says, "no experience needed."

Why would you want someone with no experience caring for your mother with dementia? This is the first red flag.

I answered his ad.

He replied, very courteously, and said that he was an out of state gemologist working for Marsan Fine Stone Co. I looked them up online, and there are scams associated with that business, although the individual had a different name.

I replied that I was going to be taking another job.

Victim Location 91942
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I turned my lease in on February 19, 2019 to *** *** I signed the title of my 2016 kia soul over to *** ***on February 19, 2019. *** *** sold the 2016 kia soul with my old license plate still registered in my name to someone who got tickets that were sent to my address. I contacted *** ** *** 3 times about this issue and they told me the vehicle was still on my name until June 6, 2019. This is egregious.

Victim Location 70068
Type of a scam Employment

Emailed and offered me job as quality assurance auditor. Basically to get packages shipped to my house and open them and reship them. Also stating I may have to buy items myself from a check they will mail me that I have to cash in my bank account. Even the address of the business is for a real postal service place in Florida, not them.

Victim Location 75048
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

I was asked by customer service to get an eBay gift card so they could refund my cancellation fee for a hotel reservation . They said the only way that I could get my hotel cancellation refund back was for me to get the eBay gift card for $200 and that way way they could show a transaction and then they would refund my bank account within 20 minutes . When that didn’t happen I called them and they told me that I had left the store where I purchased the gift card and they were not able to validate the card to give me the refund because the server wouldn’t allow them because I had to be within a certain radius . They told me that I needed to go get another gift card and I did so I could get all my refund . I have yet to see my refund .

Victim Location 15101
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

The name of the "company" is *** ***. The company called me about Student Loan Forgiveness and said they could help me to pay less on my student loans. They offered to help lower my monthly payments and would be in contact with my current servicer to help adjust the payments. They called multiple times to discuss options and availability and to build trust. Eventually, they charged me a "processing fee" over the phone and charged me over the course of 2 months. Then, after contacting my current servicer, I discovered that they never sent in the proper paperwork, but still took the money from my account. DO NOT TRUST *** ***

Victim Location 23323
Total money lost $158.90
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Company sells a product that once received does not enhance WiFi capabilities for computer operations. Computer link automatically charged me for 3 items and rapid processing + lifetime. Tried to return product back requesting RMA Number - without success via email. Paid for product using *** and when lodged a complaint with them, noticed that the name had changed from *** to *** *** ***. They sided with the company on its representation of the product. Useless/worthless product that is paid for and cannot be returned because of their packaging rules that they do not honor.

Victim Location 24293
Total money lost $4,698
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Looking for a loan online and saw Crow Robert Facebook post. I sent an email around the first of April to [email protected] asking for a no down payment home loan for a home and land package.Crow A Robert Capital LLC sent a loan application. I completed it, sent it back, and he said I was approved for a loan. He told me the loan was for $120,000 for 240 months (20 years). He didn’t say anything about fees/closing costs. Then he said there would be $930 legal fee to draw up the loan contract. I talked to a couple of realtors, asking if a lender would ask you to pay legal fees, and they said it wasn’t unusual.

I bank at *** *** ** *** *** On 4.10.19 I asked ***  ***, a teller, to wire $930 to Crow Robert. I told her it was for fees associated w/a home loan. The money was wired to Santander Bank in MA. His account number is ***. The receipt shows the beneficiary of the account is Mariah Cadilla of Westford, MA.

On April 11th or 12th he sent an email confirming transfer of the legal fees. He said loan contract was being drawn up and he would get back in touch. On 4.13.19 he emailed a copy of the loan contract which had a line for the “representing attorney” to sign and that name was Paul S. Conley (no contact info). The loan was for $120,000, 240 months at 5%.

I did not share the contract with anyone. I did not sign it because it included fees. I contacted him and said no down payment. I’m on disability and my wife is a teacher. We do not have a down payment. Then he said he does 0% down payment loans. But the contract included a $3768 transfer fee. He said it’s because I’m transferring you $120,000, it’s the fee to cover the transfer of the money. He kept emailing saying your loan is on hold till you pay the transfer fee. I asked how long after we pay the transfer fee before we get the loan for the double wide mobile home. He said within 24-48 hours.

On 7.1.19, I messaged him it would be the end of the month.

On 7.3.19, I went back to Lacy at the bank, and she wired $3768 to the same account. Then I sent a picture of the wire transfer. Crow said you will have your loan money in your account Friday morning or afternoon.

On 7.5.19 @4pm, I contacted him. He said due to the holiday our loan transfer wouldn’t be until Monday July 8.

On Monday we received an email from Mr. Crow stating the loan was ready to be transferred upon payment of $9000 consider to be a payment to secure the loan in case we default on it. We advised him that we couldn’t pay that amount or any amount. We were never advised of this fee or anything else also myself has never signed and loan documents. He said we usually charge 10% down, but it’s not a down payment, it’s money we put in escrow in case you default on the loan payment. I told him no way, this was never discussed.

I email him daily. He said our first monthly payment is due 8.8.19. I asked how that can be when I don’t have a loan. I asked for a refund of my money to pay bills and buy groceries.

He responded we need to pay the down payment. Then he said if we could come up with half of it, $4500, he would transfer the money into our acct. I told him we can’t come up with any money. We’ve used all of our money to pay the transfer fee.

I told him we’ve contacted BBB, and he hasn’t responded since.

No Facebook address for him. I did not keep a Facebook screenshot of the original offer.

The address on the contract is 7655 Thicket Pl Powell, OH 43065.

When I called 740-879-8332, I left a nasty vm. Since then the VM box is full. I have also texted that number.

I talked to my bank and they said it would be a couple of days before they learn anything from the trace.

I’m calling the local police department.

Victim Location 40514
Type of a scam Other

Received a call re legal action will be taken regarding fraudulant use of my social security number............I would think

the SS office would call or send a letter........I am not calling that number to find out what they may want

Victim Location 96744
Type of a scam Phishing

The scammer is calling my cell phone and leaving this recorded messages --- saying suspicious activity on your social security # or account, needs last 4 digits of social security number, get back with them asap or you will be arrested...…. I just hang up the phone. The scammer phone number is 214-377-0505 (Texas area code).

Victim Location 92253
Total money lost $449.80
Type of a scam Online Purchase



Victim Location 92375
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a friend request through Instant Messenger from a friend that was already part of my Facebook and Instant Messenger Contacts. When I accepted the friend request this person then tells me she was given $80k from this Federal Funding (free) Grant Program in collaboration with the World Bank and The United Nations. They encouraged me to call the same agent they used and apply, and also to keep my friend posted.

I looked online and right away my suspicions were correct.

Major scam!!! And needless to say I didn’t call the number!

Victim Location 44473
Type of a scam Other

Robo call- Hi this is Steve from dealer processing to give you one last courtesy call to let you know based on our records the factory warranty is expired on your vehicle is that right. Fantastic so your vehicle is actually still eligible for vehicle warranty protection let me get a specialist to explain your available options ple[censored]d

Victim Location 04605
Total money lost $399
Type of a scam Tech Support

about two years ago I used Global technologies to install a program and for tech support. I was scammed 399 dollars at that time.

fast forward to now and I was called repeatedly saying that Global technologies was going out of business and they wanted to give me a refund. In order for me to get the refund but I would have to be in front of my computer so I said that I don't want my money back. They insisted that they would call me back.

At 7 o'clock I received a call from them again. This time I decided to go ahead and do what they said. They first asked me to down load GoToAssist program and so I did then they asked me to go into system preferences and put your password in, I protested then decided to stop the session and put my password in. Then they said to unlock the lock then click on update GoToAssist program, so I did. It all seemed harmless. Then it got really weird, the person on the line said he has to install google chrome. I protested but continued. Then the person said that He had to log into his bank and I had to put in my name and then my bank name and then he asked me to open up a new window and log into my bank/account. This is where the game ended for the tech from global technologies I told him I couldn't continue. and I said you will probably hang up on me, and next thing I know he did.

Victim Location 40258
Type of a scam Employment

Clout pay is a pay traffic site that gets you to post links of their website on sites to get people to click. They do not pay you, they take your email and try to hack your info and delete your account once they receive your info, as if you never had an account with them And you won’t receive payment.

Victim Location 11788
Total money lost $195
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I cancelled with this company in three days but I’m having a hard time getting my refund of $195 put back onto my account. I’ve made several calls they deny me the right to speak to a supervisor. Joseph *** is rude and disrespectful. I also filled out the cancellation form. Thank you Cind ***

Victim Location 70633
Type of a scam Government Grant

My Daughter was contacted on by a family friend (who's account we think was hacked) that her name appeared as a beneficiary on a list that she had gone to claim her money and my daughters name was just above her name on the list and she wanted to make sure my daughter received her money. She gave a number for her to contact. My daughter was suspicious and asked me to check into it. I immediately said it sounds like a scam but called the number and left a message. I recorded the message that I left. My message stated " Yes I am calling concerning someone had informed my daughter that her name was on some type of list so I am calling to inquire and get information and I am letting you know I am recording the message that I leave and when you call back I will be recording that call as well. " They immediately text messaged me back with Hello .... How are you doing. I texted: call not texting. They responded with: How may I help you, We have a lot of claimers that's why we don't pick up calls. I responded : What is this For? A community friend said my daughter name appeared on your list? What is this list of or for? Claiming What? We are not claiming anything? They responded with: The United States Government and Private Grant Foundations give away Billion in free money every year to Millions of U.S. Citizens just like you through the help of the State Department or Workers Compensation Appeal Board {WCAB}. These are cash grants that all U.S. taxpaying citizen are entitled to and should take advantage of. This money can be used for almost anything you can imagine. In fact right now people are being approved for large sums of money to start businesses, pay for their Children's education, Medical Bills, and even buy themselves a house. This is an Empowerment program set up by the Federal Government to help the American Communities and other countries around the world. Your name was picked randomly as one of the Beneficiaries. The money is give by the Federal Government and it's not a loan; it's money give by the American Government to help the American Communities. Do you understand that now? I did not reply and contacted the Lake Charles Better Business Bureau they advised me to block the number and to let the family friend know that she had been hacked and fill out this scam tracker on their website. We contacted the family friends granddaughter who is going to let her know, we blocked the number on my phone and I am filling out this report.

Hope this helps stop this scam.

Victim Location 77034
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Received phone call on my landline from phone number 832-481-7447, listed as "Unavailable" by Caller ID. Sounded like a live male but was actually a recording. Missed person's name but he said he was with Trip Advisor. Asked if I could hear him okay. I was distracted and answered "yes," then remembered there was a scam about this and immediately hung up. Called AT&T (my service provider) and reported the incident. They added me to "Do Not Call" registry.

Victim Location 84045
Total money lost $1,935
Type of a scam Rental

Breden Sanchez pretends to be a landlord gets ur money then let's you get in trouble for trespassing on property you thought you rented.

Victim Location 91307
Type of a scam Phishing

I believe the caller said they were an environmental protection agency on a recorded line. A recorded voice or an actual person asks: "Can you hear me?" Expecting a "Yes" response. A yes response is then probably used to obtain a voice signature which can later be used by the scammers to be authorize fraudulent charges via telephone.

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