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Victim Location 77014
Total money lost $2,687.98
Type of a scam Employment

A position for Escrow Assistance was posted on one of the job sites.

I was contacted by HR, Rachel Malone. She sent a job description to my email & requested me to apply

I was looking for a work from home job. So, I accepted the position, signed the JOB OFFER on 11/22/19

The position required you be on probation for 31 days. They added me to their system in 24 hrs., I had to choose a email & password. They

started shipping packages to my home via UPS, FEDEX. I would go to my computer and accept the Task, that was emailed to me to accept.

The package was then shipped to my house, I would go to the computer and say I received the package. Then I would open the package, take pictures of the items in the package, take pictures of the packing slip/invoice, upload both to

their system, the they would in turn

send me another postage label, I would tape the box back up without

the packing slip/invoice and place the new label on the package, take to UPS or FEDEX and mail. I was on

Probation for the 31 days which ended 11/26/19 and was to be paid on 11/27/19 via Direct Deposit. They have my bank account number

my Driver's License. Of course, I never got paid. When I questioned where was my pay, they removed me from their system, blocked my phone number. The Supervisor was

Leon Weinberg and Monica. Monica's last name was never given

I was to be paid $2500.00 per month and $20.00 for each package that I shipped out as commission,

plus I spent money on a package to mail and boxes. They were to reimburse me for that. Total lost was $2687.98.

Victim Location 93711
Type of a scam Other

On 1/7/2020, I received phone call/voicemail (480)937-0272. A threatening voicemail was left, using a bunch of legal terms in the wrong context. Apparently someone is being sued. The gave no name who they were calling for and gave no company name. Threatened to issue a "ticket to appear via a courier to my place of employment or resident", not residence. Anyone know the company name for these [censored]? A Google search gave two different business names, North Coast Recovery and Associates and North Crest Phoenix and Associates.

Victim Location 77028
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Romance

($2,600,000.00 USD) Compensation For Being A Victim



To: Beneficiary;

This is FBI special agents, David Jackson. I was delegated along side others by the United Nations to come over to Africa to investigate fraudsters who had been in the business of swindling foreigners especially those that has one form of transaction / contracts and another. Please be informed that in the course of our investigation, we detected that your name and details in our Scammed Monitoring Network. We also found out that you were scammed of a huge sum of money by impostors via Western union and Money Gram. Be informed here that in a bid to alleviate the suffering of scammed victims, the United Nations initiated this compensation program and therefore, you are entitled to the sum of Two Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($2,600,000.00 USD) for being a victim.

Note that the said fund will be officially released to you through the paying bank mandated by the United Nations.

However, we have to inform you that we have been able to arrest some of the swindlers who has been in this illicit business and will all be prosecuted accordingly. Be informed as well that we have limited time to stay back here, so we will advice that you urgently respond to this message ASAP. And do not inform any of the people that collected money from you before now about this new development to avoid jeopardizing our investigation. All you need to do is to follow our instruction and receive your compensation accordingly as directed by the United Nations. We urgently wait to receive your response.

Reply to: [email protected]




Victim Location 75248
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a text message:

Hi (last name),

i came across your property at (address) I will like to make you an offer. Would you be interested in selling?

Victim Location 44473
Type of a scam Other

Robo call- Hi this is Steve from dealer processing to give you one last courtesy call to let you know based on our records the factory warranty is expired on your vehicle is that right. Fantastic so your vehicle is actually still eligible for vehicle warranty protection let me get a specialist to explain your available options ple[censored]d

Victim Location 15906
Total money lost $14,000
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

*** *** stated that she was contacted earlier in the month on or about 09/05/2019, by a man whom provided the name "Robert". He advised ***. *** that she had won Publishers Clearing House in the amount of 1.5 million dollars and  brand new car. **. *** stated that "Robert" told her she had to send $3,500 in cash to the following address *** West Palmarie Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85301. Once **. *** sent the money, she then was sent 2 checks both in the amount of $4,000 issues from personal checking accounts, and told to deposit the checks into her account, and then withdrawal the funds the following day- and send the cash to the same address: *** West Palmarie Avenue, Glendale , AZ 85301. **. *** did as she was asked, sent the money, and then received 2 more checks in the mail for her to deposit and withdrawal- total amount of $14,000.

Victim Location 27587
Type of a scam Utility

Scammer called my business, left a message on my voicemail and told me that Duke Energy would be cutting off my electricity if I didn't pay my bill today...I called the number they left: 1-877-396-8060, told the man about the call I had received....only thing is, I do not have an account with Duke utilities are not with them....he didn't say anything...just hung up....

Victim Location 24179
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I got a call from someone claiming to be my Grandson but I knew it was not.

Victim Location 02904
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Utility

We were contacted by phone, stating they were National Grid, state utility company, saying we had to pay immediately or get shut off. Accounts payable looked into billing and we had paid the day before on line,as we always do, but payment had not yet been processed. We called back the scam National Grid...they provided us with an 800 #, 800-340-7585 it went through the National Grid prompts and bookkeeper was put through to a Mr Galloway he played on the bookkeepers anxiety and told her that it had to be paid ASAP to avoid shut off. Mr Galloway said it had to be cash and to get a MoneyPak to expedite immediately...which she did. It suddenly accurred to our bookkeeper that this whole thing maybe a scam......2000.00 later. She called National Grid via the online number spoke to National Grid customer service and they informed our bookkeeper it was a scam and that sadly they were aware of this scam, that has been going on for a couple of years. We as a business have never received any type of notification from National grid stating in email or their website anything about this scam, not even by Mail. If National Grid knew this was going on why wouldn't the bring it to their customers ATTENTION!!! This Scammer is using National Grid prompts on the phone so you are led to believe you are calling National Grid. Our company owner told our bookkeeper to call local police who in turn told us to notify the Federal Trade Commission which we did and filed a complaint with them

Victim Location 47630
Type of a scam Tech Support

When i called the number back (I have an option through Verizon to block any number that is not in my phone book. The man responded that he is with the Geek Squad and that my anti-virus is out of date. (I have never purchased a computer from Best Buy, and recognized that Geek Squad is a BB thing). He kept insisting that I purchased this 3 years ago and that I will continue to lose money if I don't renew this. I continued to argue with him at which point he hung up on me. I called the number back and reached someone entirely different who answered with a different company name as well. I hung up and magically got "Ben" back and he was with the Geek Squad again, and asked if i didn't remember talking to him. I replied that he and his coworker need to be on the same page with the company name, he hung up once again. :-)

My father was scammed by a similar siutation about a year ago in which he lost hundreds of dollars.

Victim Location 27282
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Received a phone call from Publisher Clearing House. The caller name Michael Anderson said, she won second place, 5 million dollars and a 2020 Mercedes Benz. Gave a pin code 1345789 and a package number 63090885 PCH. He said  she could go to the Post Office get a claims receipt $2,323.00 and paid 25 overnight express. 

Victim Location 87120
Type of a scam Other

Continues to call me about a case being filed agianst me in bernallilo county

Victim Location 86023
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammer called business landline claiming a final chance to prevent lawsuit attached to 'your name and social security number'...

Victim Location 85705
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Janet Shelby has a guy I knew on Facebook Marshall Sanders ( his Facebook was hacked) who convinced me this “ SCAM” was working and he got 50,000$ for only paying 500$ ahead. I realized after wards that his Facebook has been hacked..if you have friends telling you to do this more than likely. They have been hacked.

Janet Shelby started from the beginning saying my “ name was on the list” and I could win any amount that I chose and pay the amount for the taxes to them and that’s for taxes and delivery fee. 500 would get 50,000$ 1,000 would get 150,000$ 1,500 would get 200,000 $ so forth

I thought since my Friend Marshall Sanders has got it so could I. They hacked a Friends account to get to me showing me this list through Janet Shelby. After I paid the money she said” my money would come to me in 6 hours from when I paid. At 6 hours, she messaged on messenger and said “ there has been a horrible crash with Fed Ex and your money has been taken by FIREFIGHTERs” at this moment I knew it has to be a Scam! I talked to her for two weeks later telling her to send my money or give my money 1,000$ back. Of course I have not received it. I figured as long as I still had touch with her , this person I could find out more about the company and she said she worked with Facebook and was located in OHIO. She claimed the number on her page is the “ firefighters “ number but I’m sure she is texting on it and claiming still that I owe 4,500$ in order to get my 150,000$ I tried calling Facebook and asked about Facebook lottery’s- people on the phone claimed there is but more research says there are no lottery’s and if there is ever someone trying to get you to pay a head for winning money... it’s ALWAYS A SCAM! Don’t believe it and turn away! Some things like these are way too good to be true as much as we all want them and wish them to be!

Victim Location 95112
Type of a scam Phishing

Called my place of work and when the secretary answered said he was Dr. Jon.She transferred the call to me. When I picked up the person just said "First Last?" Then when I said yeah, they hung up. Indian accent.

Victim Location 14043
Type of a scam Government Grant

received a instant message from a friend on messenger about the fpwa and a grant program that my name was on list. To contact 501-939-6220 and see if i was on a list they asked for name and address and then sent me a facebook reset code and asked to forward the code to them to verify. i immediately reported the profile and contact the true person to notify them their account was hacked.

Victim Location 12520
Type of a scam Phishing

Female caller asked if I could hear her. Then says they were from Trip Advisor gifting department. After that I hung up.

Victim Location 38549
Type of a scam Phishing

Made me say yes then quickly said this is recorded then hung up

Victim Location 33138
Type of a scam Phishing

(My first name), we have already collected your personal package according to your needs.

Victim Location 80309
Type of a scam Phishing

This number (which was "disconnected" - so it is a spoof) - called my place of business - asked if it was my name. I said "yes" and they hung up. The voice was an Indian accent.

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