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Victim Location 32746
Type of a scam Online Purchase

In June 2019, I received a text message from *** *** with advertising that referred to a weight loss product that was supported by every member of Shark Tank. It said to click for a trial offer. I was charged $4.96 for the product. I was then subscribed unknowingly to a monthly membership and charged $89.96. I was duped twice as I also said yes to an offer from *** ***. The exact same thing - they turn it into a monthly subscription. When I google *** *** now, I can see the product offered through several sites at a price of $4.97 - what I paid for my "free trial". I do not know if that product and those companies are part of the scam or the scammer company just offers their products for the purpose of gaining credit card information to submit monthly charges. If you search Keto and Shark Tank - you see an article that looks very legitimate with all the Shark Tank members celebrating and the headline Weight Loss Pill That Naturally Burns Fat Gets Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History. The products are called *** *** *** *** ** *** *** I don't know if the scam is also affiliated with each of these companies. I just know that I was tricked by the fact that the company referenced Shark Tank which legitimized them in my eyes. The companies I purchased from - *** *** and *** *** - will not refund your money. They list a CA address - *** *** *** *** *** ** *** ** *** *** The product bottle has a PO Box in Los Alamitos, CA 90720. In Florida, where I am, they have a shipping address in Dunedin, FL. When you get your credit card statement, the transaction comes up as the name *** *** *** and also *** *** I had a similar experience with a company in 2016 that I think is connected. The company was called *** and listed an address of *** *** *** ** *** ** *** That time it was a computer popup which said tell us where to send your trial bottle. Clicking the box agreed you to terms and conditions that you would not agreed to but either the print was too small or they perfected their scam by the rush icons that tell you that you are about to miss out on offer. Anyway, the company is run virtually the same to make me think they are connected somehow. The company has multiple addresses in CA, shipped from Clearwater, FL (near Dunedin) and was using a company name that was similar to a real product called *** Again, the company would not refund money. I even returned product but did not receive refund.

Victim Location 92336
Type of a scam Phishing

Caller says, “This is Maya, can you hear me?” Trying to get people to respond “Yes”

Victim Location 49770
Type of a scam Tech Support

I've had two calls today with my own name and phone number in the caller ID field. I answered one call and it was a recording about Microsoft "cancelling my license." I said nothing and hung up. An hour later I got another call. I answered, but said nothing and immediately hung up.

Victim Location 85213
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received the following initial text message:

Hi, this is William I'll like to know if I got the right contact to a brochure design. Kindly let me know. also if you accept credit card ?? as a mode of payment

I responded:

Yes, I can assist. Lets schedule a time to chat.

He then replied with the following information:

I have new establish company i need a designer

Company Name: *** *** This company is really based on Importing & Exporting of Furniture: Kitchen Cabinet, Sofa, Office Chair etc.


1)? ? ?Company Name: PREMIUM FURNITURE





6)? ? ?THE SIZE OF BROCHURE IS 8.5 X 11.

That all i can provide from my means and i hope you understand what i listed above i need more perfect Job. If you can handle this for me you will be my permanent graphics designer and i will meet you in person after this design is done, due to my trip to get some stuff for my company.

I would be very happy to hear from you on time. Thank you. I will be needing 2500pcs

I became nervous and responded:

I can accommodate you. May I ask who referred you to me? Are you wanting me to handle the printing and delivery of the items or did you just want design files you can take to your own printer? If you can send me any assets you have that will help me understand your company, product and brand, I will get you an estimate on design, production, printing and delivery.

He replied with the following:

Sounds good, do calculate and get back to me with the total estimate cost and you we deliver it to my house

I was still nervous and pressed further for some kind of identification:

Who referred you to me?

He responded:

Found you thru search engine while searching for graphic designers and i believe you will be doing a good job for me

I pressed for further information:

Send me your name and contact info (email, web address, social profiles, etc.) so I can get a better feel for your business.

He then supplied the following:

*** I don't use social media again I all who's harked with some scammers. What mercehant company did you use because my credit card does not work with some credit card processor, kindly get back to me.

I then googled his email address and the contents of his text and discovered this link which I then forwarded onto him via text:

He replied:

This is some scam

I answered:

You might want to change your email address and get a better credit card story. I think I will pass on this job. Thank you.

He responded:

No my mail is not there am not a scam

From what I have read, the scam is to offer me more than my estimate as a "tip" for inconvenience of working with his "consultant", require me to forward cash to his "consultant" to obtain the images I would need, then disappear. I have seen scams like this before. Luckily I was able to recognize it before I wasted precious hours in design work or was duped into sending money up front. I hope you can track down this fraud before he hurts any more freelance designers with his actions.

Victim Location 35952
Type of a scam Other

Social security number suspended

Due to suspicious activities. Press 1 for more info. Did not speak English well. RowBo call.

Victim Location 33952
Type of a scam Employment

Thru, I was applying for a housekeeping position at the Sheraton Punta Gorda Harborside. I was contacted via email I was hired to receive $600 per week to clean beginning 9/2/2019. My address was requested along with references. I was informed I would receive a check for $2950 to deposit,deduct 1st pay then take remaining cash out, a woman would be providing me with equipment I would be needing and I was to give her leftover cash. I requested more info but still haven’t gotten any ie. Name of company etc. names I was given: Vicky Vasquez, Francis Szymanski and Kelly Williamson. Hope this helps

Victim Location 93725
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Government Grant

Scam claims you can apply for a grant that helps relieve you of credit card debt, school loans, home upgrades/ repairs or small business start up. Great pays $30,000 if you pay $800, $50,000 if you pay $1,200 on and on up to $250,000. Claims cost are for delivery fees. Payment method accepted by them is eBay, Amazon, and like gift cards. They put $1,400 payment on my credit card and then had me send them the gift cards. Afterwards they reversed their payment and kept the gift cards.

Victim Location 63301
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They give a false reference number such as *** saying it is needed to call back to discuss student loan options since I have more than 10k in debt which I do not. They said wrong person which calling back they said another person

Victim Location 48880
Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

Received an email from my "sister-in-law" Asking how I was doing, and ask if I had heard of ESSA that it was a government grant deal and she had got her money already and had seen my name on the list, I should call agent Scott and find out about it, Phone # was 702-805-1864 , I laughed about it , Thinking this not like Nancy, Told her I would check into it and then maybe I'd call. the first thing was she ask about ESSA then she changed it to EESA, possible mistake? Tried getting hold of her son to see if she had really sent the massage but couldn't. So found out the phone # was in Navada, Sounds great She just didn't act like Nancy, so waiting for her to message me back, I have these messages saved on my computer

Victim Location 85379
Type of a scam Phishing

When I answered the call I got a digital recording stating that my social security number has been blocked and a warrant was out for my arrest. I could choose 1 to talk to someone.

Victim Location 92821
Type of a scam Phishing

I actually called the BB phone line and verified that this is a scam, the case number didn't make sense the the customer rep. This is the email I received:

Dear [NAME],

A complaint has recently been filed with the Better Business Board that involves you. While the complaint is listed against a specific organization, your name was included as a witness to the reported events.

An investigation has been opened regarding this matter and this email has been sent in the hopes that we may take a few minutes of your time to discuss this issue further.

The Case Number is: *** Full details including contact information can be found in the active case report which can be accessed here:[LAST NAME]580

Please take a moment to review the case. The assigned case worker will contact you in the next 48 hours to discuss this investigation further.

Thank you for your time.

Better Business Board Investigative Unit

Victim Location 35758
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Call with loan approval but asking for all my banking information including username password and security question

Victim Location 93110
Type of a scam Other

A computer-generated message is recorded on my Dad's land line voice mail when I don't pick up the phone. A woman by the name of Jamie Stevensen says she has tried to serve me documents for a serious matter against me and has come by my house, my work and has tried numerous times to get a signature, but never has my name been addressed in the message. BTW..( no one has stopped by. ) It is a legal matter brought by the Byron party and I had better call 888-801-7935 to resolve it. After 3 calls I finally called the number back. It rang like 10 times and then a man answered and was demanding my phone number with intimidation so I could be taken off the call list. Anyway if they have your number why would they ask for it again. I declined and hung up.

Victim Location 75644
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a call from David Taylor claiming to be with Publishing Clearing House. He said I was a 2nd place winner from a raffle drawing. I had won $5.5 million and a 2019 Mercedes. I needed to go to Walmart and purchase a Manilla $500 gift card to pay 1% of the taxes on a tax-free prize.

Victim Location 24055
Type of a scam Government Grant

I got a message from a friend on Facebook that I was eligible for a government grant of $200,000.  

Victim Location 32822
Type of a scam Other

A person picked up the phone, asked who I was. I gave them my first name, then they hung up.

Victim Location 22030
Type of a scam Charity

 A man who works for *** *** ***knocked on my door yesterday, asking if I wanted to purchase magazines that would be donated to inner city schools. He gave be a convincing speech that lasted about 20 minutes! His speech was convincing enough that I bought $630 worth of magazines!! It seemed like a worthy cause and a demographic that I have a soft spot for! Since I work in Human Services, specifically with disadvantaged youth, I was intrigued to learn more about the work *** does and how my company could partner with them in the future! When I went to the website there was nothing about inner city kids or that the magazines I purchased are sent to them every month. I stopped the check immediately and then dug a little deeper to see if there were other complaints about this company. I did find a few other reviews who experienced what I did. Such a disappointment! Be warned! Give your hard earned money to a reputable charity. *** is a scam and the man lied to me! He seemed so trustworthy and a genuinely nice guy who wanted to help inner city kids. Such a fraud and a liar.

Victim Location 93313
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a phone call from 661-249-4831 from a woman named "Laurie", she didn't state what business that she was from, but advised that I needed to call her back regarding an important business matter before a decision was made and then gave me a completely different call back number of 716-869-0717.

Victim Location 01605
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Company called with my actual name but wanted my social security number. If you try to call them back, they will block your number.

Victim Location 28655
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I got a call saying I was behind on my taxes.  I am disabled and haven't had to file taxes is 10 years.

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