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Victim Location 11713
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Letter stated:

"The outstanding balance from your 2013 property tax grievance is way past due, and we'll reluctantly put into collection if we're not paid.

High property taxes can are very frustrating, and I understand that tax grieving can be very confusing. You may not even understand how we lowered your tax bill. If you don't understand why you owe us money, or need to make special arrangements, please call me."

The bill was addressed to my mother, who passed away. There never was any relationship with the organization.

Victim Location 48230
Type of a scam Phishing

Woman called and said that there was information/activity on my credit card. She got me to say "yes" and then hung up. I fear that it was one of those "yes" scams and that she is trying to use my credit card or bank account or sell my recorded "yes" to someone who needs it.

Victim Location 65201
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I was called two times within 3 days on my cell phone from 202-856-7528 and informed that I was about to be arrested for a "Federal Crime" that I had committed and that I should call this number back to stop the Federal Agents from coming to my house to arrest me

Victim Location 55353
Type of a scam Phishing

A woman called and said I had been selected to take a survey for an insurance company. She was very social-able and seemed to be someone familiar, when asked if I was a safe driver, I answered "yes" and she hung up. Though it seemed to target me as an individual, I am self-employed. I am not certain if I have been affected by the call at this point.

Victim Location 18058
Total money lost $6,000
Type of a scam Tech Support

I had an online computer program to help keep scammers off my computer. They would call me about every 3-6 months saying I needed a new update. Of course they always wanted money. Then one day they called me saying they wanted to give some back. This is where I really made my big mistake. He insisted he no longer put it into my credit card. Talked me into opening my online banking. Big mistake he took over 6000$ out of my savings and part of that was added to one of my loans. Sorry I don't have the name or number for anyone. They still call me. Usually say they are the computer tech guy. Always a different name. Say that I have a virus and they want to fix it. I reported this to the state police and to the attorney general. They both said they couldn't help

Victim Location 99362
Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

I have had these four scammers in two weeks of one Craigslist add. Often starts similar to this...

Varies ...Phillips Morgan, Isabella, Grace

Solid Mahogany Table and 6 chairs - $1200 (Walla Walla) ) Hi, I found your listing on Craigslist, I'm very interested & would like to know the present condition. Thanks...isabella

Then wanting email for a PayPal payment after promising to have movers come pick it up because they are crazy busy. Here is one text to me...OK I'm just asking about it to make sure its in good condition as it is written in the add , so can you assure me i will not be disappointed? no shipment involved as i have a mover that will come for the pickup as soon as payment clears. I'm okay with the price and condition , my mode of payment will be via one of the fastest and secure way to pay online (PayPal).. Do you have a PayPal account?... No follow through on deposit just email compromise and high pressure to let movers come pick up large item before payment.

Phone numbers used: 214-856-7481, 713-352-6907, 231-303-1883, 747-201-4401

Victim Location 65201
Type of a scam Tax Collection

This week, we had two calls on our landline from 205-872-0991. These calls were purportedly from the IRS informing us that the IRS has a warrant out for our arrest and we should call this number to stop the IRS from proceeding as planned. I did not call this number as I assumed they were wanting personal information and needed money to stop the IRS.

Victim Location 92114
Type of a scam Phishing

These people call me daily 2 or 3 times. The want my password to my phone telling me that my internet is compromised. I have repeatly asked them to stop calling yet they call every single day. They call at all hours of the day and night and refuse to stop calling. They interrupt my work all day long.

Victim Location 33837
Total money lost $19.99
Type of a scam Other

got a text that reads, "Hi, I am interested in the 2004 Ford Expedition priced at $4000. My mechanic wants to see a vehicle history report before we set up a meeting. I will appreciate it if you could get it from and if the report is clean we will make a deal. I am from lakeland. The text came from this #1 305 340 5635. Since, I didn't have a report I went online and purchased one. I texted the number and let them that the report showed all green check marks. The report doesn't really look real to me, I thought it would look different than it did.

Victim Location 98332
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received phone call from 1-877-910-4204. Caller was not immediately on the line. When she did come on she had an Indian accent. She said "This call is about your computer". I answered "Yes", meaning "go on". Immediately after me saying "yes" the call ended. I have read about a scam in which the word "yes" is recorded and then used to sign you up with various unauthorized services. I am not aware of any such activity at this time, since this event happened within the last 30 minutes.

Victim Location 22192
Type of a scam Phishing

Kept calling my father saying can you hear me okay and saying this is a recorded line

Victim Location 85233
Type of a scam Phishing

They made you say "yes" on the phone and hang up immediately after that.

Victim Location 54913
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Caller offered me a "free" back brace under Medicare. I gave him my Medicare (SSN) number. Then I realized I shouldn't have taken this call. I contacted the BBB. I have reported this to my bank, to Social Security Admin., to the 3 credit bureaus and to my supplemental health insurance carrier.

Victim Location 38011
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Left me voice mail stating they were with the IRS and it was urgent I call them back, I didn't return the call I'm in Tennessee so California wouldn't be calling on taxes lol!

Victim Location 57501
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I listed an item to sale on Wish Local.

On June 26,2017,I was contacted by a person claiming to be Jermaine Norman.

He sad wanted the item and was sending a check to me ,for the amount I was asking(75.00) plus an additional 50.00 to take the 'advert' down and an addtional 75.00(gave no reason for this amount) and also an additional $1,200.00 for his private shipper. The fake check arrived via FED EX on June 29,2017. The name if the sender is Carl Nicholas ,address One Geoffry Way NJ 07470( this actually the address if a Toys R Us store) . He then emailed instructions for me to go to Walmart and send $1,200.00 to his shipper named Daniel Wilson Slatlon TX 79364 and then instructed that I get back to him with the Walmart transfer info. I am emailing him this morning to let him know I need a valid phone number to contact him with the transfer ID number

Victim Location 49441
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call from a person with a foreign accent who said they were calling from Washington D.C., because they detected that my computer had been or was being hacked in to. I told them that my daughter handles all calls about my computer, and he asked if she lived with me. I told him no, and offered her phone number so he could call her. He quickly said to have a good day and hung up.

Victim Location 77964
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They claimed they were with IRS and I miscalculated my taxes between 2009-2016...i owed the government over $4000 and if i would give them my bank information they would take care of it. ...I had 48 hours or an officer would be here to arrest me.

Victim Location 35803
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call about a warranty on my vehicle expiring. I was asked if I wanted to speak to a representative. I replied yes and the question was repeated two more times after saying yes total of three times call hung out there for the Scammer's now have a recording of my voice saying yes three times. I hope they don't use this recording to claim that I agreed to something that I did.

Victim Location 22952
Type of a scam Government Grant

I got a call from someone saying they were with the govt. and I qualified for a $6,500 grant.

850 745 2027

Victim Location 02649
Total money lost $4,000
Type of a scam Romance

Back in April 2016 I had started talking online with someone who I found through an online dating site. He said he served in Military and he was to retire and come home in December 2016 which never happened. We texted online almost all the time, and he was telling me that when he got out of army he would have all his funds and he said he wanted to meet me and such. He kept telling me that he was retiring and wanting to be in a relationship with me down the road. Ok, fine, I believed him, he sounded sincere, however he still hadn't shown and this past May I think it was in May, he texted me saying he was ambushed and in the hospital with gun shot wounds. Mind u, this whole time since April 2016 he was asking me for a hundred here and a hundred or 2 there for food cause he stated that he had not been able to eat the army food cause of a "so called problem with him stomach". I believed him cause I felt bad so off and on this happened. Then he says he is in the hospital with gun shot wounds and doesn't know how long he will be there but said he needed money for his meds while in hospital. Then I get a text from his "so called commander " stating that John is still in hospital in Nigeria and not doing that well. Again, I felt bad so I Moneygramed some more money here and there. Now I have gotten myself in a real mess financially and was told that I would get my owed money back which was 3250 ish however that has gone on now for the past month or so where I was told in order to activate the funds back to me that have been mine, I needed to give $200 for a fee, that was this week. Last week it was another $200, and also week before. As they kept promising my owed money back yesterday, last week and such! Haven't seen a dime! What should I do now...please help me :( I need my money. I really fell for this stupid me. Sounded legit, guess I was wrong

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