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Cashapp Reports & Reviews (16)

• Sep 17, 2020

Victim Location 78228
Total money lost $798
Type of a scam Tech Support

I contacted cashapp via my cash app requesting a refund of $150 for funds taken without false charges on 09-11-20. The phone number I was given from their support website.... given to me by the app.. was 844.700.8924.

Turns out they charged me $698 to restore my account properly and secure my refunds. I was a gullible sucker. I believed they were running a test to determin if I really was the account holder. They promised to reteurn the $698 immediately.

Ha! never happened. What they did do is replace ny account number with a dummy account number so any future payments to cashap would go into that account, not mine. I was furious.

I called them back on 09-12: a different phone number was given at their support website; this time it was: 855.805.9226. No response, except for an automatic computer letter emailed to me, stating that cash app refuses to complete a transaction if there is suspicious circumstances surrounding the charge.

Well, the withdrawal went through anyway on Monday, Sept 14. My bank could not stop the transaction, even though I informed the bank about the fraud on friday, while the withdrawal was still pending. My bank said that since a debit card was used in the transaction, not a credit card, they could do nothing to prevent the transaction from going through.

I called cash app again, at a different number, again, on sept 14. Different phone number given again on their website....989.546.7404. I'm immediately suspicious, however this "rep" who called himself "Jerry", turned out to be another scammer, told me I needed to send him $100 to get my money back. His number, which he urged me to call was 628.500.1964. Right. So now i have been scammed $798; and I still have no resolution on the original $50 I sought to get refunded. I can't believe I believed him.

I contacted my lawyer who agreed to send a demand letter to cash app. I made a police report..... and finally, in one last ditch effort to end this amicably, I google their email site; I did not go through cash app to get it. Lo and behold: there is a new number for their support team. Really? I called it anyway:801.899.0271. Sure enough I get another Indian accent man who claims he can get my money refunded. This time he asks for a verification payment of $987. Great, just GREAT!! I asked him, if he really did just need a transaction with my account, why can't I send him $10? I also informed him that I no longer had anywhere near $897 in that account because of the previous scams. I also swore to myself that if he even asked for a dime, I was hanging up. So I did. I am now going to hire a scam investigator. I strongly suggest that all consumers of cash app cease to participate, and cancel their account. I strongly suggest that you post a consumer alert regarding this organization and give them the worst possible rating as a business. Elizabeth Keller email: [email protected]

• Sep 17, 2020

Victim Location 67219
Total money lost $750
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

They posed as cashapp support. I couldnt activate my new card. So they had me send it to a bitcoin address that i was told was connected to my new card and my money would be waiting for me once new card was activated. Im out of $750 and that all the money i had during this pandemic.

• Sep 04, 2020

Victim Location 94801
Type of a scam Phishing

SMS with 285-81, Sept 4, 2020

Cash App: 682-213 is your sign-in code. By entering, you agree to the Terms, E-sign Consent, and Privacy Policy: URL to scam starts with https:// and continues with

• Aug 31, 2020

Victim Location 77429
Total money lost $3,485
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an email from CashApp saying I had opened an account with them and now had a balance of $485 in the account. Since I had not opened such an account, I Googled the company to see if it even existed. There was considerable information about how they provided on line banking for virtual currency such as bitcoin. I looked for a customer service phone number to call to try to have the account closed but found some comments by users that said they had no phone number just online access. So for some reason I thought that they must just have a phone number shown on the email for customer account service (1-888-405-8735). At that point I called that number and told the person who answered that I had not opened the account and wanted to close it. He asked for the confirmation number listed on the email then transferred me to another person. This turned out to be the slick talking scammer who did the deed.

I had called on my land line phone but he said that was noisy and asked to call me on my cell phone so I gave him the number and he called. He told me that he would close the account for me but would have to transfer the $485 balance back to me in order to close it. He said that he would do it directly to my bank account and duped me into allowing him to load a remote access program to my computer then took over my comuter and had me open my Wells Fargo internet account. Since I did not have Zelle access set up he did that first. He then showed me that he was going to use Zelle to send the $450 directly to my savings account and wanted me to see what the balance was so that I could watch as he transferred the money. To do that he said I would have to type in the exact amount in a box shown on the screen but to be carefull not to make a mistake. As I entered the number 485 before I was able to add the decimal he added a 0 making the amount show 4850.00 and he said "oh! you made a mistake". I told him I did not add the zero but he insisted I had made the mistake and now I would have to return the extra $4000. My savings account then showed the new balance to have the additional $4850. He insisted that he could not take back the added $4000 on line. I would have do it by buying gift cards from stores like Best Buy. When I said I would not do that he immediately told me I had too and he said if you don't he could zero out my entire checking account and showed a box on the screen with 00.00 I didn't see how I had any alternative since he had control of my online account. He had me leave my cell phone on and go to Best Buy and use my credit card to buy gift cards with as large amount as possible. They would only allow me to buy $2000.00 worth so when I was back in my car he had me scratch off the card number and pass code and read the numbers from each of five $200.00 cards. I think he expected that those cards I had amounted to the full $2000.00 so he had not asked me to scratch off the last five cards that had the additional $1000.00 that he expected.

Since he expected another $2000.00 to go with the $2000.00 from Best Buy he sent me to a Target store where I bought the extra $2000.00 and read the numbers to him on all the cards. However, by then his helpers had found out that the Best Buy cards only gave him $1000.00 so he assumed that I only purchased that amount. Then he insisted I go to a Wal Mart store to get the additional $1000.00. The Wal Mart was some distance from the Target store so started that way.

It so happened that the road to Wal Mart went near my house. I did not say anything to him but drove to the house

and immediately went inside and turned off my computer in hopes that he would not realize what was happening and could do no further damage. That was succesful so I ended up keeping $1000.00 of the gift cards from **** ****  I also called Wells Fargo and had them immediatly block access to my online account. But the bottom line is that I ended up losing $3450.00 dollars to the SCAMMERS!

• Aug 27, 2020

Victim Location 79605
Type of a scam Other

Received a message that they had $500 to direct deposit. The link they wanted me to go to was:

• Jul 31, 2020

Victim Location 28304
Total money lost $9,600
Type of a scam Phishing

We called a 800 number listed for customer service which was a scam number and they gained access to our cash app and bank accounts. They attempted to withdraw $6800.00 from the bank account and took the full amount of $2800.00 from the cashapp account for a total of $9600. There is no way to contact this business to recover the stolen money.

• Jul 31, 2020

Victim Location 38125
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Phishing

I had an issue with Cash App and I looked online for the Cash App Customer Service. The phone number that came up was a scam. They had me download a quick view to allow them access. I downloaded it and he walked me through transforming my money directly to them. I sent them $100 because he told me that was the procedure and they would get it and send it right back, that way they knew what account it would be. I did that and the phone hung up. I called back and got another person, they told me to do the same thing, but that they were having trouble with their system and could not return the money to my account, but wanted the Cash app and personal info of my aunt and that also used the app. They would put my money on my aunt's cash app and she would send it to me. I gave them the information. I then sent another $100 to them. Then the phone hung up again. I called back and could not reach anyone. I realized this was a scam. My aunt called and told me they called her and somehow took about $1000 from her. I feel bad because i gave them her information and she lost the money because of that.

• Jul 28, 2020

Victim Location 38870
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Tech Support

Sunday while I was at work, I got a notification that some money was sent from my cashapp to an individual that I do not know. I initially requested a refund, that the individual declined to return. I deactivated my cashapp card and called whom I thought was cashapp support. They had me download an app called quickview so they could remotely log into my phone and see my cashapp activity. The support guy then wants me to add $249 to my account, to which I try to explain to him that I do not have in my account to add to my cashapp account. They had me log into my bank account so they could "verify" the funds were not there. Then they say they need to verify my account with a friend since I was low of funds. I get my best friend involved and they asked her to send THEM some money via cashapp and she hung up on them. I call asking questions about everything we did to dispute this transaction and was immediately told that the funds would be back on my cashapp within 2 hours. If not to call back. Well 2 hours pass, no funds so I start calling. No one answers. I call back monday and they guy was too busy at the moment and stated he would call me back, he didnt. So I call again on tuesday. Same thing, they want me to download the app so they can remotely access my phone, all the while claiming to be legit cashapp support. Then he wants to know why I have this app and that app on my phone, and I said lets stick to cashapp, none of the other apps on my phone are a concern to you. They didnt like that and hung up on me. Im beyond furious and I call back to talk to someone like the CEO, and was told did i really think the CEO would speak to some one like me!!! So I calm down and get in touch with THE REAL CASHAPP SUPPORT, which states that anyone claiming to be them and repeated their phone number, it wasnt them and they would never ask for certain information!! I have tried to look up information on the scammers phone number and its a voip number or Google number. The scam cashapp support people have very heavy indian (india) accents, but common american names.

• Jul 19, 2020

Victim Location 53216
Total money lost $6,850
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

They called me trying to fix a friend's account that I sent her a cash app and then they get information and stole my money from me. They locked me out so I can't get in touch with cash app because they said they were cash app. I think they locked me out so I can't report this but they stole all my money

• Feb 05, 2020

Victim Location 38018
Total money lost $2,030
Type of a scam Credit Cards

In attempt to activate my cashapp card, I looked for a customer support number on the cashapp website. I could not find one so I called the first number that popped up on my google search. I called that fraudulent number for cashapp (of course I had no idea it wasn’t legit at the time). The person on the other end of that number obtained my login info to get into my cashapp account. Upon logging into my account, they then obtained my debit card information and stole $2030 from my bank account. Upon all of this happening, I did some research and found that Cashapp does not actually have an active customer service number that you can call to speak with someone. The number they do have listed on their site, is just an automated voice telling you to email them. Unfortunately for us and many others, they don’t even respond to emails. If they do, it’s a generic computerized response that leads you nowhere. Also while doing research, I found that many many many others have had plenty of issues with cashapp. I have read reviews on the App Store of an overabundance of issues. I have tried to reach out and get a response from cashapp on many different social media platforms for days and have still been unsuccessful. The cashapp business needs to be shut down or have an active customer support service put into place. And I am trying every way I can to get my money back.

In addition to all of this, I went back to the website I obtained this fake number from and found that they claim to be/offer many other support/service options. Like apple, Netflix, dell, Snapchat, as well as many different airline services. I am afraid of all the damage this website and these people could potentially do.

Victim Location 28314
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Claim to be loan company that needed a advance fee because of my bad credit, and never received a loan or my money back. And the person admitted to me about being fake company.

Victim Location 38125
Type of a scam Tech Support

I thought i was talking to cash app customer service. I was having an issue and googled cash app customer service and called the number. They said they were cash app and i gave them access to my phone and account remotely. Not only did they take the money out of my account but they took money out of the accounts of people that had linked to mine.

Victim Location 36602
Total money lost $505
Type of a scam Other

They are listed on Google as a Cash App Customer Service. I was trying to see how to get my PIN number. And they walk me through the prompts and had me to put in a PIN number which was really their phone number 5053861571 connected to a bank account. And they were able to transfer my $500 into one of their Capital One account. Learning later that there is no customer service number to Cash app. And you should never give people your PIN number or personal information by phone or email. I could tell that there were a lot of them on the phone in the background and they had a foreign accent. They even had the nerve to call me back and asked me to have that person that sent me the $500 to send me another $100.

Victim Location 36602
Total money lost $505
Type of a scam Phishing

They are listed on Google as a Cash App Customer Service. I was trying to see how to get my PIN number. And they walk me through the prompts and had me to put in a PIN number which was really their phone number connected to a bank account. And they were able to transfer my $500 into one of their Capital One account. Learning later that there is no customer service number to Cash app. And you should never give people your PIN number or personal information brother by phone or email. I could tell that there were a lot of them on the phone in the background and they had a foreign accent. They even had the nerve to call me back and asked me to have that person that sent me the $500 to send me another $100.

Victim Location 32404
Total money lost $250
Type of a scam Identity Theft

called what I thought was cash app support to find out where the money I sent someone that was supposed to be instantly deposited was. Through the process I was told to send another 250 it would take 20 minutes they would give me my money back assured me this would happen. The 250 was deducted from my account after a few minutes talking to them they said that they see suspicious activity on my account there was fraudulent activity showing in my account from Uganda immediately I realize I was being scammed after talking to them they try to assure me that they were going to give me my money back, then they asked us to go to Walgreens get a Google card put $500 on it give them the number on the back and that would be how they give us our money back hung up on them call my account canceled my card attached is the icon of where my money was being sent to and I also have a picture of the person on cash app who is posing to be me now. The # called was 805-254-2071... beware. All of the pictures about this person used to be my picture and now it showing this person whoever they are.

Victim Location 32244
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Other

This company is imitating to be Cash app Support and have been stealing money from consumers' accounts. The real Cash app support doesn't communicate to consumers by phone, only by email.

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